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Waffles Bar, Colchester

Waffles wine bar, a bit like colchester zoo. Karaoke run by a panda with attitude, genorous viewing of ladies using the toilet, ( no blinds on the windows ) a window licker who thinks hes a bar manager, and a landlady who doesnt allow the occasional swear word otherwise you are oot ! laughable now the place is so desperate she is advertising for punters in the paper.

20 Jan 2008 17:23

Waffles Bar, Colchester

What a cesspool, does anyone remember the spaceport in star wars, think of that and you are not far off, plus i think jabba the hutt is one of the regulars. a large fire for the insurance money would make a huge improvement.

13 Dec 2007 22:05

The Liberties Bar, Camden

spent a few nights in this place chatting to a few members of madness, top place in my book 10/10

13 Dec 2007 22:01

The Drury Arms, Colchester

I dj ed in there last week and it was a really nice place and the staff were great

13 Dec 2007 21:55

The Huntsmans Tavern, Colchester

yep totally agree with previous comment, horid cats and dogs wanderin all over yuk

14 Jun 2007 19:02

Chicago Rock Cafe, Colchester

i used to go here quite a lot til a few years ago, change the music and the doorstaff might think about going back

14 Jun 2007 18:59

Crown and Goose, Camden

What a fabulous place, great beer, fantastic food, and the atmosphere is fantastic, i simply love this place

13 Jun 2007 21:29

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