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Comments by jimminny

Plonkers Wine Bar, York

love this bar, great drinks and nice atmosphere. well worth a visit. Good food to.

15 Mar 2007 17:40

1331, York

had sunday lunch here a while ago. Know i can eat but left so full of the best home cooked sunday roast. excellent service and a few nice beers as well

25 Feb 2007 12:43

All Bar One, York

nice looking bar, told no way when asked if we could put two tables together. sorry for being a customer and paying there wages. Drinks ok though

25 Feb 2007 12:41

Bar 38, York

its gonna be a Revolution bar, bring on the vodka

25 Feb 2007 12:40

The Maltings, York

the best drinks in York, (except Cocktails) really nice atmosphere everytime you hav eto visit if coming to York

25 Feb 2007 12:38

The Parish, York

nice enough,

25 Feb 2007 12:36

Montey's Rock Cafe, York

been in york 3 years only started going here about 4 months ago, great bar, service is quick and usually with a hint of whit and fun. Sundays 241.

25 Feb 2007 12:35

The Nags Head, York

binge drinking heaven, normal persons hell

25 Feb 2007 12:34

Bobo Lobo, York

fantastic bar, excellent cocktails, frendily staff, love it. Needs a sherpa guide when you go to the toilet though.

25 Feb 2007 12:31

The Slug and Lettuce, York

why ow why another slug, nice to look at service though !!!

25 Feb 2007 12:29

Old Orleans, York

this bar needs a paint job looks old and tired

25 Feb 2007 12:28

O'Neills, York

really nice looking pub, always got the sports on as well

25 Feb 2007 12:28

Yates's, York

the clientle might be a bit rough around the edges in here but you can guarentee a excellent night out in here. i'm there most weekends and it's def one of the best bars in York

25 Feb 2007 12:21

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