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The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo


This is a pretty ropey sort of a place. The barman was alright but the landlord was really rude. Looked as if some of the regulars were a little on the tasty side. We left after two drinks and headed east to Horse which was like the Ritz in comparison.

However lazy you're feeling, don't settle for this pub - just walk a bit further from the station.

20 Apr 2009 13:02

Firefly, Clapham Common

Went to Firefly on Saturday evening. We had a great time. We had been in the Abbeville, down the road, but left because the staff were so unpleasant.

Firefly was a different story and we had a great time. The staff were excellent and we stayed until the bitter end!

20 Apr 2009 12:56

The Abbeville, Clapham South

I'm going to be generous and give the Abbeville a 4 out of ten. As chain pubs go, this isn't as bad as the average All Bar One.

But I think the service is very very ropey. This Saturday one of the barmaids spilt beer all over my mate's back and didn't apologise and one of us actually had to tell the latino barman off for being so unpleasant to us.

They don't sell non-alcoholic beer either, so if you're off the sauce (which I am) your options are limitted.

If you're in the area, I recommend walking up Narbonne Avenue to FireFly, where the staff are, at least, Happy to see you.

20 Apr 2009 12:53

The Riverside, Vauxhall

The Fentiman Arms is a long way; Rock The Boat is a bit grim; the atmosphere in The Rose is never quite works; The Lavendar is full of rozzers. Vauxhall's not overburdnened with good boozers. So the Riverside should be a big asset to those of us who live in Vauxhall but don't have bald heads and queue at the RVT, shouldn't it?

Well, it isn't - not quite. Yes, it's new and shiney and it looks pretty cool. And the view of Pimlico across the Thames are nice. And the outdoor bit is great in the summer.

But like our man said below, it's totally soulless. And it is very pricey. Despite being right below my flat, I still walk to The Rose when I want a drink - and that is a pretty damning indictment. The Riverside's just too... manufactured. If it were a band it would be The Spice Girls. Without Gerry.

A nice bar for a corporate lunch. Not a very good pub.

30 Dec 2006 11:46

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