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The Worlds End, Camden

The size of this place runs in its favour- particularly if there is a big group of you, there is usually somewhere to sit or at least stand and drunkenly swing your arms around or whatever.
It's probably not going to change your life, the selection of beer is average, but fun times can be had here.

10 Jul 2012 12:12

Quinn's, Camden

I don't mind a characterful dive bar, and Quinns certainly has that feel to it, but when it charges wine bar prices? No thanks.

Christ, if the best thing people can say about a pub is 'the bottled beer is ok', why not just stay at home and pay 3 times less for your drink? And hopefully, your house doesn't stink of piss.

10 Jul 2012 12:07

The Old Eagle, Camden

Decent place. I've never really settled on a pub I like in Camden, but this place comes closest. Good mix of people, and the old boys at the bar haven't been totally airbrushed out of the picture by the monied media drones that largely populate Camden these days.
Beer's not that great (Speckled Hen, and they just don't seem to keep it that well) but the character kind of makes up for that. Thai food is pretty good, too.

10 Jul 2012 12:01

Lyttelton Arms, Camden

Not bad. Lots of choice of beers, food looked good, friendly enough staff. But as others seem to also have observed, it's average really. And when you are paying London prices for a pint, somehow that doesn't quite seem enough.

10 Jul 2012 11:57

Lock 17, Camden

You will be paying for the location here- Camden Lock. If you are on holiday or have money to burn it's ok I suppose. Little to recommend it really.

10 Jul 2012 11:54

Fifty Five Bar and Lounge, Camden

Nice enough if you like cocktail bars. Hardly the most characterful place in my worthless opinion, but if you like your drinks with an umbrella in them you may enjoy it. Staff seemed friendly and efficient, anyway.

10 Jul 2012 11:52

Ice Wharf, Camden

It's a glorified Weatherspoons, serving generic fizz by the gallon to tourists and punters who don't know any better. If this is the best place you can find to have a drink in Camden, you need to try harder.

10 Jul 2012 11:49

The Cobden Arms, Camden

Pleasant enough. Popped in to meet friends. Well mannered Irish barman (landlord?) poured me a decent pint of ale.
Overall seemed reasonably relaxed compared to other drinking holes in the area.

10 Jul 2012 11:42

Belushi's, Camden

It was alright, popped in for a pint a bite to eat during 'Happy hour' (the dead point of late Sunday afternoon). Food was average, beer was reasonably cheap for the area. Hit the spot at the time, but with all the other choice in the area it's difficult to imagine bothering to go back.

10 Jul 2012 11:38

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Nice place, looked it up on here and went during a day trip to the observatory on my birthday. Couldn't have asked for a better pub, characterful, friendly locals and good beer. Also ordered food there, had a cracking home made pie filled with a weeks worth of meat!

Worth a trip off the beaten track. Recommended.

10 Jul 2012 11:31

The Brampton Halt, Chapel Brampton

Not to everyone's taste.

Went on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the place was packed, with people naturally attracted by the view of the countryside and the nice old building.

Whether you enjoy this place very much depends on what sort of person you are- for my taste, it's rather characterless and populated largely by people who look as if they spend a lot of time admiring themselves in the mirror.

The beer (Doombar) was average, the bar staff served punters in the packed bar apparently at random. And tellingly, there was little camaraderie among people waiting to be served- many simply pushed in when others had been waiting longer. Overall a pretty unfriendly experience.

Nice location, but little else to recommend this place.

10 Jul 2012 11:25

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

I've been here for food with my family one Saturday afternoon, and it was all excellent, really good fish and chips and a decent bitter from a small brewery. Service possibly a little slow, but sitting in the sun in the beautiful the garden made me feel a little more forgiving.

I occasionally pop in in the evening with my wife, and yes, as other reviews have observed, it's incredibly busy and full of the young and the loaded shouting at each other. Long wait at the bar, but nothing I couldn't cope with. If the clientele bother you, you're probably in the wrong area- Camden is largely populated by well to do media types.

Decent range of ales which seem to be kept pretty well, and loads of lagers etc. Overall, on a weekday summer evening, sat in the garden, you could do a lot worse in this area.

TOP TIP- apparently, when it rains, the pub offers reductions on bottles of wine, they don't advertise it, although it is mentioned on their website. Go in and ask next time it rains, and get drunk for less!

10 Jul 2011 19:59

Crown and Goose, Camden

Certainly more to my taste than the shouty, puking main drag, this is a small gastro-pub largely populated by young locals. Priority on seating those ordering food, so you may be lucky to get a seat if just drinking at busy times. I've never eaten there but the food looks and smells incredible, if a little pricey. Only two ales on tap, but they have always been well kept when I've been there, and less choice makes life easier! Decent range of draft lager, and wine is probably ok. It's not particularly dear to my heart, but its a nice place with friendly staff.

10 Jul 2011 19:41

The Hawley Arms, Camden

A great boozer when you hit it at the right time. Best juke box in Camden, decent beer and friendly staff who are excellent at serving people in the right order. Foods pretty good with pies etc. I'm a bit older than most of the customers, so tend to avoid Friday/Saturday nights when it's full of haircut kids preening for attention. But if you visit when you can get a table, maybe with a few mates, this is still a great place to drink.

7 Nov 2010 23:16

The Bell House, Camden

Visited on a Friday night. Great garden, fantastic pint of Broadside. Not so sure about the 'one big room' layout of the place, full of people shouting at each other at 8pm, the lighting was too bright for my liking, and the music was a bit loud and a bit of an odd mix, although again, that's a personal taste thing. Don't think my wife was very impressed by the stripper that appeared for what I guess was a stag do, particularly when she got her tits out in the main bar. Don't think I'd bother going back, except maybe on a nice day to sit in the garden.

7 Nov 2010 23:10

The Spread Eagle, Camden

Yeah, there are nicer pubs in Camden with less soulless interiors, but this place does probably the best beer in Camden, and it's a lot less posey than a most of the alternatives. If you like your boozers serving decent beer, and not full of people shouting at each other, this is your place.

7 Nov 2010 22:56

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