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Comments by bigcolchelseafan

The Anchor, Seatown

Went again during the summer and had a wondeful night. Stayed at the campsite on the hill and walked down. I had Turbot which was cooked to perfection and my wife had the half lobster. When she was ordering I said to her that it probably wouldn't be enough but when it came out it was the biggest lobster I have ever laid eyes on. The claw was bigger than my fist (and that's pretty big), it was impossible to crack open with the nut crackers they gave us so it had to be sent back to the kitchen to be opened with a sledgehammer judging by the noises.
Had a couple of pints of Palmers Copper Ale and ended the evening sitting in the dark in the cliff garden with coffee and cognac listening to the sound of the waves on the beach. Perfect.
See you in August when we will return en mass for my mates 50th.

This is without a doubt one of my favourite pubs in the country.

22 Mar 2010 23:58

The Barleymow, Hayling Island

Now does a daily carvery which is great value. Always busy and you will have to queue for your food but well worth it. I would go there 2 or 3 times a week if it were closer, you couldn't buy the food to cook at home for the price.

22 Mar 2010 23:46

The Robin Hood, Standford

This used to be a decent pub but now you can't buy a drink unless you are eating. Supposed to be a seafood and steak reataurant but didn't see much evidence of seafood on the menu.
Went in the Sunday before Christmas for the carvery. At 12.95 a head it should have been spectacular, sadly this was not the case. It was ok but not particularly good and definitely not worth the money.
I live quite close and this place always appears to be pretty much empty so I don't think this enterprise will last much longer. 10 people in the place at lunchtime the Sunday before christmas says it all really.
Awaiting it's return to a proper pub as soon as possible.

22 Mar 2010 22:54

The George, West Bay

Personally I think this pub is great. I only go to West Bay a couple of times a year but I can always be assured of a welcome here. Great well kept Palmers ales and the food, although not great, isn't half bad. Don't know who Vinnie is but if he doesn't like this pub then good ridance.

22 Mar 2010 22:22

The Crown Inn, Headley

Went again Friday lunchtime with my wife and 8 year old daughter. Great pint of TT Landlord and a wonderful lunch of wild duck and pheasant. Keep up the good work folks.

12 Nov 2007 05:01

The Crown Inn, Headley

Great lunchtime pub but can get a bit cliquey at night.

Had a lovely pint of Bath Spa Wednesday lunchtime and a Brie & bacon stuffie. The food is always good if a little pricey but you do get what you pay for.

Nice sunny garden by the river across the lane.

15 Sep 2007 06:25

The Sir Walter Tyrell, Brook

I think this is a lovely pub. Stopped there for lunch on the way bask from holiday with the caravan. Ended up pitching up in the caravan/camping field behind the pub and staying the night.
Had a great ploughmans and several decent pints sitting out in the garden.
Oh and if you want to find it just turn off the A31 at the Rufus Stone sign and follow the road down the hill until you find the pub on the your right. Large car park and if you have a caravan you can park on the side of the road opposite.

15 Sep 2007 06:14

The Nightingale, Ash

Not content with outsourcing our jobs to India, we are now outsourcing our pubs as well. This is happening all to often nowadays.

Smiles is right, we do not any more Indian restaurants.

I for one will be boycotting any decent pub that becomes an Indian/Chinese/Mongolian etc!!!!!

11 Sep 2007 17:05

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Sat outside in the garden on stone benches looking at the fantastic view. Lovely pint and some wonderful olives stuffed with sun dried tomatoes. Can't beat it. Will definitely be back to sample the home made pasties which looked good. Wish I could have sampled a few more pints but I couldn't persuade my wife to drive. Honestly couldn't find a single fault so 10/10.

10 Sep 2007 17:59

The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham

Great little pub. Good beer, good food. Go there on a nice day and sit outside and watch the traffic go by.

By the way, this pub was here way before there was a roudabout.

10 Sep 2007 15:10

The Coach and Horses, Farnham

What have they done to this pub????? used to be a great town centre traditional pub now looks like something out of a bad American soap.
No decent beer just lager, bootled beer and alcopops all hideously overpriced as was the food.

The only upside was the food was ok if you don't mind being ripped off by a licenced bandit!!!

Won't go there again.

10 Sep 2007 15:06

The Hop Blossom, Farnham

Great pub, great beer. If they ever start doing food the other pubs in farnham are in big trouble.

10 Sep 2007 15:02

The Ferryboat Inn, Hayling Island

Totally agree with crooza's comments.
Awful place, I wouldn't let my dog eat here.
It is such a shame as this used to be a great place and could be again given the right manager as it is in a fabulous waterfront location.

Please sack the manager he is totally useless.

10 Sep 2007 14:56

The George, West Bay

Rico166 must have gone on a bad day. Wesy Bay is a great place with some excellent establishments, this one included. A great place to try some excellent Palmers ales and sit on the benches outside watching the world go by.
By the way, the locals are not unfriedly, just West country trawlermen who have been up since some ungodly hour.
The foods not bad either.

10 Sep 2007 14:52

The Anchor, Seatown

Fabulous pub. Great food, great beer, unbeatable location.
Went there for some food lunchtime. I had a fabulous Boulabaise and my wife had a Lobster salad which was also lovely. Prices not cheap but not particularly expensive either.
We sat outside in the sunshine and had our lunch while our kids played on the beach a few yards away...fantastic.

10 Sep 2007 14:46

The Royal Anchor, Liphook

Absolutely the worst pub I have ever been in. Went in there with my wife and 2 friends for their quiz night. After complaining that a vending machine had taken my money I was lucky to leave with my life intact. This is supposed to be a family eating pub but is populated by foulmouthed yobs. When i complained the manager was not interested in the slightest and nor were any of the barstaff who seemed to be more interested in joining in the foulmouthed conversations. I have rated this so called pub with a zero and that is generous - I wish there could be a minus rating!!!

PS - The food and beer is awful as well!!!

10 Sep 2007 14:39

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