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The Kings Arms, London Bridge

This place could be so much more than it is and actually thinks its so much more than it actually is. Its got a quirky interior and looks great but fails in a couple of key areas. Service. The staff act as if they are to good to serve you. There may be three people working, and two customers at the bar, but they will still finish their conversation before acting like they are doing you a favour by dispensing your beer, aahh beer! They do not know how to keep it. Their trads, when they have them, are generally a couple of days past their best. My lager drinking friends tell me often their tipple has a slightly eggy smell to it every so often, so we then toddle off up the road! I would avoid!!!

16 Apr 2009 22:37

Lazy, Tower Bridge

Now closed! I was there for the closing night and it was a really sad affair. For those that knew daryl and bethan, (and previously jim as well) you would know the effort that was put into putting the place together and the what they were trying to, and did achieve.
The landlords that continually increased rents, council that charged criminal rates, they should be ashamed of themselves. But they wont be will they. It will probably be turned into flats. Thanks for all the memories.
rip lazy bar,
Gone but never forgotten

11 Jul 2008 14:25

The Rose, London Bridge

great pub, lots of characters, no frills, well kept beer, usual suspect lagers!!

15 Jan 2008 18:47

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

much improved of late, apparently they are hosting a local beer festival with red squirrel brewery and grand union in the second week of february, might be worth a visit!!

15 Jan 2008 18:36

The River Bar, Tower Bridge

alright for a passing pint, poor range of beer, lager and spirits, and at times piss-poor service. I wouldn't bother

17 Oct 2007 11:50

Lazy, Tower Bridge

Favourite bar - bar none!
I have spent an alarming amount of time here over the past couple of years but have made some fantastic friends. The place transcends class barriers with locals happily mixing with suited professionals and friendships forged!
The music is eclectic-indie/funk/soul/rock n roll-you name it and im sure that its being played their- depending on the time and day.
They have live music from time to time and a monthly quiz which is really popular, my advice would be to book a table, many a time groups end up using the floor space as its so busy!
The point of difference between lazy and so many other bars is that Daryl the owner and the staff go out of their way to make sure you have a great time.
It really is "a place where everybody knows your name!"
Keep up the good work
Thanks for the late nights and bleary eyed mornings!!!

10 Oct 2007 18:20

Chapter One, Finsbury Park

great staff, great management and late drinks.
What more could you ask for?
It is Stroud green/finsbury park so you get the odd idiot but that comes with the territory i suppose!

10 Oct 2007 17:59

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