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Lennon's, Southampton

Lennons is also owned by the psycho who runs The Dorchester over the road and consequently both will never get any more of my money. Ever.

If you want a lesson in how to appear a deranged nutjob, ask the landlady for a glass of water to go with your beer. She ended up screaming at me to F-off before one of her barmen followed me into the toilets and started on me.

Complete bunch of lunatics.

8 Dec 2008 17:21

Yates, Southampton

This pub is an ideal place to start if you have very low standards. Normally full of chavs and slappers, it is overpriced, plays shitty music and attracts sleazy men with wandering hands.

17 Mar 2008 13:45

The St Denys Hotel, St Denys

now comes with an interesting smoking 'facility' out the back- which is actually rather nicer than the inside of the pub.

22 Oct 2007 16:13

The White Horse, Bishops Waltham

After reading the great reviews on this website, we came here for dinner the other afternoon.

It was closed.

22 Oct 2007 16:08

The St Denys Hotel, St Denys

bad, smelly, pub on a corner

5 Sep 2007 11:32

The Mitre, Portswood

This pub is getting better, with some live music instead of a Very Loud Pop DJ From Hell. Lots of pool tables and tellies, quiz machines and a fruit machine outside for the smoking gamblers (addictive personalities there...)

The staff have given me some problems recently, claiming they would not honour a valid voucher from Green King (their brewery) promising money off food (they did after I argued). The food isn't really that good either, but just remember it's only meant to be pub grub. For decent food ,you'd be better going over the road to the Thai restaurant called Sara's. Mmmm!

24 Jul 2007 17:42

The South Western, St Denys

Wonderful pub!

Great selection of real ales on regular rotation, friendly staff and locals, some live-in cats coming to say hello every now and again...

There's a lovely beer garden for the summer, pool table, 2 dartboards and table football, plus Sky TV for big sports games.

You can't do better in the area, though the Dolphin over the road pushes it close.

24 Jul 2007 17:29

Clowns Wine Bar, Southampton

Clowns (and Jesters nightclub below it) really are horrible. Full of blind-drunk student doctors spending daddy's money on dirt cheap lager in plastic glasses, while the Uni rugby team tries to exchange shirts with the womens' hockey team and sing a song about bestiality.

You will stick to the floor, while a dribbling-slime beast paws at you.
You will be sick.
You will realise exactly why the beer is so cheap.

24 Jul 2007 17:23

The Hobbit, Southampton

This is by far and away the best pub in southampton. Live music ranges from guitarry rock at weekends to acoustic singalong midweek, open mic on Thursdays and and sax/guitar music upstairs on Sunday. It has a HUGE beer garden, so very easy to sidestep the smoking ban. Honestly if you haven't been there, you really won't believe how big it is! It has a little forest in the corner...

The pub absolutely fills up with students during term time, so if you think students are annoying tax dodgers you should probably go there in July/August, when the students all take their washing home to their mums.

It also now has a licence til 3am, with last entry at 1am, so plenty of time to get drunk on cheap cocktails.

But the toliets really are MINGING.

24 Jul 2007 17:14

The Chameleon Bar, Woking

oh my god. if this is the best place woking has to offer, leave woking. it has a bowling alley and a laser quest attached to it. that should say it all. full of jailbait. I recommend asking any girl for ID first- just because she's drinking an alcopop, doesn't make her legal.

17 Jun 2005 11:41

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