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Chesterfield Arms, Chesterfield

We were staying across the road in Chesterfield and decided to give this pub a go. It doesn't look promising from the outside but it is an absolutely superb, comfortable and welcoming pub inside. It has a huge range of real ales on (12 when we were there) and all are well kept. It also had 4 real ciders and a perry on. A real mecca for beer drinkers - and don't forget to try the local pork pies too.

28 Apr 2013 16:27

The Two Chairmen, St James's

I went there on 26th April. Sadly for real ale drinkers this pub has gone badly downhill. The bar staff were serving Doom Bar, Directors and Youngs and all of them had gone off. Unfortunately, I failed to look closely enough at the first pint I bought and am still suffering the ill-effects now. If you want a drink in the area there are far better pubs which know how to keep their beer, such as the Adam and Eve or Buckingham Arms.

28 Apr 2013 16:23

The Driver, Kings Cross

While this pub has a nice selection of beers it has very little else going for it. We spent 3 hours here and kept being turfed out of our seats by the manager because 'the seats are reserved from X pm'. This place needs to make up its mind whether it is a restaurant or pub and not advertise itself as a pub if it is going to turf people out who are looking to have a quiet, pleasant drink with friends. Truly awful.

13 Dec 2012 19:34

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Do not drink at this pub. We didn't but that was only because the barman refused to serve us (a group of professional people just leaving work) because we were in his mind drunk. At the same time he was so pissed he could barely stand up. Possibly the rudest barman I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

31 May 2012 22:24

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