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The Queens Head Inn, Tirril

Cosy pub, great beer, great atmosphere, good food. Nice place to visit on a cold winters evening sitting by a coal fire.

28 Apr 2005 21:28

The George, Torrisholme

Popular Victorian style pub between Lancaster & Morecambe in Torrisholme village. Good beer and a good atmosphere, popular for the after work drink for many. Can get very busy both lunchtimes & evening. Good car park at rear and a 'chippy' across the road.

28 Apr 2005 21:12

The Brown Cow, Lancaster

Small City Center Pub recently renovated. Very busy at week ends, good atmosphere, worth including on a crawl.

28 Apr 2005 21:06

The Blue Anchor, Lancaster

This pub has closed down and is boarded up. The landlady has disappeared. Also missing is a pool table & bandits plus 6k in cash. Source info. Lancaster Guardian Newspaper last Friday. Rocket.

28 Apr 2005 21:00

The Black Bull Inn, Penwortham

Village pub, good beer, very small and cramped, nice clientele, too much smoke, lacks ventilation.

22 Apr 2005 10:11

The Pitcher and Piano, Newcastle

As greenhouses go, this is a big one on the north bank of the Tyne by the Millennium bridge. Good all round views. I called at lunchtime mid April 05 and noted you can eat a burger costing 7+ in an atmosphere of fag smoke that gripped you by the throat as you went in. For most glasshouses ,ventilation is essential but this one was poor. The place is open all day and busy. Its saving grace was its pleasant and polite staff. Not a place I would visit again.

22 Apr 2005 10:07

The Ring O'Bells, Lancaster

Small busy town centre pub where a few years ago Jules Holland did an impromptu piano session following a performance by him and his big band at Lancaster University. Jules liked the atmosphere so much he vowed he would be back. Well kept beer, worth putting on your crawl.

19 Apr 2005 21:40

The Heron Inn, Kendal

Under new managment, typical 'Brookside Close' type pub to compliment the adjoining modern housing estate. Mainly middle class local clientele from the estate, it lacks atmosphere and character. Food has improved though and the beer is well kept.

19 Apr 2005 21:20

Bridge Inn, Tatham

Ancient (1640) coaching Inn on the old pack pony route from Skipton to Lancaster. Not long ago the beer was tapped straight from the wood into a steel jug and poured from a great height into a pint glass to create a head. It was warm, acetic, flat, Mitchells of Lancaster double boiled tom cats urine but the CAMRA boys loved it. They have electricity now, Mitchells have stopped making beer thank god and the ambience is excellent.

19 Apr 2005 20:30

Fleece Inn, Dolphinholme

Recently renovated country pub, serves good food and beer but like many pubs these days serving food, the atmosphere is ruined by a hard core of cigarette smokers.

19 Apr 2005 20:23

The Water Witch, Lancaster

Having read the comments so far, I can only agree with most that this pub is very special and is probably close to if not the best in town. Food,Beer, Location, it has them all.

19 Apr 2005 20:17

The Wagon and Horses, Lancaster

A gem of a little pub on Lancaster's waterfront. Good beer,live music, great unpretentious ambience.

19 Apr 2005 20:13

Sir Richard Owen, Lancaster

The best of the two Wetherspoon venues in Lancaster City Centre. Plenty of space, food & beer meet the usual Wetherspoons standard which is OK. A meeting place early evenings near week ends for many 'doing the route' i.e. crawl. Mixed clientele from students to couples. Does get very busy around 9pm.

19 Apr 2005 20:10

The John O'Gaunt, Lancaster

Great City Centre pub to include on a crawl especially on live music nights. It has been noted for quality beer during the last 40 years.

19 Apr 2005 20:03

Dempsey's, Cardiff

Called for the first time on FA Cup Semi Final Day, Sat 16/04/05.
The 'Brains' bitter was the best bitter I have tasted for years!

19 Apr 2005 19:58

The Hest Bank Hotel, Hest Bank

A village pub by the Lancaster Canal and close to the shore at Morecambe Bay. Good beer (Boddingtons draught) good food and good beer garden. A nightmare though for non smokers as the ventilation is abysmal and spoils this great venue.

19 Apr 2005 19:54

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