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The Salisbury, Leicester Square

I emailed Punch Taverns about the hideous "pint" measures they were pouring, and I was advised that, "The staff have now been retrained", and that there are "signs in the outlet", stating that they will willingly top up your beer if required. I doubt they have done either but we shall see. My suggestion is that if you want a pint, wait for the head to settle and get it topped up, and if you buy the Budvar, DEFINITELY ask for a top up!

10 Nov 2009 18:41

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Visited The Salisbury last night. The pub is nice inside, very decorative etc. Shame about the bar staff. I was drinking Youngs Bitter, so no problems, but a young woman was buying a round of Lagers and the heads on these were fully 3 cms! I queried it saying, "That's a big head it's not a full pint", and the man showed me the CE mark on the glass and pointed at it like it was the "Pint Level". He then ran away! So I mentioned it to another woman and she said, "People like to drink it through the head"! I then measured the glass with water from my pint of bitter, and low and behold it was a pint up to the brim! So they are selling 3/4 pint or thereabouts, as a pint. What a RIP OFF! But the tourist clients won't complain because they think that's normal! Shame on you Punch Taverns!

16 Oct 2009 14:18

The Prince Albert, Camden

Not a bad pub but not cheap! Bought a pint of Tuborg and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and it cost 9.55! That was 6 for a 175 ml glass of white wine, so that puts this in the "too expensive for a pub" category in my book! Not even a large glass. I assume they sell a lot of food!

15 Jun 2009 19:29

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

I couldn't resist this. Just been there tonight to watch an England game. Pretty full as usual. I ordered 2 pints of Orangeboom and it ran out of beer, so the barrels were changed. They seem to have a habit of filling old half pints into new glasses in this pub now. Anyway, they gave me two pints. Mine was cloudy and flat (possibly an old half from the end of the barrel), so I asked them to change it. It threw the bar lady into confusion so she put my pint minus about three swigs of beer just below the counter before asking her manager what to do next. In the meantime another senior looking person picked up my old pint, topped it up with whatever lager it was and served it to someone else down the bar!!!! This rather begs the question as to what she thought she was serving the guy, because presumably she had no idea what it was! I suppose any old lager will do to us football supporters eh! Cloudy, flat you name it, they won't complain! And don't askfor fish and chips, they come on the smallest plates you can imagine. Talk about kiddies portions! This is a nice pub, but they are taking the pee now. 5/10.

7 Sep 2006 01:19

The Polar Bear, Leicester Square

This pub definitely used to be a "No Smoking" pub all around, so if it has reverted to allowing smokers it is a great shame. The beer was cheap and wine even cheaper. Looks like it has "reverted to type". I hope not.

15 Dec 2005 14:39

The Sports Cafe, Haymarket

Good to see the management have finally sorted out this pub........Not! Always a let down. Expensive beers served with a big head, the music is too loud so you can't talk to each other whether you are eating or just drinking, the sound is usually not on the TV screens unless it is a football match (no chance if you like watching rugby other than the 6 Nations). The management clearly have no interest in sport but somebody must think they are doing a good job. Good place to go if you want a disco at 2.00pm I suppose!

15 Dec 2005 14:24

The Sports Cafe, Haymarket

I need to send the management of the Sports Cafe a letter of complaint which is why I found this website. The Sports Cafe is always a complete let down. It is little more than a "disco with TV's". The prices are sky high, the "disco" means that diners (if there are any!!!!) can't hear each other talk, and the management usually don't put the sound on the TV's so you can actually enjoy what you went in there in the first place for, which should be THE SPORTS! The management have the music on for the "ambience" I was told, which is of course complete rubbish. Oh yes, another thing, count your change, if you hand over "a tenner". You might get change from a fiver if you are not careful, but it will come on a nice plastic tray with a big till receipt, just to distract you! Always a true let down, but probably good for tourists who want to watch the American football late at night, who don't mind big heads on their beers!

12 Dec 2004 19:07

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