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Username: GaryM

Age: 59

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The Salisbury, Leicester Square

I emailed Punch Taverns about the hideous "pint" measures they were pouring, and I was advised that, "The staff have now been retrained", and that there are "signs in the outlet", stating that they will willingly top up your beer if required. I doubt they have done either but we shall see. My suggestion is that if you want a pint, wait for the head to settle and get it topped up, and if you buy the Budvar, DEFINITELY ask for a top up!

10 Nov 2009 18:41

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Visited The Salisbury last night. The pub is nice inside, very decorative etc. Shame about the bar staff. I was drinking Youngs Bitter, so no problems, but a young woman was buying a round of Lagers and the heads on these were fully 3 cms! I queried it saying, "That's a big head it's not a full pint", and the man showed me the CE mark on the glass and pointed at it like it was the "Pint Level". He then ran away! So I mentioned it to another woman and she said, "People like to drink it through the head"! I then measured the glass with water from my pint of bitter, and low and behold it was a pint up to the brim! So they are selling 3/4 pint or thereabouts, as a pint. What a RIP OFF! But the tourist clients won't complain because they think that's normal! Shame on you Punch Taverns!

16 Oct 2009 14:18

The Prince Albert, Camden

Not a bad pub but not cheap! Bought a pint of Tuborg and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and it cost 9.55! That was 6 for a 175 ml glass of white wine, so that puts this in the "too expensive for a pub" category in my book! Not even a large glass. I assume they sell a lot of food!

15 Jun 2009 19:29

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