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Comments by CaskBill

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

This has got better since it re-opened.
Nice and pleasant atmosphere, Ales were good quality, and a fair choice to be had too.
Also ate in here, food was very good, staff seemed to be youngsters as far as I could see, but had no real complaints from me.
I would say that this for a Wetherspoons is better than the others in the chain nearby.
I will use this more often if in Welling or nearby.
For me at 17:30 on a Friday, I saw none of the overcrowding mentioned in other reviews, and bar service was very good too.

10 Aug 2016 21:12

The Mossy Well, Muswell Hill

Very Pleasant surprise for a Wetherspoons pub.
Nice and spacious, looks always spotless.
I have used this pub around four times now, and always the Ales are in perfect Nick, itself an eye-opener for much of North London's Wetherspoons.
This pub does seem to have much more up-market clients than other local Wetherspoons, but none of the local snobbishness.
Food is perfect, and you can see it being cooked.
All in all a pleasant change for a Chain Pub.

10 Aug 2016 20:59

The Edmund Halley, Lee

October 2015.
Beer was great, but that is it.
Clients in and out of the doors, all on their phones, some quite rough for this end of Lee.
This used to be the nearest Spoons to me and I used to avoid it like the plague, but it has got a lot better, prices and other pub closures nearbye now bringing in more middle class patrons.
Typical Shop conversion that does not pretent to be anything else.
I'd visit again if in the area.

18 Oct 2015 23:00

The Brockley Barge, Brockley

Visited in October 2015.
This wetherspoons has improved over the last few years.
Beer quality was very good.
A number youngsters all very much of the student variety and not loud no chavs.
Actually rather pleasant to sit in, even on a crowded Friday.

18 Oct 2015 22:53

The Tailor's Chalk, Sidcup

Visited in October 2015.
Beer was very good, much better than expected (for this part of the workd).
Quite small, was not full of Chavs like others in this chain nearbye.
Will use again.
Definitely an above average Wetherspoons house.

18 Oct 2015 22:47

The Moon Under Water, Hounslow

This was once one of the best pubs in Hounslow/West of London, some people travelled to go there.
There was nice real ales, nice ambience, and not many yobs.
The last two still stand, but for the last two months, the quality of the Ales on a Friday night is downright poor.
For the first time since the 1970s I drank a lager instead of an ale.
It's been cloudy beer, and sometimes foul smelling as well for a couple of months.
But last Friday (12/6/2015) was the last time for me, only the Abbot or the Ruddles best was in drinkable condition, one guest ale was awful, the other that came on late was cloudy and only just drinkable.
Sorry, but the Manager seems to have given up (no sign of him on a Friday evening!).
Plus the other can clearly not handle cask ales.
If it has to be a Wetherspoons you want, try Twickeham, Feltham, Ealing, or Acton. Or better still if you want to travel: Surbiton & Wimbledon.
Tim Martin should close this place, as it gives a very bad name on quality to his empire.

14 Jun 2015 21:49

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