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Coach and Horses, Carshalton

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user reviews of the Coach and Horses, Carshalton

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The Youngs I had was drinkable. My colleagues Sharps was a bit like Sarsons know what I mean.

It wasn't raining inside this pub and it had a roof and everything so that had an advantage over the beer garden of the Woodman.
A few mildly hostile stares from regulars for you not being a regular. How many years do you have to show commitment to not get this? I'd be prepared to give it a go. Mind you had I broken the ice it could have all ended with a freeze frame fist bump.

terenced - 31 Jul 2017 11:50
Walked out of the Woodman due to excessively loud music and found it even louder in here so did not go in .....
sgstrummer - 3 Aug 2014 22:31
well I don't know what pub winetaster was in they obviously had a gripe about a something but I've been drinking in this pub for years never have I ever seen drugs in this pub it's full of friendly locals who enjoy a friendly atmosphere with wonderful people that is with a friendly person that is obviously winetaster is not one of these friendly people so good ridence stay in your own local is the best advise this pub is a traditional lively pub at the weekend yes it can get busy but is always a good time the new owners are friendly with friendly people that is and welcoming.
music is on every Saturday they have a good selection of fine wines and beer in the heart of carshalton come along and see for yourselves rather than listening to a poison pen letter writer HAPPY DAYS indeed can be had here
raydude - 28 Oct 2013 22:19
Hmmmm yea refurbished and new management but no atmosphere, the girl in charge is very young and doesn't look as though she has much experience or knowledge. Unfortunately Friday n Saturday night when filled with youngsters is a joke and the drugs seem to still be a problem too. The refurb seems to be a slight band aid, wrong landlady wrong place I'm afraid.
winetaster90 - 14 Oct 2013 17:04
Much improved after the refurb. Beer range a bit limited - just Doombar & London Pride, but both were drinkable.
Wilson_MacDonald - 16 May 2013 20:06
Now reopen after a quick re-furb and with new management
molyneux - 5 Mar 2013 07:21
Not good. Attractive glazed exterior & list of real ciders intices you in, but, boy what a disappointment inside. The carpet & seating looks the same as when I was using it over 20 years ago. The barmaid ignored us when we came in & carried on chatting to a punter at the bar. One beer on - Adnams which was passable, nothing more. The punters looked like they had been there all day. Juke box ramped up to full volume. Couldn't wait to escape.
Wilson_MacDonald - 28 Nov 2011 20:23
Went in here and thought a live band was on the music was so loud. Hobgoblin was ordinary. Lots of clocks. Nice location and could be much better.
rpf1955 - 6 Nov 2011 17:57
Unfortunately going down hill fast, there seems to be no leadership or hand on the tiller now. Far too much live music and singing for a pub of this size. The young bar man still keeps his eye on the beer quality and there is still a good mix of punters on the good days.
Barbeerian - 24 Jul 2011 15:10
I do have to admit a soft spot for this pub. Experienced staff, quick service, no favouritism while waiting. A good mix of locals (esp. now that the problem punters have gone). Pricing very competitive and the young(ish) barman takes great pride in the quality of the beer. Main problems are the Friday/Saturdy night music, the running out of beer and lager and the concentrated drive to please the lunchtime crowd at the expense of the evening crowd. Cannot help thinking that there are too many hands at the management 'pump'.
Barbeerian - 26 Aug 2010 20:50
I have lived in Carshalton since 1994 and this pub is the true heart of the Carshalton community. The clientele is so diverse it never stops to amuse or surprise. Run with the utmost commitment by a local valued family and staffed by professionals, it has to be the place to be whether on a quiz night, weekend night or special event evening. Never felt so welcome.
edsage - 18 Jun 2010 02:22
A real pub. I guess it's a free house from the beer sold and the decor!

Great staff/service and a friendly place from my experience. I'm new to the area and had mates with me from Leeds and we were all welcomed, with no fuss.

It was busy but the service was almost instant, and with a smile. Cheap, too, when compared with the Greyhound (anywhere is, though).

Quirky place, but better than your generic, dull pub.


Tazz1976 - 27 Jan 2010 23:41
The intergallacticly famous (Insert Name Here) Mummers will be appearing here at 14.30 ish on 28 December!
cretemick - 27 Dec 2009 14:51
A traditional style corner pub with fine green tiled exterior and a comfortable enough single room interior. I canít really speak for any local misgivings as it was a fairly quiet lunchtime visit but I certainly didnít get any feelings of intimidation or unfriendliness. The interior has a certain charm with patterned diamond lattice windows, pint pots hanging from the ceiling, bottles and plates around the walls, old historical snippets and a large collection of clocks. 2 reasonably priced (for Surrey) ales (Adnams and Rev James) as well as 4 unusual ciders (2 on hand pump, 2 poured direct from barrels behind the bar). No realcomplaints about quality from my entourage. Regular bingo and quiz nights and a weekly darts discount (pick a number from a hat, throw a single dart and if you hit that number you get the drink for a quid - well itís certainly different!). To the rear is a small patio garden which is probably only of interest to smokers and gnome enthusiasts. Overall I found it an above average and slightly quirky place, a decent enough stop on a local pub crawl (as we were) but it does have some quite healthy competition in the neighbourhood.
RogerB - 20 Oct 2009 16:15
Greatest pub in Carshalton without a doubt!
ms001 - 25 Feb 2009 12:44
Went in for the first time last Xmas when the then landlord came out of the pub and invited a Mummers side in - got a wonderful reception from all the locals. Went back recently to see if we could do it by arrangement this year; the new landlord was just as as wecoming. The beer was fine and "The (Insert Name Here) Mummers" will be doing their Xmas Mumming play here at 14.45 (ish) on Saturday 27 December.
cretemick - 12 Dec 2008 11:33
Terrifying beer - it was older than I am. Had the trots for days! Very random people who all seem to hate everybody. Best not to go in at all.
holidayman - 11 Oct 2008 23:22
i thought it was great,i met a friendly chap in there with his fourteen kids who worked in a fairground and he kindly offered to tarmac my drive for a very reasonable price
oldschoolsutton - 11 Aug 2008 11:07
laughable.. full of wannabe gangsters..
MrKennedy - 11 Mar 2008 13:31
Be sure of yourself if you walk in here as the regulars will be looking for weakness. Decent enough pint of pride and people will speak to you although there is always the hint of possible violent reaction to any opinions. Not one to seek out if you're with a lady. Stop for a pint, careful what you look at and don't go in mob handed. Still better than the Fox and Hounds. Small tv shows sky sports but don't seek it out if there's a match on, try elsewhere.
stevosgloriosus - 10 Feb 2008 19:42
Went in once and that was enough,asked for the wine list and they pointed to 2 boxes of wine! My freind thought it halerious and I ended up with a very dodgy glass of french table wine. Not for the faint harted.
anonymous - 25 Jun 2007 01:26
You can't see what this place is like form the outside. When you walk in you do get a few stares and sense tells you to walk out, but pride makes you take that extra step to the bar to buy a beer.

You buy a beer, tastes a bit off, but acceptable. You look for a seat. You then realise you are in the weirdest pub ever. They have a big screen against the wall showing football. On either side of this screen, against the wall, is a bench attached to the wall. Not just does that mean you cant see the TV without seriously damaging your neck, but also makes it difficult to talk to your mates, who are all sitting along a line quickly trying to finish their drinks so they can get the hell out of there.
LowenBeerHold - 9 May 2007 13:26
Oh dear, this pub was quite disagreeable.

From the outside it looks quite nice but on venturing in, it turned a bit sour. The drink was nothing too bad but the patrons were a bit rough around the edges and somewhat intimidating. It also acted as a sort of day care centre judging by the amount of kids frolicking in the place while there parents/grandparents seemed to get trollied. The layout of the place wasnít very good either.

I wonít be venturing back in a hurry and it is certainly in the more ragged ďFox and HoundsĒ category of Carshalton pubs than the Greyhound or Windsor Castle.
AleKing - 13 Apr 2007 16:46
Not very community friendly. New regime kicked out the Carshalton Chess club at a few days notice. there are better pubs in Carshalton. The potential is there but has been unrealised for many many years..
Beerwulf - 1 Apr 2007 14:20
Very unremarkable.

However, the barstaff were very welcoming, salt-of-the-earth types. They deserve a better boozer than this. The big screen showing football was extraordinarily big and seemed a little out of place.
parkhillian - 15 Sep 2006 17:34
New people are making a good job of it. Beers etc, kept well. Give it a try.
molyneux - 7 Jul 2006 12:43
Great little pub with probably the best Guinness you will ever taste - and I'm including even in Ireland.
GixerMark - 3 Feb 2005 09:51

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