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Eagle Ale House, Clapham

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user reviews of the Eagle Ale House, Clapham

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Great pub serving decent beer. Friendly and unpretentious. There is a rather poignant wall covered in champagne bottles with the occasions they were drunk on written on them.

Best pub in the local areas.

Pickled eggs as well. Lucky to get them. Come hard brexit it will be all you get.
terenced - 24 Dec 2018 08:27
I've been working in the Clapham area for the last month and this is a great place for an afterwork session. It took a few visits to get to know the regulars but everyone is a good laugh. Oh and the beer is spot on.
the.investigator - 31 Mar 2017 08:22
What a nice place it's a pub don't find them often these days,and yes hats off to thoughtfulness of the strength of the pleasant bitters available (mostly under 5%) and I mean pleasant,will recommend and will visit again,
easystep73 - 4 Mar 2017 16:11
A bit too right on for its own good. But nice ales and a friendly welcome. Don't know what my problem is really, other than a general sense of unease at the self satisfaction oozing out of every pore of staff and punters alike,
TommyRogers1979 - 25 Mar 2016 22:14
I see that it's been over 4 years since I'd last been here. It's appeared on the front cover of the Good Beer Guide since I was last here! So we finished our evening tour of Clapham & Battersea here yesterday. The Eagle is pretty much unchanged from what I remember. It's a cosy backstreet local that can get busy at times. But the ale selection has diminished since my last visit, with only 5 on during this visit - Surrey Hills Greensand IPA & Shere Drop, Trumans Attaboy, Brodies Bethnal Green Bitter & Downton Four Corners. There were 3 or 4 vacant handpulls. That surprised me considering how busy it was. Ciders are still keg or bottle only. I may have over-rated this pub last time I was here. It's good. But London has so many better pubs.
blue_scrumpy - 17 Jan 2016 17:34
What a find. Absolutely superb. Excellent range of real ales, not the boring main stream but a milk stout, Greensand IPA, Hackney Golden and others. Friendly atmosphere, a real community pub.
Steamer1 - 4 Jan 2016 14:00
Lovely little traditional pub tucked down a side street. I've no idea what it's like when busy, but when quiet you can relax in a sofa by the fire and it's a wonderful atmosphere. Massive choice of ales - spread over two bars. And an amusing selection of historical Private Eye covers in the gents'! Easy walk from Clapham Junction station.
Trev - 7 Nov 2015 10:46
Excellent and friendly local pub not that close to Clapham Junction but worth the walk. A variety of beers and also of pork pies from the cellar. The sort of pub that keeps going (I hope) on local trade and also reputation without being close enough to the centre that it could be made over into something trendy and vile.
rainlight - 7 Sep 2015 07:36
A decent local pub that (as it proudly advertises) features both in and ON the 2015 Good Beer Guide! A decent selection of wekk kept cask ales available.
alexw - 3 Nov 2014 09:37
Brilliant pub....fantastic to find a proper real ale pub devoted to sport. This will become my default choice in Clapham - I watched the FA Cup Final here and returned for the Champions League Final. Very friendly place, made lots of mates watching the game, all with a wonderful beer selection. Several Downton beers on alongside a couple of milds...
TheMortyVicker - 1 Jun 2014 21:13
Great little pub well worth seeking out - great selection of up to eight real ales from micro-breweries served at perfect temperature and in superb condition - sensibly mostly concentrating on ales under 5% - and all at £3.50 per pint! No food, but good scotch eggs/sausage rolls & pork pies supplied by a local delicatessen. Friendly atmosphere. Excellent real ale festivals and live music.
craftman - 7 Feb 2014 15:56
Nice pub with a good selection of beers, shame it's a bit cliquey

lovesong - 30 Jan 2014 12:49
Have been sampling Drafthouse's extensive collection but getting fed up of the extortionate prices and lack of atmosphere when quiet so been to the Eagle a few times recently. I have to say what a fantastic pub. The selection, quality and price of the beer is great. Surrey Hills Greensand IPA and Pilgrim Porter the tastiest beers I've had for a while. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and now the autumn's in there's not one but two open fires! One of the best proper beer pubs for miles.
aj74 - 17 Nov 2013 20:22
Its a proper boozer which is becoming a rare thing. Very good selection of well kept ales. Good looking wine list. Normal local people pop in for a pint (with their dogs and kids) and relax. I'd walk past a lot of other pubs to come back here.
dancroft - 14 Sep 2013 16:57
Voted SW London CAMRA Pub of the Year 2012, but they don't shout about it.
daveE - 6 Jul 2013 09:54
Great little ale house tucked away in a side street.
Uncle_Dunkel - 12 May 2013 19:26
Great selection if beer if a bit wasted on me as a lager drinker. However simply a great pub and good atmosphere. Donny the bar man is lots of fun.
Pigsy75 - 18 Mar 2013 17:48
Sign in the lads here suggests customers visit BITE to comment but I won't dally as I have to get back to the bar to have another pint of one of the excellent and varied choice of ales....the Eagle specialises in micro brewed beers and the landlord, David is always happy to advise on which would be a great choice....more of a lagoon of beer in a desert than an oasis!
Insearchofthebestpint - 17 Jan 2013 15:40
Nice friendly pub, if a bit deserted on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Had a couple of lovely pints of Westerham British Bulldog, after which the landlord pleaded with me to leave some for him! Will definitely go back if I'm in the area.
paul154 - 13 Aug 2012 10:37
Still a cosy and pleasant backstreet local. This visit on a Saturday afternoon was much quieter than my previous on a Saturday evening. A few locals were propping up the bar with one other punter seated and a few others in the rear garden and on the small front patio. Beers on were Isle of Purbeck IPA & Best Bitter, Downton Honey Blonde, Quadhop & New Forest Ale, Westerham William Wilberforce Freedom Ale & Woodfordes Wherry. Ciders are Broadoak Vintage & Pheasant Plucker. The sausage rolls looked quite tempting. Still a very good option if you're in the Northcote Road area of Clapham.
blue_scrumpy - 16 Oct 2011 17:20
Must be one of the most underrated pubs in London. The choice of beer here is always extensive, the quality unparalleled. I have yet to suffer a bad pint even though it is an inevitable feature of 'live' beer.
Pilgrim Progress, Darkstar Hylder, Fyne Jarl, Old Dairy Cream Stout, Brodies, Surrey Hills Guilt Complex, Salopian Lemon Dream, and Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons, all in peak condition. Who ever says a traditional boozer is out of vogue and heading towards extinction needs to swallow a pint or two here.
huntsbeer - 12 Sep 2011 23:22
Just the the kind of pub I like a good selection of Ales available ,worth the trip up the Northcote road.A true drinkers pub,very good.
Picasso09 - 24 Jul 2011 13:15
A proper pub.I loved the Pheasant Plucker cider which I don't see very often and my buddy was delighted/ecstatic/cheered and warmed by his ale - name of which escapes me. Perfectly situated for keeping away from the young Northcote groovers but quite inconvenient to get to which isn't such a bad thing.
JeremyBendthem - 22 Jun 2011 16:51
Beer & Music Festival 27th til 29th Great Music line up Saturday & Sunday not to mention the 50+ beers and cider all drawn from the South of England. Will it be Old Dairy Gold Top, Brodies Dragon Veis, or Hammerpot Vinery Mild, now that's the question?
daveE - 22 May 2011 11:16
Difficult to review purely on the basis of a beer festival which I visited last night. Don't know what a normal selection of ales might be but they certainly had enough on handpump last night with about 50 overall with the stillage in the garden. Seems an excellent pub and look forward to visiting again.
GuideDogSaint - 29 Aug 2010 18:54
unpretentious sort of pub with excellent well served cask ale ,got a few well worn chesterfields thrown around and a few well worn customers,including myself. I like it alot. I would change the lagers on offer , as it might be hard to get my Lager swilling mates to come back in here with me.
Henners - 12 Jul 2010 14:15
Watched the WC semi final here on Wednesday. Nice pub, Good atmosphere and friendly staff and regulars - one was a touch to friendly, joining our group by sitting in the middle of us, but he was wearing a fascinating shirt!
Good ales available, shame not a better choice of Lagers, are Carling, Carlsberg or Fosters mandatory in English pubs. If you are looking for something a bit different in this area of London, it is well worth a visit.
fetchman - 10 Jul 2010 14:35
Sorry - one other thing. No food but they have a selection of take out menus and you can have it delivered to the pub - saw some pizzas come in looked (and smelled) lovely.
martincombe - 11 Apr 2010 10:56
Its a while since I have reviewed this, my favorite pub in London. I was in last night 8 hand pulls on most micro's, excellent, great to see the lines being cleaned after one went and not simply swapped over with a rinse. Busy as usual but not heaving - although be aware this pub is hugely popular for the rugby, go on an England international day if you are a lover of the atmosphere but best leave that intimate evening with the better half for a sport free week night (some good wines available). I see a quiz being advertised, Sunday nights, and hear it gets pretty busy with a cider infused bar manager running the thoroughly entertaining show. The pub is comfy with an 'eclectic' mix of furniture, friendly staff, the regulars I have met were all chirpy enough once I got talking to them, and excellent real ales. I notice, steadily, the management seem to be gradually and sensitively refurb'ing, a spot of painting here, a new chair there, I suspect they are undertaking this exercise themselves in the closed hours, given what I saw on BBC 'Inside Out' last year. Horrific that a pub this popular with such a good turnover actually makes so little for the operators because of greedy landlords. I will be back - very soon.
martincombe - 11 Apr 2010 10:55
Last night was my first visit to the Eagle (it's been on my list for some time!). The pub is well situated off the main Northcote drag and looks as if it must be a really nice place to drink in during the week. However, it's also extremely popular. Whilst the Jack Beard's pub across the street looked empty, the Eagle was packed. In fact, it was too packed for my liking. The reason was probably that the England rugby match had been on the TV. Most of the clientele were wearing rugby tops and some were in a fairly bad state. Mixed in were clearly a number of locals who most likely have the pub to themselves during the week. This included one slightly older gent with a dog, who gradually migrated from the bar to a table in the centre and then to another on the edge (probably his usual table when things are quieter). His dog looked very confused by all the people around him/her. Drinks were from plastic glasses for our first round. 6 beers were on, all apart from the latter from southern microbreweries - Tring Side Pocket For A Toad, Surrey Hills Ranmore Ale, Westerham Summer Perle, Isle of Purbeck IPA, Triple fff Pressed Rat & Warthog and Blue Monkey Evolution. Unfortunately there is no real cider apart from in bottles - Westons Old Rosie and a couple of varieties of Thatchers. Whilst the beer was of good quality and the interior was fairly comfortable, if not a little worn, I did feel it was too packed for my liking. Obviously this is an indication of its popularity and good reputation.
blue_scrumpy - 7 Feb 2010 13:36
quite nice pub for a real ale, not likely to attract younger drinkers as not much to offer females
sadies - 30 Jan 2010 07:19
Great friendly little pub with good choice of real ales well kept and at sensible prices.
alemary - 18 Jan 2010 11:58
I counted eight hand pumps on the bar, four of which were on, but the governor was in the middle of changing barrels and pulling pints through. There not much of a draught choice as this is primarily an ale drinker’s pub, but my Guinness was very good and the governor was polite. The other customers were at least a generation above me, but I did visit on a quiet week night.

There are a couple of TVs that were off during my visit and I also spotted a rolled up projector above the front window. There is a sign outside stating that sporting events are shown, but I didn’t spot any signs for Sky Sports but as the pub info above states that Sky is present I’d imagine that they do have it.

I’m not sure that I’d make a special trip to visit here again, but I can see why it is popular with users of this site.
Strongers - 4 Jan 2010 21:48
I have been going to the Eagle (Chatham Road) for 17 years now and have yet to see a Chicken Kiev on sale. In fact, the Eagle stopped serving food a couple of years ago (there was a brief - glorious - period when you could get curries on Wednesdays and Roast Dinners on Sundays), so the previous poster must have gone to a different Eagle.
banks_bitter - 1 Jan 2010 23:01
This pub was recently on the beebs and it showed the owners making 100 squid between them a night. I decided to see why. I can see why now. Too many ale drinkers that drink one pint per hour - can't taste too good then. You can see why the All Barone's and Slut and Lettuce are taking over. Also this pub attracts the older clientele who are generally stingy. On the plus side the cutlery for my chicken kiew (from Iceland I suspect) was very clean and the staff friendly.

Chav__man - 28 Dec 2009 21:48
The pub is great. A fine example of how a proper local should be. There is always a good choice of well looked after real ales, served by the friendly and knowledgable staff.

The beer festivals are fantastic (twice a year), as are most major sporting events. Live music, superb pub quiz, live plays, excellent atmosphere. What more could you ask for? Give it a try - you won't be disappointed.
alexcatt - 14 Dec 2009 19:56
To unionjak - it takes one to know one!
alefellowwellmet - 8 Dec 2009 01:36
A pub worth seeking out. Great beer selection (more on at the weekend), five to chose from on my visit on a tuesday. Chatted to the landlord who is well keen on keeping a good pub with good beer. AC/DC on in the background (but not too loud to upset some people), a great selection of photos all around the place, including the mens. Does have TV's so I assume they would show some sports. Comfy leather settees, a spacious place. Garden looked good. Beer festival on the last may bank holiday weekend and august. Definitely ticks alot of boxes for me.
If its as good on my next visit on a busy time then I'll give it a 9 or 10.
rob372 - 2 Dec 2009 15:30
This was a very pleasant discovery - a nice, busy old-fashioned pub. Seven handpumps included Doom Bar, Tribute, Purbeck Fossil Fuel and Harvey's Best. I had three pints of well-kept Harvey's.
Music was playing at an unobtrusive level. A pub of the old school.
I'll be back.
holbornboy - 22 Nov 2009 22:40
An excellent place for a pint, with a large range of real ales from two arrays of handpumps (including 'Fossil Fuel', which I guess must come from somewhere in Dorset). Interesting interior, with a sensible selection of bar stools, chairs and sofas to suit your personal preference. A proper pub, and well worth a detour.
rpadam - 31 Oct 2009 00:12
A terrific South London pub!
alefellowwellmet - 18 Oct 2009 21:30
nb. doesn't open until 15:00 Mon-Thurs.
I don't see mention of this in previous reviews, and hadn't noticed myself until yesterday - is this a new policy?
It would be helpful if pubs keeping unusual hours would indicate opening times at the door. Frustrating, but rating unchanged.
trainman - 15 Oct 2009 07:54
Boring waffel from bar bore; just tell it as itis; a terrific South London pub.
TALLTORQUIL - 17 Sep 2009 00:17
To Strange_Fashion - I can assure you that the 2008 CAMRA SW London pub of the year award is nothing really special at all! - but the Eagle Ale House really is very special, as most local real ale drinkers, and those discerning ale drinkers from far afield, have discovered - but don't tell everyone!
As an original 1974 CAMRA member myself I am bemused by SW London CAMRA's apparent consistent besottedness with the Bricklayers Arms when the Eagle Ale House has regularly served a far greater range of micro-brews at far more competitive prices in excellent condition - but then the Eagle Ale House just rest on their laurels without encouraging plaudits!
A superb real ale festival this last weekend at the Eagle Ale House witnessed some great surprises, even for a hardened real ale drinker, such as myself - and all at mostly around £2.90 per pint straight out of the barrel in excellent condition - Hornbeam Black Coral Stout, Leydon Black Pudding, Castle Rock Black Gold, Blue Monkey Original, Coastal Hop Monster, Hawkshead Red, Three B's Tacklers Tipple, Valhalla Old Scatness, Bushys Manx Bitter and sometime regular there Surrey Hills Ranmore Ale - I have never seen half of these at other real ale festivals (including 2009 CAMRA national beer festival at Earls Court) and they were all superb - unusually, not a duff one to my palate!
Very many thanks to Dave, Simon, Dan and all of the staff for all of their dedicated hard work and passion ensuring a unique bank holiday weekend for all real ale aficionados. This has to be one of the best ale houses in London and I feel really sorry for those who were absent this last weekend - you missed many real gems that you probably won't see anywhere else in London for a long time (apart from, I hope, again at the Eagle Ale House!!).
alefellowwellmet - 1 Sep 2009 00:43
Beer Festival at the Eagle 29th to 31st August. Over 38 micro brews and Music Festival on the Sunday. Get on! I know where i'll be!
daveE - 29 Aug 2009 14:22
A joll nice pub!
Princemonolulu - 28 Aug 2009 11:18
Thank god for a decent pub this side of the River!
I can honestly say, just about the BEST pub I have ever been to, the selection of rotating real ales is outstanding. One major quibble is that it's so far away from my flat in Paris!!! Only found out about this place properly when I moved away from the UK, but a regular stop over on my visits to family in London. The staff are fabulously friendly, and wonderfully informative, I'm no expert on ale, but have always been more than satisfied by the landlord's suggestions when I go. I would whole-heartedly reccomend to anyone that believes in a real pub, a real find and sincerely regret not being able to go more often.
bluesboy - 1 Aug 2009 01:30
Paid a brief visit on a Saturday afternoon. Don't often venture to these parts, but wanted to check it out after seeing its high position in the charts.

It really was pretty pleasant - served a cracking pint of Harvey's Sussex Best. Managed to cadge a sofa and couple of armchairs, so we were really comfy. There are some interesting looking pictures on the walls - even in the gents.

It's hard to elaborate further - I really did like it, though.
scissorkicks - 5 Jul 2009 22:05
Very good. Tried a couple of the Westerham ales,both in excellent condition.Nice decor and seating inside.
TonyAle - 22 Jun 2009 11:09
Superb beer festival last bank holiday weekend - more than 30 micro-brewery real ales - many thanks, thoroughly enjoyable with the civilised rugby crowd as well on the Saturday.This is one of the best traditional real ale pubs in London where I have been watching all of the England and Lions rugby matches on comfortable leather chesterfields (inside or in the garden under the marquee) whilst at the same time supping a well-kept varied selection of at least six micro-brewery real ales at sensible prices (e.g. Surrey Hills, Downton, Westerham, Loddons, Brakspear, ). Concentration on the beer and so no food but they allow you to BYO sandwiches etc. A real gem of a pub with a great welcome. Should have won SW London CAMRA pub of the year but then maybe it is just as well that it came second! (by the margin of only a handful of votes though?). Shame about them not showing Royal Ascot/horse-racing though - but then one can't have everything and I fully understand their reasons apparently based on a bad past experience - its always the few who ruin it for the many! Very well-run pub.
alefellowwellmet - 17 Jun 2009 01:14
What a shock! Stumbled into this during the recent Beer Festival(Westerham Northdown my fav). Didn't think a pub like this could still exist in an area like "Nappy Valley". Really hacked off that I didn't find it 5 years ago. This is like a Boozer of old. People of all walks of life, chatting and drinking about whatever enters their heads, and the choice of beers is amazing. Went in again last night and they had; Downton Honey dew, Surrrey Hills Guilt Complex, St Austell Tribute, Doombar, Westerham BB, Dorking Gold, Ascot Posh Pooch.

Pub dog, two open fires, windows for beer......aaah happy days, you can sit in the covered garden and smoke without grief. One of the last bastions of anti-intolerance

jprd - 11 Jun 2009 21:18
Although this is my first post, I (a Croydon resident/drinker) have been dipping into BITE for some time and have been helped by slerpy's frequent and pragmatic advice on local (and other) hostelries.

The post of arctral - 6 June - should go down in BITE folklore; arctral says that slerpy -

- is a well known troll
- posts under various names
- has bad punctuation
- lives in Surrey; parents in Dorking
- all his reviews are on pubs bewteen Surrey and Dorking
- has never been to the Eagle
- should be ignored

None of this is correct; slerpy is an infomative, helpful and pragmatic poster/reviewer.

One has to wonder (but suspects!) what arctral is.....
croydonpeer - 8 Jun 2009 11:27
Slerpy, fair enough, you don't seem like this other guy. I don't rate pubs unless I know them well. I reserve judgment. That's all. Suggest you hit a bad day at the Eagle and you should return.
arctral - 7 Jun 2009 19:04
visited this pub after the Battersea beer festival, it had everything that I could wish for MINUS the warm welcome ! The landlord seemed a little smug and far too important to offer any kind of welcome, compare this to let's say the Bricklayers in Putney where Becky is always very welcoming and then the difference in customer service is obvious. Sadly zero out of ten. I must admit that this was my experience, Trainman has disagreed , I will give it another try. My ONE existing parent seemed safe and sound in Shirley,Surrey about half an hour ago but obviously Arctral is an omnipotent being who clearly know all, all hail the Arctral ! Arctral only seems to post on a small area of S.W. London, I will send you some bus fare to get out a bit more.Lastly on my visit to the Eagle the beer was o.k. without hitting any high notes roughly 3 on the N.B.S. scoring system.

slerpy - 7 Jun 2009 16:34
Note: slerpy is a well-known troll who posts under various identities. His trademark is that he leaves spaces between the end of sentences and punctuation. Like this ! Had an argument with him on the Green Man's (Putney) page.
By the way, he lives in Surrey, parents are in Dorking; all his reviews are in the areas between Croydon and there. Doubt he's ever been to the Eagle. Ignore
Eagle cracking pub, best in the area by far.
arctral - 6 Jun 2009 22:57
My previous couple of visits offered a choice of ‘only’ four ales, but yesterday had a good selection across 7 of the 8 pumps: Surrey Hills Shere Drop & Ranmore, Tribute, Doombar, Westerham William Wilberforce Freedom Ale, Downton Honey Blonde, Ringwood Best, tried both of the Surrey Hills & in fine fettle, £2.90. Pub has a welcoming woody feel, some banquette seating around front area, proper wooden tables/chairs, & it’s one of the few places that manage to properly incorporate sofas – 2 leather ones and a wingback chair giving the lounge area to right of bar a nice feel, arranged around the fireplace. To the rear some good wall decoration as noted by others, but I’m surprised no-one mentioned my favourite – the front page of the Sydney Herald after we won the rugby world cup, an ‘apology’ from the Aussie nation for all the sledging they handed out down the years, & recognising the performance of an outstanding English team, then finishing with the smallprint ‘ye Pommie Bastards, …oops that just slipped out!’. I checked it would be ok to take my little dog in (it was) and, when re-entering, noticed the sign on the door, ‘all owners must be kept on a lead’…
trainman - 5 Jun 2009 13:41
What an excellent find. A breath of fresh air from the dull and unappealing bars that litter Northcote Road. There always seems to be new beer on the wooden pumps, many of which, I've noticed, hail from the local reigon and/or are from micro breweries - an excellent selling point for those concerned about giving their hard earned pounds to 'the man'. The staff are friendly and well informed as to what the beer is all about and what would suit personal tastes. And, now here's the clincher, smoking is allowed out front and back! A bonus for those of us who haven't quiet kicked the habit. This definitely has to be my number one pub in the area. Long live The Eagle.
fairyknickers - 4 Jun 2009 16:28
Slerpy, can you describe said landlord as it doesn't sound like anyone I recognise, nor does it seem the twenty or so other previous posters. They had a beer fest here over Spring Bank Holiday that wiped the floor with the Battersea Beer Fest. Over 40 Micro Brews no Regionals, right temperature, great condition all from the south for a change( instead of just Yorkshire) with an army of volunteers, and they go about it quietly without fuss. The place was packed and not a single advert placed all word of mouth. Obviously supported well by locals without chips on their shoulders. Well done lads n lasses. Dave Traf see you for the Cricket soon.
daveE - 3 Jun 2009 21:33
Always one to rise to a challenge - see Rex's posting in September 2008 - the John Bonser road show found its way here for the first time last Sunday lunchtime.

It's a fine traditional pub in a quiet residential Clapham side street equidistant from Clapham Junction and Wandsworth Common rail stations. It's situated off Northcote Road in an area of trendy bars and restaurants catering for the young upwardly mobile professional 30-somethings who seem to dominate the area.

The Eagle Ale House is a real ale specialist pub. The single L shaped bar has 2 banks of 4 handpumps each. Not all of these were in use on my visit - the 6 beers on being St Austell Tribute, Sharps Doom Bar, Surrey Hills Shere Drop, Brakspears plus 2 beers from Westerham Brewery.

Both the Shere Drop - a light hoppy pint - and the Westerham Freeminer were on fine form, as befitting a pub with GBG listings in recent years. It's also the runner up in the SW London Camra Pub of the Year.

It's a fine comfortably furnished pub in traditional style. There's a selection of interesting photos on the walls - including a small boxing section near the rear door, plus a photo of Tommy Cooper and a poster from the original Italian Job film.

There's an emphasis on board games - there's a table each with a backgammon and chess top and other games can also be played.

Whilst the beers sampled were on form, my Sunday lunchtime visit was marred somewhat by the presence of some hyperactive kids running around being largely unsupervised. For most of my visit, these kids outnumbered adults and the pub felt a bit like a kindergarten. I half expected somebody to come and ask me if I wanted my face painted !

Although the pub does not indicate this externally, I gather that its an Enterprise Inns Free House. The landlord was discussing the recently released report on the pubco "tie" with the landlord of another local pub and I noted that the article "Last Ordres for Britain's Pub Groups" that appeared in that day's Sunday Telegraph had already been given pride of place on the wall in the gents' toilets. The Eagle Ale House is mentioned in the first paragraph of this article.

There's a beer festival arranged for the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend.

This is a fine pub, well worth seeking out for its beer range - but I do hope that there's more grown ups and less kids next time I go.
JohnBonser - 19 May 2009 18:02
I visited this pub after the Battersea beer festival, it had everything that I could wish for MINUS the warm welcome ! The landlord seemed a little smug and far too important to offer any kind of welcome, compare this to let's say the Bricklayers in Putney where Becky is always very welcoming and then the difference in customer service is obvious. Sadly zero out of ten.
slerpy - 14 May 2009 17:24
great boozer
dollygrimsby - 3 May 2009 14:24
Worth the hike from Clapham Junction (or you can jump on the 319). Large imposing frontage particularly for a pub on a side street, one area inside however semi divided by a brick pier, arch and glass screen, giving the area around the fireplace a feeling of seperation. The pub dog seems to like this area, although he didn't seem to mind me sitting on the opposite sofa.
The main bar area has a mix of seating, wooden settles in front of the windows, chair and tables and bar stools.
Board games are aplenty, a couple of tellys for sport, book cases, film posters and sporting photos( some boxing stuff includes "Our Enry" blood splattered) adorn the predominantly red walls. A big display of beer, wine and champagne bottles fills a shelving display.
A very comfortable and laid back feel, 8 handpumps, but only 4 in use, Hogs Back TEA and Hop, Harveys Sussex and St Austell Tribute. Not sure reading the previous reviews whether there are normally 4 or sometimes more?
An outdoor gazebo/marquee to the rear caters for smokers and outdoor drinkers.
Maldenman - 24 Mar 2009 17:24
A great pub. Especially because to get there you have to walk past all those crappy places on Northcote Road (if you coming from Clapham Junction). Good beer, great garden, decent people, nice bar staff.

They recently put a massive TV in front of the fireplace which is a bit of shame, but still the best pub in the area by miles.

They charge for using cards in there, so bring cash.
marcovanpenners - 5 Mar 2009 11:27
Excellent. There was football on but it didn't distract from the experience - there was a cosy TV-free area.

There was even a quality choice of ciders behind the bar.

Worth the walk from Clapham Junction (and definitely worth the smug walk back past the Bar Whatevas).
Wullie - 19 Feb 2009 18:22
Went this afternoon, was quiet but still had 4 (possibly 5 beers) available, which is pretty good considering it's straight after new year and a delivery was clearly overdue. Friendly welcome, excellent pint of Hogs Back TEA and British Bulldog from a brewer I can't remember.

A proper local, so much better than the overpriced gaffes down Northcote Rd.
FieryJack - 3 Jan 2009 22:05
Always a pleasure to visit & imbibe - well-kept Loddons Hoppit, Brakspears & Westerham SPA on recent pilgrimages. Also Tribute, Harveys & Westerham Freedom. Excellent choice for my palate and no fear of ever getting a hot glass here - unlike some other real ale establishments who should know & adopt greater customer care - as should CAMRA who in my opinion should be concentrating on this aspect rather than their petty "Full Pint" campaign - preferential to lose a fraction of an inch of ale (which most bar staff are only too willing to top up anyway) rather than have an entire pint ruined by being served in a hot glass and/or having to suffer abuse for politely pointing out the hot glass to the publican!
zeitlin - 9 Dec 2008 00:10
What a little gem of a pub. Décor consists of numerous prints and the like around the walls, plus a shelf or two of empty Champagne bottles and some books. Also the imaginative choice of prints in the Gents’ (the Kylie “Spinning Around” was my favourite) is rather innovative.

Comfortable seating, friendly service and excellent real ale make this a definite winner. There were several real ales when I visited on a quiet Saturday afternoon – I had the excellent Loddon Best Bitter at £2.70 a pint. And a big black friendly dog on the floor getting in everyone’s way – marvellous; I don’t think there are many places like this left in London. Definitely worth the effort of seeking out.

Also, an excellent London pub (apparently) not yet visited by either RogerB or JohnBonser. That is strange!

RexRattus - 6 Sep 2008 17:25
Fantastic Beer & Music Festival, I have never seen the pub so busy even during the Rugby! I'm told they went through 19 barrels on the Sunday alone, Lakeland Gold lasted 20 minutes. Well done everyone
daveE - 31 Aug 2008 21:25
Excellent pub which I never knew existed till last weekend, when I was tipped off about their weekend beer festival. Great range of well-kept beers, friendly service by people who obviously love their job, and live music too! I shall be back!
E17Bee - 27 Aug 2008 16:31
Really is a 'proper' pub. Friendly staff, proper ales and cider, nice quiet 'secret' beer garden.

Especially good around the nasty Northcote road pubs (Bank, All bar one, Pitcher & Piano).
DG55 - 22 Jun 2008 15:11
Popped in yesterday with the dog after a wet walk around the park. Superb pub,6 ales on when I visited,Pride,Adnams Bitter,Breakspear Bitter, Sharp's Doom Bar,Harvey's Best and St Austell's Tribute.Tried 3 and all very well kept indeed. Cricket was on a small tv.Terrible music playing and far too loud.
Miles007 - 27 May 2008 09:57
great pub, been going in here on and off for a few years now. does great ale and all the beers are well kept. open fire in the winter, always 1 or 2 dogs running around the place. proper pub!
george1983 - 1 May 2008 13:49
A good selection of beers in here. Nothing really to my taste but all well kept.

The landlord didn't have any Cheddar Gorge cider on so he went down to the cellar and got me a pint off Old Rosie cider - absolutely superb!

A good interior, shows some football and has great ale. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the Clapham area.
lukemarson - 28 Apr 2008 14:28
A place which is clearly run by people who care about the beer they're selling, of which there's a very good choice. It's the sort of pub which stands out a mile from a back street road, the only interesting other feature of which is that it includes a gentle hill. On a mid-week afternoon the bar is unnervingly quiet but very comfortable. The gents include a slightly unusual feature of offering for sale copies of black and white pictures of scantily clad women. Makes a change from the usual Sky football fixture listing.
Dave_the_Bee - 29 Mar 2008 18:40
I stumbled across the Eagle at the weekend and was highly impressed. A great selection of ale including 30 varieties on as part of their beer festival. This is a pub with a cosy, relaxed vibe and a nice line in labrador. Very much a traditional pub sort of pub, it was a struggle to tear ourselves away. We will be going back to this South London gem soon even though it's a bit of a trek.
dogbear - 10 Mar 2008 21:32
Thought I knew all the(sadly)few good pubs in the area but somehow this one escaped me - until last Saturday. Quite a revelation despite the football - comfortable surroundings, good customers, service and staff plus an excellent range of lesser known real ales at reasonable prices and NOT served in a HOT glass!! Will definitely return, probably for the rugby this Saturday.
zeitlin - 19 Feb 2008 18:15
Nice! Had the good fortune to stumble on this fine hostilely a couple of years ago and as a result always pop in for an excellent pint of ale form the outstanding choices available whenever I’m in the area.

A real “community” pub with outstanding service and a jovial cliental, numerous mutts included (just taking the dog for a walk.?!) makes this, for London, a stand-out boozer! Popped in with the extended family over Christmas and tucked into some award winning ales (4 to choose from and excellently kept!!), excellent offing’s of bottled continental lagers, clean toilets etc etc…..

Jammahn - 29 Dec 2007 10:54
Great little boozer. Has been subtley done up without taking away from its old charm (thank the lord). Stumbled across it by chance now a regular visitor. There is nowhere else like it for miles, serves a variation of well kept real ales, has a smart wine list and friendly staff.
Had a great laugh recently with the moustaches in 'Movember' and the Carol singing was tip top. Looking forward to New Year fancy dress.
Prob's ? if you like a quiet little pub to watch the Engalnd Rugby Internationals - don't come here - ITS MASSIVE.
martincombe - 19 Dec 2007 12:34
Good pub, good beer, nice staff. Actually there is quite an interesting selection and rotation of Ales on tap. Seems to be 4 on at any one time. Doom Bar positively sublime, Landlord less so (but still better than most in London).

Probs? Garden needs sorting, but as a smoker I guess that's my problem. Lights would be nice. That and a heater that works. Not sure why there's a £1 charge to use a card, but take your choice.

Good boozer and, crucially, not an All Bar Slug. Support.
anonymous - 29 Nov 2007 16:35
Good pub, good beer, nice staff. Actually there is quite an interesting selection and rotation of Ales on tap. Seems to be 4 on at any one time. Doom Bar positively sublime, Landlord less so (but still better than most in London).

Probs? Garden needs sorting, but as a smoker I guess that's my problem. Lights would be nice. That and a heater that works. Not sure why there's a £1 charge to use a card, but take your choice.

Good boozer and, crucially, not an All Bar Slug. Support.
anonymous - 29 Nov 2007 16:34
Good pub, good beer, nice staff. Actually there is quite an interesting selection and rotation of Ales on tap. Seems to be 4 on at any one time. Doom Bar positively sublime, Landlord less so (but still better than most in London).

Probs? Garden needs sorting, but as a smoker I guess that's my problem. Lights would be nice. That and a heater that works. Not sure why there's a £1 charge to use a card, but take your choice.

Good boozer and, crucially, not an All Bar Slug. Support.
anonymous - 29 Nov 2007 16:34
Good pub, good beer, nice staff. Actually there is quite an interesting selection and rotation of Ales on tap. Seems to be 4 on at any one time. Doom Bar positively sublime, Landlord less so (but still better than most in London).

Probs? Garden needs sorting, but as a smoker I guess that's my problem. Lights would be nice. That and a heater that works. Not sure why there's a £1 charge to use a card, but take your choice.

Good boozer and, crucially, not an All Bar Slug. Support.
anonymous - 29 Nov 2007 16:33
Good pub, good beer, nice staff. Actually there is quite an interesting selection and rotation of Ales on tap. Seems to be 4 on at any one time. Doom Bar positively sublime, Landlord less so (but still better than most in London).

Probs? Garden needs sorting, but as a smoker I guess that's my problem. Lights would be nice. That and a heater that works. Not sure why there's a £1 charge to use a card, but take your choice.

Good boozer and, crucially, not an All Bar Slug. Support.
anonymous - 29 Nov 2007 16:32
Quality pub, please don't follow the rest by going Gastro. Best Pub with Best Beer for miles. The pub number above is incorrect tho its 020 7228 2328.
daveE - 11 Oct 2007 16:12
I only like this & the beehive in this area and I'm lucky enough to have this as my local. The ale is always great and the sunday roast damn good. Theres too many poncy chain bars around here and i love being able to come to a pub with a friendly down to earth vibe. My girlfriend and her chums once spent 8 hours in here on a sunday once... dangerously comfy in winter months
shevz - 10 Oct 2007 13:42
How pubs should be.

If you wear deck shoes or push a bugaboo please desist from entering
fingle - 4 Jun 2007 15:13
A further visit confirmed this is a good pub with a decent atmosphere and, more importantly, decent beer. They have 3-4 pumps on with fairly interesting beers and each beer was in good condition on my visits. It is a little crowded around the bar so it can be a bit awkward getting to the bar.

I don't agree that it's tatty although perhaps in comparison to the area's other establishments it could be. it still retains a lot of pub pub charm and the sound of decent conversation with nice dark lighting and I'd be happy for it to be my local and will return more often.

mitomighty - 13 Dec 2006 21:58
Nice beer but the entire place smells of dog and is full of them too (not on leashes). It's a bit tatty as well - the furniture is coming apart in places. Nice locals and staff there though, even if you do get overlooked because the barmaid's having a chat with her mates and doesn't see who's come in first. Casual in all senses of the word.
anonymous - 2 Dec 2006 13:10
A proper pub with good beer. A surprise for this area.
mitomighty - 11 Nov 2006 11:39
This is a top pub in an area which is rich in "upmarket" bars. The beers are well kept and change regularly. The service is good, but it can get busy when there is rugby on (and football, if it's a big match like the Champions' League final). There is food sometimes I think (over and above the availability of pork scratchings and - brilliantly - square crisps), but really it's a pub for drinking in.

The first time I was introduced to this place it was an unexpected bonus. I now live nearby and have the pleasure of using it on a regular basis. Highly recommended.
keymon - 14 Oct 2006 13:29
Pleasant pub just south of Nappy Valley; shame they had to serve Pride in plastic glass when football on
mtaylor40 - 2 Jul 2006 19:35
Just a fooking good pub.
dembo - 5 May 2006 16:17
The Eagle is the best in that area. Nice ales and single malts and NO Smirnoff; I never thought I'd live to see the day!
nikolaus - 31 Mar 2006 16:12
The Eagle is an aboslute gem.

No food, fruit machines or chavs (if you want those go to the Gardeners over the road which had a murder outside it a couple of years back)

Instead good wines, real ales and selection of malts

Friendly manager and staff and a great place to meet friends, watch sport or just read your paper
murgatroyd - 20 Mar 2006 14:00
Really nice Pub. The only one in the area where you can have a Pint and a conversation at the same time. Well kept Ales and no Smirnoff Ice bubbly!
nikolaus - 2 Mar 2006 16:26
I've been in all the pubs in the area (I have lived on the same block as the Eagle for about 10 years) and it is by far the best pub around.

The beer is constantly changing and since the dog is no longer allowed to drink out of punters pints you can at least drink some of the beer.

I drink in here with my mate who comes up from Liphook so it's worth a trip.
robertf - 20 Dec 2005 18:38
Excellent. Lovely cheerful atmosphere and a perfect array of ales...just enough variety to keep you interested but not enough for it to feel anoraky...excellent surrondings, old wooden stuff and bookshelves, but not in a tacky Wetherspoons sort of way. I rather liked the tradition of keeping empty bottles of champagne and writing the occasion for which the were opened on them. Highly recommended.
Muzthing - 12 Dec 2005 11:46
It won't be the same once the new owners get their way, and turn it into a "Gastropub". It will be a very sad loss to the area.
Angus - 19 Oct 2004 16:35
You won't share a good pint or real ale in an old-fashioned, cousy neighbourhood pub, with book-covered walls and dogs sharing your seat in any other place of the south east. Great!! I love it!
Mauricio - 16 Sep 2004 15:44
Great old-fashioned local pub in an area chronically over-served by trendy bars. Friendly atmosphere, excellent beers (constantly changing guest cask ales), welcome little garden/marquee at the back for summer drinking.
Edward - 28 Aug 2004 18:04
Best pub in the area by a mile.
Cathy's comment about 'roomy' are slightly mystifying as the pub is quite small.
Don't go there when the rugby is on, it gets very busy and my friends and i won't be able to enjoy the game!!
Nick - 10 Aug 2004 13:19
Best pub in the area. Always a good atmosphere and great beer. Sport is on a bit too much now though.
Steve - 28 Apr 2004 09:58
Large screen, Rugby on Sat arvo, chesterfield sofas, lashings of ale, and Dave the owner, legend! Been going here for 7 years, never had a bad session thoroughly recommend the place.
James - 19 Feb 2004 13:41
Well deserved place in the top 40.
Nice barstaff, roomy and nice atmosphere.
Excellent Sunday lunch
anonymous - 15 Sep 2003 14:27
Great pub. It's my local so I would say that but great beer, good garden and proper pub feel. All sports shown in the pub and in the garden on big screens. Staff very friendly even when suggesting you leave after too many beers!
SC - 10 Sep 2003 17:20
i often say- where have all the bloody pubs gone?!
claphms full of shiny bars with stainless steel and ohh more coloured leather sofas! but the eagle is a true pub with friendly starff, a great attomosphere, and one i feel my most comfortable in!
ive given up saying- i'll only have one drink as it never seems to work that way in this pub!
the best ale in town!
tom - 5 Aug 2003 22:37
Loved it - I think? Stayed a little too long I believe, sampling the ample ales on offer - not a day to wear chinos I can tell you. Had to put a little post-it note on my trousers saying "not urine", just in case. Wet the bed-tastic pub!
Kipper - 17 Jul 2003 04:22
Great pub good beer. I've drunk in a few and thouroughly recommend it!
adam - 15 Mar 2003 12:05

anonymous - 24 Aug 2002 03:54
anonymous - 24 Aug 2002 03:49
A bloody godsend if you live in the junction and are fed up with too-shiny bars full of too-shiny people. Big sofas, small tv :-) , friendly staff. Can't remember the beers but the bitter I had was lovely and had a silly name.
davey_w - 5 Jun 2002 18:09

got anything to say about this pub?

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