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Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

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user reviews of the Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

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Closest GBG pub to my hotel.

Amazing locals feel to a place just off one of the busiest high streets in any City in the world.

Decent pint. Football. Darts!

Photos at my blog -
Mappiman - 23 Sep 2016 13:15
The Carps is a great little local for office workers and residents.

It's a no frills pub with a friendly atmosphere. Don't expect food unless you like pork scratching's and some salted nuts!

They normally have a few guest ales on tap which change every week or so.

They will also let you order from the local pizza place next door.
NoelP - 26 Oct 2015 09:19
A pleasant old school pub in a fairly up market part of town. Probably the busiest pub of my Saturday afternoon wobble, mostly locals going by the banter. Friendly & efficient service & a nice pint of Adnam's Ghost Ship (3.90) made my brief visit an enjoyable one.
Queenslander - 18 Oct 2015 22:43
Staff were very displeased at being asked to turn the volume up to watch the football with commentary. They have three screens.

On my visit on a Saturday they did not serve food. Although in a back street it was very busy.
cycleloopy - 7 Feb 2015 19:14
Four ales on, all very ordinary that can be found anywhere so on a Saturday afternoon the pub is near empty. Shame as the pub is a good looking place inside and out. We settled for the Harveys which was good quality but I doubt I'll be back til next year
Steamer1 - 11 Jan 2015 22:39
Visited twice, both times on a Saturday evening and twice only two beers on offer!

pwilkins - 30 Oct 2014 15:25
15 min walk from marylebone station to find only 2 beers on as the union protest march lot had drunk most the beer that day.ok pint sat outside,good banter with irish landlord.
hoppyal - 19 Oct 2014 11:47
Spent a few hours here on a Tuesday late afternoon into evening. Nice atmosphere, good bar staff, mix of people, reasonably priced beer. Very well kept pint of Harveys.
alebarry - 8 Jan 2014 14:00
Came in on a Thursday afternoon to do the "tick". Decent little pub tucked away from the ever busy Edgware Road.

Heavy wooden interior with some interesting images on the walls.

3 ales, 1 from Harvey and 2 from Cottage Brewery. The pint I had from Cottage was a nice stout.

Not the sort of pub you would expect in Central London but it's very pleasant and friendly.

lezford - 10 Jul 2013 13:44
Popped in on my last visit to London. Pint of Harveys Sussex Bitter at £3.50, cheap for London and pint was spot on. Two brash talking chaps were talking to the barman/landlord using some colourful language to say the least which at 11.30 in the morning I could have done without. Tucked away from the main drag and i'd visit again. 7/10
ng10 - 24 Feb 2013 15:38
Excellent, another real pub in Central London. Friendly and welcoming and such a short hop from the mediocre bustle of Oxford Street. On last night were Harvey's Best, Windsor and Eton Mandarin Ale, both very tasty and Hobgoblin. The only disappointment was 3 empty handpulls.
Steamer1 - 13 Jan 2013 10:26
Continued quality of beer
Great pub atmosphere
Tasty pork pie nibbles.
An oasis in the area
pick_e_tippler - 15 Dec 2012 09:54
A very nice Waterhole situated close to Edgeware road and Marble Arch.I Went there on numerous occasions a couple of weeks ago. For a Swede it´s lovely to be able to try so many real ales. Their Winter warmer was amazing. Walking on Oxford street and then finding this pub made my day. Good selection of beer and free newspapers as well. Not a touristtrap but a genuine English pub. Go there !
BennyH - 29 Mar 2012 09:22
A return visit and very pleased I did.
Very nice pub
Good atmosphere
Trumans Runner....well kept.....very nice
Selection of about 6 ales
If in the area, well worth a visit.
No food.....that I could see, so don't expect to eat.
pick_e_tippler - 14 Mar 2012 04:17
Tried for the first time, very quick beer - nice watering hole. Half a dozen ales.
Need to go back to try properly.
pick_e_tippler - 13 Feb 2012 22:05
Overall positive experience. Very local, unpretentious, with a happy selection of 5 (apparently, sometimes 6) real ales.

The night I was there (mid-May), the pub had:
-Ramsbury "Flint Knapper";

-Windsor & Eton "Wedding Knot Royal Wedding Ale";
-Dorset Piddle Brewery "Piddle";
-Oxfordshire Ales "Tripple B"; and
-Bank's "Ruby Mild".

The layout of The Carpenters Arms is nice, because it's kind of divided into sections, so you're not out in the middle of a hall.

Found this pub on Google maps, of all places, doing a search for "real ale" (enough with corporate ale, eh). Thank goodness!
Eulaliana - 20 May 2011 23:29
A popular and friendly pub that’s a little off the beaten track, even though it’s just a stone’s throw from Edgeware Road. It’s essentially a single room affair with a U-shape bar counter, although there is also a protrusion to the rear that can be curtained off for semi-private events.

There are large, dual aspect windows, with leather bench seating arranged in rows perpendicular to the windows at the front. The flooring is dark reclaimed boards and there are a number of old photographs of the pub on the wall along with a large selection of beer mats.

There were three plasmas dotted around showing the cricket, although the sound was off. There was also a board detailing some upcoming premiership matches. All the barmaids seemed friendly.

Beers on this occasion were Jimmy Riddle, Cottage Evening Star and Slater’s Craic. There was also a fourth pump on the bar, although this was not in use on our visit. The solitary cider was Strongbow, unfortunately.
Blackthorn - 28 Mar 2011 12:21
Stumbled across this place after a meeting in an unfamiliar part of town and it didn't disappoint - four ales available, friendly service, nice traditional feel. Well worth a visit.
rob1981 - 8 Mar 2011 18:55
The Dog and Pipe - as it's called by those in the know - is really two pubs in one. On occasion it's The Great Dog and Pipe, with a good selection of ales, some tasty looking barmaids and clientèle who exude cleanliness and education. Unfortunately on the other occasions it's The Dog and Poo, a dreary early 80's pit-town boozer where all the splendid ales have turned because the betracksuited customers have shunned real beer for some continental lager folly. Worth a visit for the former - pays your money, takes your choice.
xyrion - 26 Nov 2010 16:12
Visited this pub on the recommedation of an ale fanatic friend of mine. He was right about the beer, good selection, well kept. Was totally let down by the 2 barmaids who between them could raise a single smile. I was with a senior colleague from work having an early Saturday evening beer or two, and they started to speak loudly about how bored they were. OK the pub was pretty empty, and my colleagues and my conversation might have been a bit dull for 2 twentysomethings, but they totally killed the atmosphere, and were in fact rude. We soon left for another pub, the Harp in Chandos Place, which where the beer is better, and the bar personnel are cool. Use the Carpenters if you want a quite pint, but not a place to kick of a decent evening of revelry.
sleoread - 30 Sep 2010 20:59
Great back street pub (as noted previously), much needed in this area, with efficient service. However it does pain me to say - the beer quality has been up and down in my past few visits.
Dartitis - 14 Sep 2010 13:02
nice little backstreet pub
arty22 - 21 Jul 2010 03:48
A malor disappointment. I was really looking forward to seeking out this pub after reading the positive comments below. Two beers tried and both were undrinkable. Even worse when the first one was returned which had the appearance of mud in a glass, the barmaid held it up to look at she didnt seem to see what the problem was. So opting for somthing else ,this time the harveys wheat beer ,when it arrived it was so sour it would have done a good job cleaning someones oven. Needless to say it didnt get drunk and we didnt go down the third time lucky route. We left and are not likely to return anywhen soon.
Picasso09 - 11 Jul 2010 23:38
Very impressive. Four different ales - Harveys, Sambrook's and two of which I had never heard before (one was called The Craic - forget the brewery, but decent enough). Friendly enough, not too busy and not overly expensive either. A happy discovery to which I would return.
duchyjim - 12 Apr 2010 10:23
Good beer from a range of breweries and friendly staff make this a pub which is well worth a vist. I can't agree with some of the negative comments about staff in other reviews. My barmaid was pleasant and charming.
Good outside space and an interesting layout inside, too. No food, though, at least at lunchtimes. Amazing to think it's only a stone's throw from Marble Arch.
shropspy - 25 Mar 2010 13:32

Classic London corner st Public House. Lovely large windows and bar rea.Pleasant young smiling wenches behind the bar.

6 real ales on my visit. Harvey's Sussex best (everpresent I believe) in excellent condition. Average prices for this part of the metropolis.

One could easily be late for that meeting after making a visit here..........

In Michelin star terms "worth a detour"
Polypinmath - 17 Mar 2010 13:21
Great Boozer!!! A proper working class pub in the heart of Westminster. Very friendly and lively cliental rather than some other pubs around the area that attract the pretentious city types who only care about how much they earn and what motor they drive.
Always a good pint to be had and wide selection of drinks (not just real ales) to tickle anyone’s taste buds.
Lost a little of it atmosphere in recent times since some of the local office bods have moved on. There’s no more preaching from the reverend about how we are all condemned while he’s sipping on his double Moreland and diet Coke. Old Man Tony has moved on, so the women fell a little safer, also Big Mac is no longer dripping sweat over everyone each time he moves and the Pikey is no longer eyeing up the brass rail around the bar. Staggering Steve still enjoys his daily tipple of 3 Stellas for lunch, keeping the flag flying for the old guard.

Fat_Feeky - 14 Mar 2010 10:16
Visited this pub for the first time and found it to be pretty good. Taking the miserable looking barmaid aside, there were five real ales available, including several from the Cottage Brewery and onr from Mauldons. (Tried two and both were well kept).
The decor of the pub was nice and clean whilst the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, filling up quite well despite it only being veary early in the evening.
Seems like a good place to me and one I would visit again if travelling out of London and heading back up North !
SouthYorkshireman - 25 Feb 2010 17:54
Good pub, serving excellent beer. However the last time I visited the landlord made an extremely rude comment about my weight to some of the regulars behind my back, which I overheard as I was making my way to the toilet (I’m not being paranoid BTW, it was defiantly directed at me), so therefore won’t be giving him any more of my custom from now on.
griff9of13 - 8 Feb 2010 15:48
Guess you could say a hidden pub that really stands out.
Just a few minutes from the chaos and terrible pubs around Oxford St.
This pub mixes locals and refugees from local offices with a positive vibe.
Always a selection of beers on tap and the Harveys was particulary well
beer123 - 3 Feb 2010 09:41
A very well run pub with friendly and efficient staff who are more than willing to describe and recommend their guest ales! I've been in here several times and have never been disappointed with their ale selection. There are usually two if not three available at any one time and another in waiting!
No food available but I can over look that and indulge in a packet of crisps!
Legolegs - 20 Jan 2010 14:30
Good pub friendly service 2 real ales on,I was on lager which you can`t really muck up ( I know some can!!) Looked well kept to me 7/10
flyingnun - 1 Jan 2010 18:32
Have visited this pub 4 times in the past 3 weeks including 0145hrs on new years day. It has always been fantastic with a minimum of 4 beers on and not had anything less than a really good pint and always a really friendly welcome from whichever staff are on duty. Last night had Wandle from Sambrook and Eclipse Porter from Blindmans. Best in the area in my view
southside - 1 Jan 2010 18:18
Great boozer in the heart of london has a very friendly feeling. Staff were fantastic and very welcoming, 6 pumps were all up and running with harveys and a good selection of guest ales. Background music was unusually good for a london pub and there was football and rugby split across the 4 big screens.

will be heading back for sure
murrayball - 24 Dec 2009 13:43
Quite simply the finest pint of Stella I've ever been served. Returned a few times just to make sure it wasn't a one off ... and it wasn't. First Class Stella.

I couldn't comment on the Real Ale, as I don't have a beard.
Pat_Bateman - 26 Oct 2009 14:05
Now this is my second visit in recent months and I'm dectecting a theme afte reading other posts. This place is close to joining a vast number of other london pubs with lots of pumps and hardly any clips showing. Having said that from the two that were on, Butcombe gold was lovely. I like the raised seating around the front corner of the pub. Theres tables outside the front, the street being a relative oasis of calm from the chaos of oxford st/marble arch. I'll score it a six instead of seven for the 'naked' pumps.
rob372 - 23 Oct 2009 15:07
This is a decent pub, but the only ale selection that I spotted was Adnams as another was off and the other was unused. The previous post mentions six hand pumps so maybe I missed the other three, but even so I think that this pub has had better days from the clip badges adorning the walls.

A muted Spanish football game being shown on Sky was on the three plasma screens and some inoffensive background music was playing to the decent sized crowd having a week night drink.

I found the barman to be nice enough and I was made to feel welcome immediately, making this a pub that I would gladly visit again.
Strongers - 1 Oct 2009 23:03
Good selection of beers and welcoming but a little too bright for my liking and so the Masons just down the road wins out for me. Still this place is better than most and worth visiting if you have the time.
murgatroyd - 8 Aug 2009 22:48
Now its a sunny saturday, the Lions on telly, theres a Neil Young concert on at hyde park, you know this pub offers a good range of beers so if you were the manager you would expect it to be busy. Its was rammed , nearly all the pump clips turned round, just Harveys bitter and Acorn bitter on offer, waited five mins as the whole bar was surrounded impatient punters, gave up, went back up to the Masons arms, just a hop and a step back up the road. Shame as I was looking forward to re-visiting a fairly regular haunt.
rob372 - 29 Jun 2009 08:33
On a sunny Friday night the place was very busy with the punters spread over the pavements. Three real ales on - Hopback TEA, Stonehenge Heelstone which were ok and a Cottage one that tasted like cleaning fluid. Nice pub with little nearby competition.
SimonM - 28 Jun 2009 01:21
Single bar free house in Seymour Place , just down the road from the Masons Arms.

This pub has had a number of reincarnations since the early 70's, when it was one of the first pioneering real ale pubs in the West End. Since then, it's had spells as a Courage pub and an Irish pub.

Note the old pictures of the Youngs dray horses outside - although I dont recall it ever being a Youngs pub.

Nowadays its become a noted real ale pub again with an enthusiastic landlord and, on my visit last Sunday afternoon, a variety of 6 real ales from Harveys ( Best and Porter ), Tom Woods and Freeminers inter alia.

There's an extensive beer mat / pump clip collection on the walls

The pub consists of a semi-circular bar ( which is not the original bar that I remember from the 70's ) and several different drinking areas, including what seems to be a locals corner at the back with a dartboard.

Note also the fine tiling on the right as you go in.

Unfortunately, on my Sunday afternoon visit, a typically sullen "Olga - from - the - Volga" type was serving behind the bar, but the other customers ( seemingly locals ) seemed friendly and welcoming enough.

Worth seeking out if in the area, if only for the beer range which seems to be better than most in the immediate vicinity.

JohnBonser - 23 Apr 2009 09:06
Great little pub. When I visited on Tues 14th the Harveys pump was turned but I had a wonderful pint of Metropolitan Ale from the Cottage Brewery which was in excellent condition
smiles - 16 Apr 2009 10:26
I like this place, but I do find that one of the local, Dom, often tries hitting on other men. Ive complained about him, but aperently theres nothing the landlord can do.

If you dont mind gays, itd fine.
bigjim1 - 31 Mar 2009 16:30
opps wrong beer - It was a Harveys in here, served by excellent barman. A v good pub for ale and trad pub atmosphere.
gonetolunch - 14 Feb 2009 19:13
quiet Sat afternoon passing by, so tried this boozer out for the 1st time, despite passing by many times over the years. Good pint of Badgers - other ales available and a typical off the track London pub clientele. Much busier in week evenings from the local workers, esp in summer.
gonetolunch - 14 Feb 2009 19:11
Lovely little boozer tucked away behind Marble Arch tube. Several real ales to choose from at very reasonable prices including Sussex, TEA and Adnams Bitter. Sky Sports available but not allowed to take over.
The_Prof - 24 Nov 2008 12:52
They had some decent ales on when I was in here the other day – White Horse Bitter; Harvey’s Bitter; Strong’s Best Bitter; Adnam’s Bitter; and Rudgate Special. I only had the one – White Horse Bitter, but it was superb.

This is a decent enough little pub, certainly lacking in opulence but not in functionality. Bare-boarded throughout, with stools at the bar and a few tables/settles/chairs round the sides. Interesting colour scheme – red benches at the front by the windows, and green at the back. I didn’t aspire to the Lords, but made do with the Commons at the back! The decent ale selection definitely makes it worth a visit, but it is a shame it doesn’t do a bite to eat at lunchtime.
RexRattus - 1 Nov 2008 14:13
Excellent pub with fine selection of ales - I've never had a bad one here. Well worth seeking out if you've had enough of being dragged around the Oxford Street shops - she can always call you on your mobile when she's had enough of shopping! (Well, that's what I do!).
BobOs - 30 Aug 2008 13:31
I visited this pub based upon the positive reviews that have been given and I wasn't dissapointed.

Very interesting selection of ales and all of them in prime condition.

I especially enjoyed the Stonehenge Danish Dynamite.

If your in the area its worth a visit...
sethbreaker - 17 Aug 2008 18:26
Last time I was in here a couple of weeks ago there were 8, yes eight (!) guest real ales on tap. Who needs beer festivals?! Grumpy landlord knows his beer and pulls in barrels from all over the UK, including delights such as RCH beer from Somerset, which otherwise one only sees at the GBBF. He also knows how to pick some lovely friendly barmaids to make up for his temperament, mostly of the Eastern European variety.

The problem used to be the pub being incredibly smokey, this of course has all gone away. It can be fairly busy when there is sport on in the evenings, when things spill outside to the pretty hanging baskets and pub benches on the pavement. There is also the Mason's Arms (without sport) about 20 yards up the road if this is the case. I haven't tried food here before, but looks like standard Brakes grub, and I feel it's not really a food place. Who needs food when you're in one of the best ale pubs in the whole of London?!
sc597 - 30 Jul 2008 01:21
My favourite on a friday afternoon/evening walkabout in the Marylebone area. Nice and airy, bare wooden floors, large unfrosted windows, great beer. Was very popular with the after-work brigade. Overall a great atmosphere. My Archers Strong Mild was superb :-)
sussexred - 30 Jun 2008 10:15
Excellent pub, getting just about everything right. Sensible distribution of space between those drinking and dining, and several benches outside. The U-shaped bar means that the attentive staff serve you quickly. Good range of beers from breweries large and small. Television on, but unobtrusive.
rpadam - 29 Jun 2008 15:55
Decent little back street pub with six handpumps serving a good variety of rotating beers. I have tasted beers better kept than they were here on my visit, but it was still perfectly acceptable nonetheless. Recommended if you're in the area as there aren't that many places like this round here.
The_Greene_King - 2 Jun 2008 12:02
Fabulous pub and deservedly in GBG. Tonight they had Harvey's Sussex, Broadside, Archers Fat Belly Boozer, Skinners Figgy Brew, Cottage Jack At The Movies and Stonehenge Pigswill.

Proper pub with proper beer. Highly recommended.
GuideDogSaint - 11 Feb 2008 23:12
Five of six handpumps on, Archers IPA and Empty Pockets, Strong's Best Bitter, Clark's Classic Blonde & Harvey's Sussex. Ipa and Strong's tried, in good condition. Friendly welcome, Hendrix CD playing, very enjoyable. Good free house, basic food, (paninis, omelettes, all day breakfast) available. Sky sports on muted.
Maldenman - 31 Jan 2008 16:47
Legendry pub, used to be my local work boozer & I still love going back there...a great atmosphere & always fun to be had. Many a classic night has been had in this place over the last 5 years. Always has quality barstaff.
chalkey79 - 4 Jan 2008 14:48
Been in here several times now and there is always a good feel about the place. The real Ale is great with a good selection. The atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly. Just a great little boozer, quite handy for Marylebone station.
imdownthepub - 1 Jan 2008 09:39
Clark’s Top o’t’Tree, Moorhouse Santa’s Piste (peachy), Teignworthy Christmas Cracker (6%), Harveys, Adnams, plus a.n.other. I think it’s recently had a refit but some victorian tiling remains at one entrance, some ‘booth’ seating around the window, horseshoe bar with good & not-so-good music from the cd, tv & plasma with muted skysports. All in all a very good find in this part of town and a surprisingly local feel; worth checking out, along with the Masons just along the road.
trainman - 22 Dec 2007 21:22
Went in on Friday to try this place. Great little boozer, friendly staff, teles were on but not overbearing and for such well kept ale you couldn't beat it at £2.70 a pint. For those that like their pubs, do yourself a favour and find this one out if you're in London.
studavis - 17 Dec 2007 16:53
Atmosphere: Friendly atmosphere but not too crowded for a West End pub, with a mixed clientele. Lots of TV screens make it a great venue for watching sport. Staff were friendly and efficient. All in all a very, very good pub.

Beers: 6 real ales available that change regularly. Harveys is a staple with other beers from small breweries. I sampled 5 of the 6 that were on and they were all excellent.

Food: No food available in the evening, but several customers brought in their own food from nearby take away outlets.

This is part of the small "Market Taverns" pub group that also own the Market Porter.
spacehopper - 16 Dec 2007 13:55
If anybody wants to know what a real barmaid is,go in and ask for fran. (frank to the locals). She is a true gem of a girl, polite, funny and friendly. this pub has come on leaps since spring. Fair play to the team, Lee is also a welcome addition to a great team of staff!
whippit - 16 Nov 2007 15:41
A decent place. Much more of a local's ambience than one normally finds in central London, but certainly not unwelcomingly so. Four or five guest ales and the ones I sampled were well-served. My only criticism would be that the service was a little unhurried, but equally that did suit the laid-back atmosphere of the place. I would return.
grecian - 30 Oct 2007 10:05
I had a lovely pint from one of the six hand pumps on Sunday. I'll go out of my way to visit again.
surgecommodore - 29 Oct 2007 11:25
small but perfectly formed
great for after work drinks, take advantage of the happy doubles

anonymous - 15 Oct 2007 16:30
Excellent ale selection,I had an Everard's Sunchaser which was most agreeable,the staff were as friendly as I've encountered in London,will definitely return.
virginiaplain - 1 Oct 2007 15:22
Very good pub if you like beer and sport so I will give it a very high rating! When I was in they had 4 ales on all of which were from small brewers and very unusual for London (in my experience) (which is extensive) Lots of staff behind the bar all apparently accomplished at pulling pints amde me a very happy and certain to return customer. £2.70 a pint is NOT AT ALL BAD for Central London..
Joe_Cundy - 29 Sep 2007 23:05
Decent ale house which likes its sport, tucked away off the Edgware Road, a favourite of mine on the walk back to Paddington. Friendly staff - a dodgy pint was changed instantly with grace and humour - and good value too, for beer at any rate. £2.60 a pint in these inflationary times, often for beers unobtainable for many a mile around, seems like a good deal to me.
WebelMC - 10 Jul 2007 21:01
Really high quality real ale and because it does not do food it was quiet on the lunchtime I was in compared to the Mason Arms just up the road. Very good pub but the prices are very high, even by central London pub standards.
bradwan - 20 Jun 2007 12:39
This pub has really Improved , the beer quality is now excellent.They have six ales with the marvellous Harveys best bitter as the mainstay.
Henners - 22 May 2007 18:44
The ex-manager of the famous Market Porter in London Bridge, Nick Turner, has recently taken over here. Look forward to some great ales and more great nights in this corner of west london
whippit - 22 Apr 2007 22:07
A large selection of beers but quite often of a poor standard. Lost count of the times I've had a bad pint in here.
anonymous - 8 Nov 2006 14:48
watched the footie in here yesterday,and thought it a well run pub with a sort of local feel to it.The beer choice was good and service excellent.Shame the football wasnt so good ,although the Scots in there were having a cracking time after beating the froggies.
Henners - 8 Oct 2006 16:19
"Not many peeps no dis but dis pub woz owned by the Kray Brothers."
Wasn't the Krays' Carpenters Arms in Bethnal Green? Recently demolished too I think.
anonymous - 21 Sep 2006 11:11
Very decent option if you happen to be in the Marble Arch/Edgeware Road area. Had an excellent Cottage Ale-very friendly barmaid.
BlindTiger - 25 Aug 2006 08:36
I still think it's the best pub in the Marble Arch area. However, I meant it when I asked, and I still want to know- does anyone know of anywhere better? I have a couple of favourites to the North off the Edgware Road (The Royal Exchange tucked behind the corner with Praed Street is a brilliantly secret-feeling, lovely little drinker.) and East going into Soho. But if I'm between the two, I'll go to the Carpenter's to enjoy the good (and, I maintain, good selection of) beers served by the charming young ladies behind the bar.
LordRadlington - 5 Aug 2006 03:05
Hmmm....a bit hit and miss.
Usually a good atmosphere with a mixed bag of interesting customers.
Not sure how the place gets the cask marque though as I have had a few poor pints in here. A friend had the lager (Becks I think) which was as flat as Norfolk.
TheBeerMonkey - 27 Jul 2006 09:54
I like this place. It has a nice vibe. Granted, its not one for the die-hard beer drinker (limited selection to put it mildly).
tanderson7 - 7 Jul 2006 11:56
Rough floorboards do not a rough pub make, and this place with its tiled walls (Victorian? It's of some interest from a pub architecture point of view), friendly barstaff and range of unusual ales is in my opinion - which doesn't seem to be shared by many on here - a bit of a treat.
beeronaut - 1 Jul 2006 05:47
Can't see it I'm afraid. Like one of those magic eye puzzles I keep returning to stare, kidding myself I'll see it next time. Never do.

I have been in three times - each and every time there hasn't been anything interesting on the ale front and I've ended up ducking out and going to the Masons Arms for a pint. The place never seems terrible welcoming.

Maybe one day I will go in, there'll be something on hand pull worth staying in here for, and I will discover hidden charms. Hasn't happened yet thoughbut.
anonymous - 18 Jun 2006 19:59
If there's a better pub in the Marble Arch area, I'd be grateful to hear of it but somehow I don't find that likely. They keep 6 oft-rotating guest ales (I've not had a bad one yet) and the place has a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere. Very useful when in the area!
LordRadlington - 18 Jun 2006 04:05
Stopped in here on a Sunday in February before attending a wedding across the street. Very pleasant barman and nice geezer (clearly a near-resident in the place) sitting at the bar. Decent beer. Food looked so-so
stuartjk1 - 4 Apr 2006 12:54
Popped my head round the door on Saturday afternoon and it didn't seem very nice in here at all, so carried on to the Mason's Arms. Will try in again but first impression is not so good.
anonymous - 6 Feb 2006 10:47
Not many peeps no dis but dis pub woz owned by the Kray Brothers.
anonymous - 9 Nov 2005 19:21
Excellent pub, guest ales all on form. Customers friendly. Same group as the Market Porter, need I say more.
canastajim - 28 Oct 2005 21:41
This is a great little pub and fully justifies the praise that other commentators have lavished on it. Needs to change the listing though. It is more Marble Arch than Marylebone because it is within spitting distance of the arch itself.
Mr_Daddy_Man - 5 Oct 2005 19:22
Enjoyable relaxed pub with friendly service. I applaud the choice of real ales but a simultaneous tasting of three had curious results. One was quite cold, one hot, and the third was definitely off. Three cellars?? I'll try again and report back. 6/10.
Real_Al - 2 Oct 2005 14:46
Not a bad little boozer, decent beer and sky sports, good place for a sunday afternoon.
vera_shaw - 22 Aug 2005 16:55
Fantastic pub. Great for drinking a quiet ale with Dell in the gutter on a summer afternoon.
gdf - 9 Aug 2005 04:29
very nice selection of ales which were well kept and staff very friendly,small friendly pub and will deffo return
Very nice traditional type pub, on the small side but comfortable and not too crowded. Good real ales all from smaller breweries (I had Mauldon's Pickwick & Orkney Red MacGregor).

Three tvs mounted high on the walls showing Sky Sports, but on very low volume so as not to annoy those who aren't interested. Staff switched over to the rugby league when we asked, which was a bonus.

On the whole a nice friendly atmosphere, tucked away in a backstreet but very close to Marble Arch.
Rich66 - 18 Jun 2005 11:23
Perfect 'local' pub. Good staff, always seats, dart board, sky sports.

Churchill_the_Muss - 13 Apr 2005 13:45
Fantastic cosy real ale proper pub a stone's throw from the nightmare of Oxford St. Usually 6 rotating real ales and the friendliest staff in London!
dspu - 22 Feb 2005 11:54
A gem.Order yourself a pint of one of the many ales on sale,enjoy the atmosphere and relax.Also great for watching sport on sky if that's your thing.
TonyAle - 17 Jan 2005 13:36
Went there on Friday night - I must admit the music was a little loud (but not so loud you couldn't hold a conversation) - there was a great atmosphere, though - mainly because the barstaff seemed to be enjoying themselves so much! (but still served you quickly) Will definitely be back!
gilesd - 4 Jul 2004 09:02
Good beer range, well kept. Very noisy though IMO - especially when the big ceiling mounted TVs are all on.
mym - 10 Jun 2004 17:37
This is a true free house tucked away between Marble Arch and Marylebone. Up to six changing beers on handpump, mainly from small regional and micro breweries. On my visit today I saw two Archers' ales, Young's Waggledance, Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, Black Dog Mild and Grainstore Brewery Gold. With my excellent lunch I had the Black Dog and the Harviestoun, the second beer tasting the best. A comprehensive spirits range complements the beers. The staff are friendly and cheerful, attracting a broad mix of clientele.

Mainly pop background music, and three TV sets plus a gaming machine. Comfy paerimiter leather upholstered seating to rear of the main bar plus bench seats and tables at the window affording views into the street. Pump clips from all the previous ales adorn the bar and the walls. Note the tiled interior wall at the front of the pub.

Credit cards and luncheon voiuchers accepted, with cashback available.

This is a good pub, and is well worth a visit.
Lee Newton - - 16 Oct 2003 17:55

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