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Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

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user reviews of the Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

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A very pleasant pub with friendly staff situated very close to Liverpool Street Station. I called in here the other day with a friend whilst we were waiting for our trains. We also ordered food which both of us thought was really good. They had a decent range of real ales on tap. I would certainly call in here again if in the area.
Professor_Peach - 22 Jun 2016 10:14
Like most Nicholson's this is a tidy pub with smart chairs, lighting and decorations. It's not especially larger but has a neat feel with an upstairs area used mainly for eating.
Judging from my visits the clientele is a mix of tourists and staff from nearby offices.
The staff were friendly and attentive. The selection of beers was a little disappointing, Doombar, London Pride, Nicholson's Pale Ale, Truman's Runner and Harvest Ale which I had and enjoyed a lot.
On the whole a pleasant enough pub handily near to Liverpool St. station but without the range of beers as another Nich's pub, The Magpie, not too far away.
outtamehead - 17 Apr 2015 19:07
The Lord Aberconway was the best of the 3 pubs I tried in the Liverpool Street area on Saturday lunchtime. This pub is another Nicholsons pub tucked away on Old Broad Street (the bus station side of the train station). Whilst the police were lined up in riot vans monitoring football fans in the Railway Tavern across the road, the Lord Aberconway was somewhat more peaceful. It's a nice L-shaped pub with a balcony for diners. Ales were Sharps Doom Bar, Sonnet 43 American Pale Ale, Woodfordes Pure Gold, Firebrand Big Hop, Fullers London Pride & Nicholsons Pale Ale. I opted for Aspalls. This pub had more character than Dirty Dicks and Woodins Shades.
blue_scrumpy - 26 Jan 2015 21:36
£3.70 for a pint of Thwaites Nutty Black! Barman not into pleasantries, looked around and boomed out Next and there was no thank you when giving back change suffice to say I was a little disappointed.
IMG1975 - 18 Jan 2013 19:01
So that's what drinking Fosters does for you!!!
mcroyal - 10 Aug 2011 18:19
"First, catch your hare", boomed the landlord. His steely glare never wavered as I approached the bar. The pub was deserted except for me and him.
It was a June Friday at 6 o'clock. I know it was 6 o'clock as I could see the dustmen tearing the last of of the lead from the roof of The Guildhall in the
City of London, ready to trade it in for admittance to their 8 o'clock 'Muffins and Monkey' show. I digress. "First catch you hare" the landlord boomed once again.

He pointed to the blackboard and all was enlightenment. The kitchen special was of course, Mrs Beetson's fabled 'Jugged Hare' and famously, the first line of the recipe exhorts the cook to 'first catch your hare'.

I dashed out into Bishopsgate and immediately spied the ears of a dominant male bounding behind a bollard at the junction with Houndsditch. Several hours, and a large man-hunt (with a bloodthirsty, torch-weilding mob and many greyhounds) later - and I had my quarry. The hare fought, lied and endured interrogation bravely but eventually we broke him and he confessed to 'grevious exactions'. He agreed to come back to the Lord Aberconway and almost cheefully leapt into the landlords waiting pot. He even agreed to peel onions and carrots as we waited for the waters to boil.

"I suppose you have no jug either?" The landlord spat. "What manner of knave be you, sir?" He was hasty, for I threw a pot before his eyes, my potters hands worked their glassy magic to create a form of feminine splendour. Within 2 hours the kiln had baked the finest jug seen outside the Walls of Athena and the landlord. was eating his words. "Something to drink?" He asked, as I raised the hare up on a hook to hang for 2 weeks. "Fosters" I replied.

He took the bucket and made to go to the well to draw up the Fosters but I stopped him. "No, Sir. I have been insulted, and I will not buy wares from you."
He guffawed contemptuously. "How then, will you enjoy the refresments so desired of Messers Fosters?" "I am in no rush, churl" I rejoindered. "You see the hare hanging amongst the pulleys and shafts of sunlight? But I looked, and the hare was no more. A can of Fosters swung timoursly and forlorny, peirced on a rusty hook. Be on your guard traveller - dark plots abound within this hostelry, as this account fulsomely attests.

I declare that I be of sound mind on this day the seventeenth of june in the 11th year of the 21st century of Our Lord.
senberbex - 17 Jun 2011 17:43
fancied a change on friday night so popped in here on friday about 9pm. This is probably the best time to visit as there was plenty olf room although there were the left overs of others who clearly had been drinking since 5pm. Whist clearing glasses etc the duty manager was simply pushing them gently out of the way!
Doom bar at £2.65 tonight was very tempting and a pint of Punk IPA (not sure of the brewer) but at 6% was superb - £3.15.
I'm happy to add this one to my list of pubs in this area.

ButchEgg - 17 Oct 2010 16:09
A stone's throw away from Liverpool Street Station and Bishopsgate, is The Lord Aberconway, a Nicholson's pub that forms part of their "Classic Pubs" chain.

Those who are familiar with the Nicholson's brand will know what to expect here - a largely reconstructed traditional pub interior featuring bare boards, much wood panelling, a high ceiling and some ornate woodwork. Of particular note in The Lord Aberconway is a pleasant, more comfortable upstairs mezzanine bar and, on the ground floor, some railway carriage style drinking booths that afford a degree of privacy so often overlooked by big pub chains nowadays. Seating is the usual mixture of stools and more comfortable leather banquettes.

The normal Nicholson's framed information panel tells us that the pub was rebuilt in the 19th Century and was named after the last chairman of the old Metropolitan Railway. Memorabilia - framed posters, pictures etc - inside the pub is disappointingly limited. The monument to the Great Fire of London is close by and it is alleged that the pub is haunted by spirits of victims of the fire.

It's not a particularly large pub, but the crush can be partly avoided by drinking on the narrow pavement outside, although given its narrowness and the volume of people passing by, I'm surprised that this is allowed. I would imagine that the pub can be uncomfortably busy towards the latter part of the week.

Beers on were TT Landlord, Fullers London Pride and Summer Ale, Sharps Doom Bar and Black Sheep's Golden Sheep. Guest beer of the week was Leeds Brewery's Midnight Bell, a strongish tasty dark mild which tasted very moreish - £ 2.95p. Somewhat surprisingly, hardly anyone else seemed to be drinking it on my recent early evening visit.

This isn't a must visit pub by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd be more than happy to drop in again when next in the area.
JohnBonser - 13 Aug 2010 08:42
So I look for the best pub around Liverpool St Station to fit our needs, check the opening times for a Saturday on their own website (Nicholsons) and arrive there in plenty of time, a full hour and a half before their stated closing time. Open the doors and walk in, a bit empty, but walk up to the bar, no-one around. Eventually a girl appears from the back and says we're shut, I explain the website closing time, but She was not to be budged. Now I know this part of town has it's own way of doing things, but we thought that this was a bit off, couldn't even get to the loos. I will mark it on the basis that it p****d us all right off and Nicholsons should get it's house, pubs, website in order.
imdownthepub - 27 Jun 2010 12:55
Quite exceptionally for a Railway pub, the staff in the Aberconway are cheerful, friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking in the same way that you would hope to find in any good local pub.

Thereís also quite a wide reasonably priced selection on draught.

It can certainly get very busy on Friday nights and the nights before public holidays and the like, but generally, for a pub on Liverpool St stationís doorstep itís not too bad and come half seven or so has a pleasant level of passing trade.

The interior is quite fetching with an upstairs balcony section and leather seating and small enclosed booths downstairs.

Iíve spent many hours in there with few complaints, and genuinely feel as though the staff and management are doing their best given their location and the nature of the business that brings with it.

RedRed - 30 Apr 2010 10:56

Appeared in very early editions of the GBG when formerly called the Sation Buffet. The old sign appeared briefly during renovation.

It is getting gradually more adventurous with its beers. TT, Pride, Adnams explorer, Gloom-Bar, Daleside Morrocan and Thornbridge Jaipur availbable on my visit.The latter in good condition - £3.15 a pint.

Sadly spoilt by the continual smell of cooking fat , obvious to those merely walking past to get their trains.

Still a better alternative to the Railway opposite which specialises in short measures.

Verdict . Good place to linger if your train is delayed.
Would be so much better after a decent clean up

Polypinmath - 25 Mar 2010 09:07
As has been mentioned, this is a dark pub with some nice booths and a balcony area overlooking the bar. There is a leather bound plasma screen up on the wall, but I wouldnít have thought that this place has Sky Sports.

Pride, Seafarers, Landlord and Brewhogís The Physics were available during my visit alongside Staropramen and Amstel, but I opted for the Guinness from the standard draught selection which was well served.

This is an OK place, but I think that there are better in the area.
Strongers - 29 Sep 2009 22:22
One of the best pubs close to Liverpool street, reasonably prices. Offer Timothy Taylors and Pride along with a couple of guest ales. Is oldy worldy decor (which is new, was refurbed about 4 years ago). The food is surprisingly good, try the pies. If you can, get a table on the mezzanine where they offer table service. Speaking of service, it is very good.
Go hear a lot for lunch and after work, can not recoomend it enough.
Note there is no TV (to my knowledge).

MrSkinner - 14 Aug 2009 16:28
Have popped into The Lord Aberconway for an evening beer a couple of times over the last month which is situated on Old Broad Street just across the road from Liverpool St. Station (the McDonalds entrance). The name is a reference to the last chairman of the Metropolitan Railway, and has a bit of a Victorian character to it which becomes evident when you adjust your eyes to the fairly dark interior, although Iím not sure how much of it is genuine. I particularly like the few small covered booths in the ground floor bar which, if you are lucky enough to be able to occupy one, is like your own personal space in which to enjoy a beer whilst the hustle and bustle of the city carries on outside your small alcove.
The beers on my visits have been GK IPA and Abbot, TT Landlord and Fullers London Pride. So as commented below, unfortunately nothing special, but the Landlord and Pride have been well kept and served well. And I have been served quickly on both visits , which is always a bonus for this part of town.
So in conclusion, although I cannot comment on what itís like at a lunchtime or what the grubs like, in my experience itís a solid pub for a decent evening pint within close proximity of Liverpool Street Station.

Gann - 30 May 2009 07:03
OK but not the best Nicholsons pub in the area - usual fayre and good beer. Timmy Taylors was top notch but the "guest" was Bombardier - wow. Next week it's Adnams - double wow. Why when other Nichs are being a bit adventurous with their guests does the LA get in beers I can buy in almost any other pub in the City. That said well worth a visit if you're stuck at Liverpool St and much better than Chav City (Railway) or Chav City 2 (Hamilton Hall)
twineyboy - 28 Apr 2009 23:15
A good pub with excellent beer - Timothy Taylor's Landlord, Pride and frequent guest beers - and very good staff. The food is nothing special but it is adequate and cheap.
tim19thompson - 25 Sep 2008 15:49
A haunt for those city boys from ubs and no mistake. On my latest visit I was unable to avoid the conversation of a particular group of three individuals, led in no small part by a washed up old oil trader recounting stories from his early nineties hayday to a genial german and a man who was unable talk in any coherent fashion by the end of the evening.

A fine pubic house but try to avoid the tiresome ramblings of the locals.

chosenone - 12 Dec 2007 15:24
Steady on. Seems to be a general dislike for people who work for a living, wear a suit and like beer (and this pub!) I'd also love to be described as dissolute, but only my mother would say that...
ShorttThoughts - 16 Nov 2007 12:33
Great atmosphere. So much better since the smoking ban !!
tortoise68 - 15 Nov 2007 12:43
Visited this pub yesterday and was reasonably impressed. Yes, the suits are out and about but you'd expect that near Liv. St and Bishopsgate. I'm a northerner by upbringing and I like my real ale. I have to say I've never had a decent pint of London Pride anywhere across London in my 20 years of working in/out of the capital. That was until last night - THE PLACED SERVED A BELTER. I was then mightily impressed. I watched the barmaid pour my friend a Pride and thought "HEY, that looks good and a head on it. I'll have one of them please and in a mug please." Both requests were dutifully observed and the lovely lassie quickly became Miss World with me the stand-in Pierce Brosnan!! A nice place and I'll be going back for more. Many thanks.
Mcloj - 27 Sep 2007 12:18
Not bad at all, Visited on a Friday night and got served reletavley quickly, good buzz and a busy atmosphere without being overwhelming.
Beer was good (reasonable selection of Fullers and Timothy Taylor)all in all not bad at all. Very nice surprise being as close as it is to Liverpool St.
Andy_Poole - 12 Mar 2007 16:19
Nice and dingy with booths for really hiding in. Mostly I've been in here at lunchtime as it seems to suit rather than the evening. Always seems to have plenty of bar staff and a fair sprinkling of dissolute looking City workers.
murgatroyd - 11 Feb 2007 10:19
Visited tonight... After standing...waiting for a pint of pride, only to find 10 minutes later that ALL bitter was off?!?!

I felt they could have turned the clips round or put a towel over the pumps... Poor
anonymous - 6 Oct 2006 22:10
been to this pub quite alot , never had many problems apart from the getting a seat thing , the staff always seem to change everytime i go there , beer isnt that bad , wouldnt use all the time but handy when meeting friends at liverpool st
romfordir - 9 Jul 2006 19:40
Have used this pub a few times recently at lunchtimes and afternoons. Its furbished rather well and American aquaintances always seem to like, it, and its handy for the cab rank and Liverpool Street connections. Most of the bar staff are helpful when you buy a drink, and there is a wide range of beers , real ales (varies - Youngs is always good) are well kept, but they are usually served up to an inch short of the top of the glass.

The food is well overpriced and not very good value or tasy. Typical tosh heated up by a cook I would say. The only real problem with this pub is, if you ever find a table spare, it will be full of dirty plates from the last customers. When the waitress brings YOUR food to the table they will leave the dirty plates on the table (has happened every time to me - 5 or 6 different days). If you then have the audacity to go and put them on the bar, the bar staff will scowl and suggest that the bar is not the place for old plates!

This place obviously hasn't got a manager or any staff training. Totally the wrong attitude too. But given the location thyen it will still take money i suppose.
DoctorRadio - 9 Feb 2006 23:26
Magic!......this place goes straight to the top of the class
tanderson7 - 17 Jan 2006 13:51
Dark and smokey - would hate to go to that mezzanine level. Layout means it's hard not to be in someones way to the bar when stood having a pint.
Having said all that - not at the bottom of the list for the area.

adamsant - 12 Jan 2006 14:19
Stop Press! For every pint of Greene King IPA you drink, (or order), you get a playing card. 4 playing cards equals one free ticket to the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival at Olympia on 2nd-6th August.
PieFace - 15 Jul 2005 16:27
Need to invest in new lightbulbs. That aside beer is cheap and service quick. Good place to drink lots, quickly without going broke.
Selly - 11 Jul 2005 16:29
i like this pub its got a dark dingy feel and layout,..but objectively its pretty squalid,.....does smell a bit
kmcs - 5 Apr 2005 15:46
It's got those posters in the window advertising how cheap the crap fizzy lager is at certain times which put me off before I went in there.. but those aside, it's not too bad. It does get very busy for the small size and they do seem often to run out of the beverage of choice, but it's not really a session kind of place so these annoyances aren't too serious. It's occasionally worth popping in just to make the change but there are much better city boozers out there if you know where to look.

MrLash - 19 Jan 2005 12:17
£2 for a pint of Carlsberg, that is hard to beat.
More often than not you'll get a table. Very smokey though.
I like it though.
Gerard - 16 Mar 2004 14:37
Nice little boozer with quick service, but always running out of Pride. Maybe if they didn't stock so many drinks for people who don't like drinking, they'd have more room in the cellar.
Steve - 11 Mar 2004 09:05
A pub that sells some tasty ales and the pokey cabins for secretive talks will appeal to the Yanks. Odd smell lingers around the pub. Often frequented by an old soak by the name of Pieface when looking for his 11am fix
Adam - 1 Mar 2004 14:54
I was in there on Friday with my mate Harper, drinking Bombardier. Good choice of venue for a decent pint in the City. Shame about my choice of drinking partner though!
PieFace - 1 Mar 2004 14:13
The beer isn't bad, but unfortunately the pub smells of fried fish ALL the time.
Will - 16 Feb 2004 13:55
Once visited by me every workday, this latest refurb has got rid of its railway memorabilia and has imported fake advertising mirrors and a fake clock. However only old regulars would notice this, and overall the place is vastly improved, as has the beer choice. Will certainly revisit.
canastajim - 18 Nov 2003 12:30
1 min walk from Liverpool St. Station. Recently redecorated. It is usually awash with brokers and city types at most times of the day, but retains a friendly atmosphere.
Steve Elliott - 14 Aug 2003 13:06

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