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Misty Moon, Northwood

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user reviews of Misty Moon, Northwood

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I feel I want to qualify my previous negativity! The beer here is excellent & decently priced, & they have a good range of strongish ales rather than weak, session stuff! The GK IPA Reserve, I particularly recommend!
renzarov - 14 May 2016 13:26
Great review from philippeb, it is quite obvious that he is a regular punter who has just written his first BITE review and he clearly doesn't work in the Misty Moon or his real name definitely isn't Jennifer!

As for the landlady (with the eyesight of a hawk of course) being 'larger than life' if you remove the 'than life' then that statement would be more apt.

Avoid, avoid, avoid!
BeerGutt - 12 Dec 2015 12:42
The only reason for me ever going back in this dive would be the rare free-trade ESB, flat as it is when they serve it. I pretty much hate all the things praised by the previous poster.
renzarov - 11 Dec 2015 10:54
This is my local, and reading the previous comment i though to leave my own to give justice to the "larger than life" land lady. What used to be the worse pub in Northwood is now one of the best in the area, thanks to a find refit and fresh look but also to the excellent quality of the management. The numerous new customers can enjoy the lively atmosphere safely, protected by the hawk eyes of Jenifer.
This is a true quality local pub, with great atmosphere and lots of entertainment including sport, Music (live band most Saturday) Jazz every second Sunday (my favorite); and plenty unusual events now and again. The Thai food is excellent (available Tuesday to Sunday). Perhaps a bit noisy on match day for a quiet drink but hey you can't have your cake and eat it.
philippeb - 7 Oct 2014 12:04
Was disappointed that a fresh look and fine refit was spoiled by the arrogant and volotile new owners....good selection of beers but beware the spols of free WiFi and cheep booze. Do not question the owners, apparently they have enough punters and the customer is never right despjte rational conversation. Better off elsewhere with many choices on the doorstep. Avoid
friendlydrinker - 30 Sep 2014 00:08
I pretty much agree will all the negative comments on this place, & very much wish Wetherspoons would buy it back so it can be user-friendly again.
It is indeed deplorable that 'The Misty Moon' is mimicking 'The Sylvan Moon', & this is perhaps even legally-actionable?
I've just tried to get in, 11am, as I have to meet someone, but it was closed. I will try again at 11.30; otherwise, it's The Gate or elsewhere.
renzarov - 21 Mar 2013 11:27
Pretty poor pub that used to be a Wetherspoons. The decor has deteriorated since its previous incarnation. But some of the old Wetherspoons fixtures and fittings still exist, including the inevitable photos of the local area. The ale range promised much. But sadly, only Courage Best, Fullers ESB & Hook Norton Hooky Dark were on. Cross Bay Winter Porter and Shepherd Neame Spitfire were both off. I didn't think much of the Hooky Dark. There is a dartboard now at the front and a Thai restaurant area at the rear, to remove any doubts in your mind that this may still be a Wetherspoons.
blue_scrumpy - 20 Jan 2012 23:00
This pub has improved a little since my last review, which i know caused some upset. The beer i had was excellent, the food was great and served in good time. I do miss that wetherspoons feel it once had, being in the middle of Northwood, it had a middle class mix of patrons. These days it has a sort of Proletarian and Parochial view about it, however the staff were friendly and a lot happier than the last time i visited. See i am not a harsh critic.
postal2dude1974 - 12 Mar 2011 23:10
Friendly pub, the regulars and staff are incredibly welcoming to new and passing customers. Thai food and English food served all day. All major sports events shown.
MistyGisty - 17 Jan 2011 23:20
I work in the Misty Moon 'now', and am in not in any way demoralized! I enjoy my job and the people I work with,colleagues and customers, are great. The response we get from customers is positive and complimentary. One could, (and evidently do) spend a painfully, laboriously long time berating and castigating somewhere or someone for reasons beyond my understanding, but then that's technology and voiceless keyboards isn't it? Customers 'actually' using the premises, present that they are happy with the pub and the friendly service provided, they welcome the change and improvement in recent months. Yes, the pub has had a very bad press, but well done the new hard working landlady for acting, and turning things around. I realise this thread could go on and on (and I bet it will) with bitter and falsified posts and I'd have to ask myself why? I'm not going to labour too long on that question though; life is for living isn't it! It's a good pub now, and you'd know that if you come in. Peace to you all. Ruth.
Doctorfoster - 26 Nov 2008 23:23
Well i have to say i am shocked by the state of this pub, after coming down from Peterborough for a weekend to see my mother and her annoying second husband. I had to get out the house for an hour or two, so decided to visit the pub i used to work in, it breaks my heart to see the way it is now. A rough, loud, and scary atmosphere, a fry cry from the days of Wetherspoons, poor beer, staff who are completely demoralized. My old pub in Peterborough The College Arms is bad enough, somebody should start a campaign to revive this one. Tim Martin Buy this pub back, and show you are the man you claim to be. The Misty Moon, sounds like something out of a carry on film, that is the rant over!!!!
postal2dude1974 - 24 Nov 2008 00:20
In response to the comments made by "doctorfoster" by what i can remember, the staff had to deal with bad management and dare i say difficult customers with no support from said management. I recall being in the misty one evening and witnessed a female member of staff being verbally abused and almost physically asaulted, by someone throwing a glass. I say good luck to her if she has moved on.
stanleyrd - 7 Nov 2008 11:28
If you want a quiet drink in a friendly atmosphere, where the welcome is warm and you are treated like a guest, not just a way to make money, this is the pub for you.....well maybe a few years ago!!
stanleyrd - 6 Nov 2008 20:54
This pub shows football on big TV's from dodgy satelite box, overpriced beer, New landlady is a total waste of space. Won't be back
beerman30 - 6 Nov 2008 17:22
Had a beer in there after work. Nice & clean now it's been refurbished. Friendly staff, good beer and reasonably priced.
toptunes - 10 Oct 2008 20:35
The pub has been tidied up and it's a great improvement. Under the new management it's being managed extremely well. For those who haven't dared step foot in there because of a particular bar person, good news-she has left!! That in itself has made for more of a traditional and yes, 'happy' pub atmosphere. Did I just say happy? yeah well, as I a said she's gone!!
Doctorfoster - 17 Sep 2008 17:17
The Misty Moon is under new management,
Has undergone a referferbment, ,
We have good selection Thai and English food,
Also good selection of ales and larges,
we show all sports.
So come a long and have a look for your self and have a drink and bite to eat.
Thank you for your tine to read this.
Mike (Manager)
greenlane - 8 Jul 2008 15:16
This pub is a disgrace - it deliberately masquerades as a Wetherspoons pub with pub name and all associated fittings. Awful service , even worse clientele and rip off prices for mediocre beer
EricBlair - 4 May 2008 00:40
Sorry to hear this pub has gone down hill so much, so decided to look for myself. You guys and gals are right about this pub. Service was not bad, the beer was ok, strange mixture of customers and an atmosphere i can not desribe without upsetting somebody. I used to work in this pub when it was under the control of wetherspoons, The landlord at the time was Mike Barlow, whatever happened to him, or the irish barmaid Violet,or Richard, or big martin.
A sad demise, for what was once a good pub.
postal2dude1974 - 14 Jun 2007 20:01
What on Earth has happened to this once decent pub. Since JD Wetherspoon moved out and the new owners moved in it has turned into a disgrace. Regular visits by the local Chinese community selling Pirated DVDs are positively encouraged and drug use rife. What once was a decent pint in a friendly surrounding has turned into a drink of dirty dishwater within a menacing atmosphere.
I shall never return.
anonymous - 8 Mar 2007 18:03
Sadly, I have to agree with the previous posts. The "Misty Moon" is now (allegedly) the cocaine capital of North West Middlesex. I'm told that even the landlord is a user. People are going to "The Reindeer" as the best pub in Nortwood. "The Reindeer" has been the WORST pub in the world for the last 30 years, but is now profiting from the decline of "The Misty Moon".
A very sad reflection on the current state of society.
SirGeoffrey - 14 Oct 2006 20:46
One final comment to my anonymous one below, this pub could actually do with "refurbishment" by Ember Inns, or All Bar One, or some other classy chain!
deskjockey - 9 Oct 2006 16:12
This used to be the best pub in Northwood. It was a small, friendly, local pub. However, Wetherspoons have sold it. It is now called the Misty Moon. The prices have gone up, large TV screens have been installed, and the quality of the beer has gone down. The pub needs some money spent on it. It is looking very run down. The gents toilet was recently closed for a few weeks because someone had ripped a sink and urinal off the wall. Many regulars have stopped coming. Nowadays, most of the customers wear tracksuits and trainers, and shout at each other. A great shame.
anonymous - 9 Oct 2006 15:46

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