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Woodman, Carshalton

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Nothing special about this hostelry.

It rained in the beer garden.
terenced - 31 Jul 2017 11:48
Well this pub just gets worse with every visit i think i should call time on ever visiting this pub ever again , with such rude and plain arrogant BARMAN who not only ignores you when wanting to be served he actually picks and chooses who he wants to serve, i went here last night yes it was busier than usual as most regular customer have now deserted this once jewel in the crown pub in Carshalton because of its staff and the rudeness they show to customers he chose to igone my friend and i for 20mins even though he knew we was next to be served
You wont miss this guy he is the one with the beard who camps around thinking he is the queen off sheba, so a place to avoid at all cost, until the pub changes ownership from the rude manageress and the barman leaves, and the beer well is abject and so are the prices £4.50 for a heineken which i dont mind paying for a friendly prompt service but not when the next morning you have the s**ts to boot my recommendation is use the the fox and hounds or the hope or the sun far better 2 ratings just for the location
pubspy01 - 5 Aug 2016 14:03
I found the beer good and the layout/lighting is ideal. However, the absolute deafening music is horndous
Wilson_MacDonald - 30 Nov 2014 21:26
Walked in, was deafened by the way too loud rubbish music, briefly watched the barman spinning a tray in the air to impress a female customer rather than actually serve someone, walked out. Wont be back.
sgstrummer - 3 Aug 2014 22:29
Again another pub with yet another refurb but yet again seems to be a slight band aid to the problems, drugs are still there, beer is still bad, prices still ridiculously high, and still the same horrible hitler landladys both mother and daughter. Nice try guys but I think the damage has already been done. Vicky the daughter doesnt help matters when getting drunk and taking drugs then shouting at staff and customers its seems alot of customers and staff have left over the past year or so, I dont see any long term improvements in this place until both landladys are gone! Anyway I will say the when I did order the food it was very nice apart from that a real disgrace and a same maybe selling to someone with more experience in customers relations might be a wiser idea then we would have a nice pub back.
winetaster90 - 14 Oct 2013 17:21
Again another pub with yet another refurb but yet again seems to be a slight band aid to the problems, drugs are still there, beer is still bad, prices still ridiculously high, and still the same horrible hitler landladys both mother and daughter. Nice try guys but I think the damage has already been done. Vicky the daughter doesnt help matters when getting drunk and taking drugs then shouting at staff and customers its seems alot of customers and staff have left over the past year or so, I dont see any long term improvements in this place until both landladys are gone! Anyway I will say the when I did order the food it was very nice apart from that a real disgrace and a same maybe selling to someone with more experience in customers relations might be a wiser idea then we would have a nice pub back.
winetaster90 - 14 Oct 2013 17:21
This place is a shite-hole and since the regular Thursday night Karaoke crew no longer go there this place has gone from bad to worse. I used to enjoy going there on a Thursday to see the regulars who were always friendly and welcoming and an asset to the place. I recently found out that the awful, drugged up manageress Vicky barred some of them... what a fool she is. This pub has lost all it's atmosphere and the very few people that she hasn't barred yet are really chavvy. I won't be going back there ever again and neither will my mates, life is too short.
shiller - 27 Feb 2013 14:16
We used to love going here for Thursday Karaoke up until the point the manageress decided to continue treating people like something on the bottom of her shoe, even though this has been the case for a while now we continued to use the pub as there was nowhere else in the close area doing karaoke on Thursdays ......But a few weeks ago The Racehorse decided they would start karaoke every week on Thursdays and as I result I will not be using The Woodman anymore. Good riddance and I hope the management now start to treat the remaining customers a bit better
Beerman2000 - 6 Nov 2012 01:31
What a shame.Even the regular thursday night Karaoke custommers are moving round the corner to the Racehorse.
Sam_vimes - 3 Nov 2012 09:12
Having been a fairly regular visitor of this pub on and off for many years, myself and a group of friends decided that we should spend a night at the recently promoted Halloween nigt and also dress up to have a chance to win 100 prize for the best dressed - how I wish I had read other reviews before we decided this.

As per SarahLee's post, there is no prize for best dressed, although, this year they changed their excuse. Aparently, they do not decide on the night by a vote or similar, instead they were going to look at CCTV the next day and decide! How they could decide on the best dressed through a TV monitor the next day and also find the actual best dressed to present them the prize, I dont know. Its all just a con to get people through the doors.

Also, as mentioned in many of the other reviews, the landlady thinks she is the real life Peggy Mitchell. She loves confrontation and will only be polite to the regulars that prop up the bar, not what you want from a Landlord/lady.
johnfashinu - 29 Oct 2012 15:58
Decided to try this pub out again after wat seemed like a total let down last holloween . After makin the effort to dress up nd head off for a night of fun ,music was average drink prices not cheap no specials on any drinks , toilets dirty no loo rolls in women's even after tellin bar staff several times due to more girls bein in our group. Was all lookin forward to see who wud win the 100 prize for best costume but it wasn't to be apparently as though out the night 1 of the bar staff had been goin round takin photos of every1 in costumes ... Really ! Wel not 1 of from our group of 11 had been approached at any time for photos nd the manager gets to decide who the winner is but not on the nigh ,wel don't remember them sayin that on there boards outside. Soo wk later pop in to see who had won nd nope the manager stil not decided so over the month n half we all rang n popped in nd as usual manager either wasn't in or call bk later or hadn't had time nd the bar staff said they knew nothink bout it , that very unprofessional we all thought so after complaining suddenly they announce a woman in a pumpin outfit had won But no pic to bk this up nd none of us cud even remember a pumpkin woman cos there was so many good outfits. Wat a let down we all think there wasn't 100 prize just a con to get every1 in that nigh nd the manager was less then friendly wen ever we tried to talk to her.
Returned just few days ago for quick drink nd yep toilets dirty staff not interested food average nd yep they advertising holloween again ... Good luck every1!
Sarahlee27 - 24 Oct 2012 14:07
I have been going to this pub regularly one day a week for the past 4 years and after 4 years of loyalty i will never set foot in the place again. The whole place has gone downhill drastically! The toilet's stink and there is an eggy/gassy smell at the bar which is made worse by the heating full blast. The prices have also gone UP drastically for no reason! In fact in my experience the prices can change and go up as the night goes on! ..The deciding factor is the absolute rudeness of the manager/owner 'Vicky'. Had experienced her rudeness and moodyness a few times in the few years but overlooked this as she is almost always drunk and in a foul mood so put it down to drink. The last straw was her abusive language and wanting for an argument purely just to have the sad pleasure of barring people. The fact that lots of money has been spent in the bar is meaningless to her and she likes to point that out. The pub is in a nice location & some of the poor down trodden staff are nice people but in my opinion it is in no way deserving of 'Best pub in Sutton '. I for one will never go to this pub again and if anyone ever asks me what the place is like i shall be honest and say it is absolutely not worth wasting your time for a visit!
Northang1 - 22 Oct 2012 19:27
Surprised to see so many negative comments on here.

I think it must depend at what time you visit.

Myself and my girlfriend have been here quite a few times over the past year, usually on a Sunday around lunchtime for a couple of pints, some food and a game of backgammon.

The locals do sit around the bar but in my experience they have all been friendly and not 'chavvy' in the slightest. The food is absolutely fine and the staff have always been friendly and efficient in my visits.

Quite a mix of folk as well and would recommend if in the area.
Murphster - 11 Jun 2012 09:30
1st time here, Won't be back, which is a shame.

The bar staff are polite and the ale is good, however, we were told by the bar staff that he'll be with us in a minute to discover that he was serving a man, who I guess was a regular, before us when we were at the bar way before him.

We also heard the manager/owner shouting at one of her staff about how she shouldn't have gone out drinking. The door to the back was eventually shut so thankfully we couldn't hear anything. It was extremely unprofessional that it was being dealt with within clientele's earshot. We felt very uncomfortable.

We gave this place 4/10 based in beer quality alone.

The Hope nearby is the place to go.
Viki247 - 9 Jun 2012 13:58
Amazing,best pub I have ever been to,food wonderful and staff very friendly!Will be going back there!
bestpubs - 7 Jun 2012 19:05
Rotten chavvy yobby place.
glenfarg - 6 Jun 2012 00:39
I don't know why I've come back to this pub: probably to see whether it's changed. Well it has: for the worse! It's dirty (I don't think the florr's been swept for weeks!), the toilets are disgusting; smelly, dirty, (and certainly the Gents) awash with - well I'll leave that to your imagination. Worst of all is the Manager/owner (whatever she is). Foul-mouthed, drunk and vicious. She seems to take great delight in humiliating her staff and customers alike, I'm amazed anyone goes in there at all, but I for one certainly won't be back, there are far better pubs in the area (even the Fox & Hounds down the road isn't as "chavie" as this place). How on earth did they win the "best pub in Sutton" award - it's perhaps a booby prize: maybe they get an award for entering, 'cos it sure as hell shouldn't win one for anything worthwhile.
Feverman - 14 Jan 2012 11:31
Started to have the occasional beer here on a Sunday evening. The larger seems to have improved, either that my taste buds are now shot ;-). Not a bad experience, not too busy and a good , polite and quick service. Shame it shuts so dead on 10:30.
Barbeerian - 24 Jul 2011 15:22
lovely pub,bad management
nacholibre - 13 May 2011 20:08
I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY IN THIS PUB. An absolute joke. The staff scam you every opportunity. We went there for halloween when they advertised 100 pounds for best costume then when we asked about it they informed us they would announce the winner on there website. After much research I found out they don't have one. In other words there never was a prize. Try one of the other pubs in carshalton where you won't get ripped off.
fairreviewer - 3 Nov 2010 16:31
Expensive, unfriendly staff, tatty decor, beer v badly served.

Pint of Spitfire and small Peroni was 8 quid. The Spitfire was so cold as to be tasteless and also v gassy - like drinking keg beer.

No way would I have had a second pint, nor will I bother going back.
surrey_sailor - 18 Sep 2010 22:23
Popped in a few times the last few weeks. Very busy on a Friday, although it did clear out. Am aware of some of the comments concerning the 'senior' managemen team but have never experienced it myself. Garden at lunch time in the sun is very good. The lager was of questionable taste, chatted to mates and they agree that it was not my taste bud.
Barbeerian - 26 Aug 2010 20:37
March 2010: Pint of beer 3.40.
June 2010: Pint of beer 3.70.

Yet another price hike, this time by 30p. No justification and such increases are actually pretty dismissive cynical towards punters. Dare I say even a hint of contempt? The place seems to be in decline. The once busy quiz nights are a trickle (in fact I think the quiz has actually not taken place some weeks) and Friday and Saturday nights are no longer jam-packed.

I will no longer be frequenting The Woodman. Hopefully they will sell up soon and someone with the same customer service, verve, quality and innovation (as seen in The Sun) will take up the reins.
AleKing - 5 Jul 2010 09:39
Great location over the ponds, pub of the year in Sutton, wonderful history Management
I think the 8th track off Lilly Allen's first Album sums it all up nicely.

All the girls.

edsage - 15 Jun 2010 02:25
This place used to put up little A4 posters reminding punters that their beer prices were realistic. These posters have gone. Sadly so has Matt who ran the once-excellent quiz. Overall owner/management remains the same though. Looks like they are trying to milk as much cash as possible out of what is left of the lease on the place. Now a very ordinary place to drink and easily surpassed by the pubs the other side of the bridge. Now who would have thought anyone would ever be saying that! Sadly North and West Streets now make the offerings along the Pond look pretty poor.
steveo - 14 Jun 2010 16:05
Pleasant enough on the very sunny afternoon visit of the weekend. Was unsurprisingly packed in the pub garden outback.
Seems quaint but a small-ish pub on the scale of things, plus does look like a regulars haunt.
Does have a restaurant section
Beer selection mediocre
the_original_rawnsleys - 25 May 2010 12:40
We've been going to the Woodman on Thursdays for the karioke for ages now and found the place dead last week. Dont know why but the male bar staff were bad tempered and slow and no sign of the normal buzz...probably the enormous screens sapping the atmosphere - where else can we go?
roxichix - 10 May 2010 18:30
visited last night for the karaoke with the missus, started out having an enjoyable night good music and service, staff very quick to serve you. unfortunatley that was dashed by some fat ugly lezzer in a pink top who kept bumping into us whilst she was dancing, i say dancing more like flab juggling. then i heard her have a go at a poor member of staff because there was cricket on the telly. what a trog, she looked like she'd just escaped from Mordoor. its a shame people like this are allowed in public places!!!!!!!!........ anyway had a good night well worth a visit on thursday nights.
alamoinvader - 7 May 2010 15:51
October 2009: Pint of beer 2.95.
March 2010: Pint of beer 3.40.

45p in six months? No reason for such schocking price hikes. No reason to drink in here either.
AleKing - 5 Apr 2010 17:00
visited this pub with my partner last week and was pleasantly suprised, atmos was good and the staff were very friendly and helpful. good selection of beer thank god they dont do stella as i heard one young lad ask for, because where you get stella you get idiots. nice garden with a canopy, will def be going back.
alamoinvader - 5 Mar 2010 13:49
'Myself and my husband recently visited the Woodman for the first time...'. Absolutely classic.
bongobilly - 2 Mar 2010 13:05
Myself and my husband recently visited The Woodman for the first time and found it to be a lovely pub with a great view over the ponds. On our first visit we were greeted with a warm smile by the mother and daughter team who we later found out were also the owners. The interior is cosy and impeccable clean and when passing the kitchen I peered in to find it absolutely spotless. The food was delicious with generous portion sizes and overall very good value for money. We've been back numerous times since and I can thoroughly recommend the Sunday lunch.

I would recommend this place for great food, tasteful interior and for its warm friendly service with a smile.
Lauren2009 - 25 Feb 2010 18:29
The only pub in Carshalton that I have been in that has bouncers......

Was packed and for some reason the heating was blasting out, so was boiling.

Nothing bad to say about it, really. Only stayed for one as it was too hot and busy. Won't rush back.
Tazz1976 - 27 Jan 2010 23:36
This pub is lovely, infact they serve very nice food at reasonable prices and the place is clean and tidy with a warm cozy feel to it. However i must stress this is all totally overlooked because of 2 women, if thats what you can call them. Vicky and Laurie, mother and daughter team who own this place. They are quite simply the most nasty, unplesant people i have ever had the misfortune of meeting in my life. When i was in this pub a lady was bitten by Vickys Alsation dog and instantly pulled her top up to reveal a black swollen bruise, the lady complained to Vickys mother Laurie only to be told to stop being "so dramatic and that the dog was a puppy and only playing around". This woman was obviously in total shock and the pub "locals" were obviously going to side with Vicky who looks like a woman not to be messed with and proceeded to out this poor lady with evil glares so she was forced to leave. I have also witnessed Vicky and Laurie taunt female members of staff about their weight and personal apperance in front of laughing peverted regular male customers. Vicky is often intoxicated with alcohol by 8pm most evenings and is extremely aggressive towards anybody who complains about something. I have also seem cocaine use three times in the ladies toilets. And as i said before its just such a shame as this pub would be great if these nasty people did not own it, i am unsure if he still works there but there was a guy called Matt who was the manager who was lovely and treated everyone great and was friendly to all customers, regular or new.
inee - 4 Jan 2010 16:49
Someone said below: "Awful, simply awful" and I am inclined to agree. Just been to this pub and ordered food. They said there would be a half hour wait - fine. So there we sat waiting. An hour later, we politely advised we were still waiting and would our food be there soon. We were advised by the barman and waitress that they are busy and "we told you there was a wait". Mmm. Ok. So we sat down and continued to wait. 2 minutes later, we get a foul mouthed woman come out, aggressively telling us we should understand how busy she is and how she has been non stop all afternoon. The waitress and the landlady then joined us for some - like a red rag to a bull, all three shouting a tirade of abuse at us. One of the women, shouting at my elderly mother, inches from her face telling us that customers have a duty to be nice to them! TOTALLY Unacceptable. I will never visit that pub ever again while those people are managing the place.
tansy - 25 Oct 2009 16:59
An old boyfriend of mine used to work there and he agrees totally with the opinions voiced here. The foul mouth of 'Princess PMS' Vicky drove him away...
sjbrad - 26 Sep 2009 12:13
Been here recently and thought how nice it looked. Dont be fooled - the owner - I believe her name is Vicki is foul mouthed and moody.
They obviously have quite a few problems in this pub as there were 5 bouncers working - a rather large number for a fairly small establishment - we found them to be very heavy handed so be warned.
The male punters were unsavoury type who made my friends and I feel uncomfortable and made comments every time we walked past.
Will never go again
annam - 8 Jun 2009 11:37
I see the curse of the owner Vicki has struck again
ms001 - 9 Apr 2009 12:58
I agree with everything that Armless has said - that awful woman (Vicky) is probably the most aggressive and obnoxious person I have ever met. Why the hell she is running a pub is anyones guess... She has certainly put me off going back which is a shame because when the old bag's not there the Woodman is a nice place to go.
shiller - 29 Mar 2009 10:36
We have decided never to go this pub again due to the foul mouth behavior of the licensee - what a shame
Armless - 10 Mar 2009 00:34
Our group had been going to this pub for three years & it had been great. The staff were great, the beer was ok and it was a decent pub for our Monday night gathering . We had never seen the licensee (Vicki) but unfortunately tonight was our first encounter. The potty mouth licensee is just awful and we will never, ever go there whilst there is the vaguest possibility that she may be present. Awful, simply awful ......
Armless - 10 Mar 2009 00:11
Great Manager - Matt
Not too sure about owner Vicki - she is nice one minute and moody the next.
Pub is a great place to go to if you can find a seat. Food is great. Staff are great. Well worth a visit.
ms001 - 25 Feb 2009 12:46
Excellent beer and well served. Manager very friendly and so were the the staff and locals. "The (Insert Name Here) Mummers will be performing their St George Play play as part of the "Isn't Xmas bloody over yet" tourette on Saturday 27 December at about 14.00

cretemick - 12 Dec 2008 11:44
Deceptive from first impressions. I thought that this would be an old man's pub but there was a good selection of punters, although including some of the rougher elements of the area.

The pubs seems to have a lot of events and a nice view of the ponds. A guest ale was also a welcome addition.

One concern is the posters warning against drug dealings on the premisies. Not a good indication.
AleKing - 20 Aug 2007 11:29
Started going to this pub for the quiz night on Tuesdays. Everyone very friendly and quiz master has a wicked sense of humour. Have a laugh every time we go! Might pop down on other nights too now....
treakil - 6 May 2007 15:22
This is a great, "proper" local pub. The food is very good and excellent value for money (with a few decent vegetarian choices too!). The staff are great and are always willing to go out of their way for you. A++
BarneseyUK - 21 Apr 2007 18:47
Had a party in here recently in the function room upstairs. Staff were extremely nice & helpful. The pub has a nice atmosphere to it and gives a cosy feeling. Intend to make it my "local" even though I live a couple of miles away!!
anonymous - 29 Jan 2007 14:36
Great little pub, really friendly and has great food.
Nice beer garden in the summer and really cosy in the winter! Have always had a good time here!
anonymous - 28 Sep 2006 14:53
I've given this pub a 10 since although I've never eaten there, the pub and its staff are great. San Miguel on tap or a pitcher of Pimms for 10, you can't go wrong.

The beer garden is nice in the summer and the blokes like it even better now there is a projector and screen out there to watch the world cup on.
Jessaranda - 9 Jun 2006 09:46
Went in there for lunch yesterday (11th Feb 2006). Had a fab meal. Cheese burger was large, beautifully moist, well-presented and delicious! Compliments to the chef and bar staff. I'll definitely be back! Keep up the good work! S-J.
sjbrad - 12 Feb 2006 08:19
The Woodman has been taken over by a lovely mother and daughter team who have really carved out their mark. You get more than generous portions of the great home cooked food (try the chilli!)and the bar staff are (still) really friendly and where else do you get that view of the ponds? I was there at the weekend and noticed the local council are imposing restrictions on their liscensing because it used to be the village butchers!! Evidently no other pub on the high street has restrictions so I signed their petition. They have a a brilliant kareoke night and I've seen great bands there- for me it's the best pub in the village.
stp - 24 Oct 2005 09:54
A great pub with an excellent beer garden. Food was well presented and very tasty, beer kept very well, and staff were both friendly and helpful. Definatley intend to go back.
plasma - 5 Oct 2005 10:47
Further to my comment on 1st Sep, I now think this pub is changing. It's getting better. There are still some scary faces, but it's becoming a nicer and nicer place to have a beer.
steveo - 7 Dec 2004 13:59
Sam, I guess that's the nice thing about the world, everyone is different!! The Woodman has got to be the friendliest pub in the village. Go more than once and the cheery bar staff remember your drink and always say HI! I feel safe there and yes it may get a different crowd in later in the night but have you seen trouble? No! Stick to your weekday drinking!
also check the car park-no white vans. More than usal there are BMW's and Porches.
anonymous - 26 Nov 2004 15:50
I'm new to the area and stumbled upon this lovely, friendly pub. There are a few locals who made me feel so welcome and I stayed for the food which was hot, tasty and served by a really polite and friendly staff. This is going to be my new local so I might see you there!!!!
steven - 17 Sep 2004 12:14
A great pint of youngs served by friendly staff and really cheap at 2.
Worth a visit just for that

anonymous - 16 Jan 2004 14:20
At last a pub with no kids. Over 21 policy, great music. Spent the night on really comfy leather sofa's drinking warm mulled wine in front of the fire. This pub gets the thumbs up from me.
Janet Brooks - 15 Jan 2004 16:58
God I did not realise it was back. It used to be a fab place 15 years ago had many a happy night there. Think the reason it went downhill is because the owner got into the clun scene, ie. Chicagos, Epsom n Sutton and also Legends. Hope it gets back to what it used to be. Will give it a try one night.
anon - 25 Sep 2003 15:58

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