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St Christopher's Inn, Greenwich

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user reviews of St Christopher's Inn, Greenwich

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Appropriately named pub by the railway station (St Christopher - patron saint of travelers). Decent corner location allowing plenty of light. Modern styling. Clean and well run. No cask - Bombardier on keg. Counter is made of suitcases and packing cases (not real) behind glass, to tie in with the traveling theme. OK place.
SilkTork - 11 Sep 2009 02:37
best place in town :-)
kimsboy - 2 Jan 2008 19:38
The third and final pub visited last night in historic Greenwich (June 23rd), The St Christopher’s Inn is situated next to the train station which pleased this reviewer no end as he was rather tiered towards the end of the evening. I quite liked this pub, though found it to be nothing special either. There was a certain tackiness to the interior and all in all, it stank of blandness and limited imagination. Selection was reasonable I suppose, though I stuck to my tried and trusted Guinness and prices were reasonable enough. The music that kicked in towards the end of the night was decent. A mix of classic pop, a little rock (thank you DJ for fulfilling my Jumpin’ Jack Flash request) and today’s crop went down nicely with me. So, this maybe a pub for a swift half before heading home or perhaps a Saturday night session, yet it was lacking something to elevate it above the two pubs that preceded my visit here. A solid 7 rating from me.
HTM69 - 24 Jun 2007 14:31
Where are our reviews going. Me and my mates love this place and drink here 3 or 4 times a week. We saw all the old bad reviews and want to let everyone know, it´s a wicked place now a days with wild weekends that are always worth checking out. Come and see for yourself.....
kaine - 20 Mar 2007 17:32
I don´t know what the hell all these other comments are all about. I drink down at St Chris´all the time and it goes off. The staff are always ready to help out and make sure we all have a good time. The weekends go off and there is almost never any trouble there unlike pretty well everywhere else in Greenwich. All of us regulars love you guys and don´t you worry.... You always have our backs and we´ve got yours!
whosywhatsit - 19 Mar 2007 17:54
Only been here to go to the theatre upstairs: poor pub with typical Australian-style service: that is, you'll get served if the bar-person isn't chatting to their mates or distracted in some other way.
MrScott - 21 Feb 2007 13:42
Cheap and cheerful but not sure if i would stay there again...
anonymous - 29 Dec 2006 01:20
nrj746 - 22 Oct 2006 18:50
On a recent night out for a friend's birthday we had a very enjoyable start to the night at the Royal Standard in Blackheath then made the BIG mistake of coming down here. If you enjoy spending a lot of money on numerous rounds, shots and the jukebox then being told that you're a group of C**TS for asking to be able to hear the music you've paid for then this is the place for you... A good spring clean (pub and staff) wouldn't go amiss either.
Emmalou32 - 6 Oct 2006 15:59
this pub is great! cheap food, cheap beer, really friendly, if slightly bonkers staff seats outside in the sunshine and good tunes. Overall its a really welcoming comfortable pub.
sinkingfish - 29 Jul 2006 12:17
Rubbish. Would only come here to watch football at a push if the Auctioneer was really packed. On a Friday and Saturday night, as 'the Sarah Day fan club' confirms, they charge to get in, which seems a waste of money. Also, you are even sometimes asked to queue up to enter, but when you glance through the window, the place is empty! The North Pole a short distance away is far better.
Searching_for_H_Files - 11 Jul 2006 17:15
Rubbish pub!
The bar tender tried to trick me out of cash saying I that as I was paying by card they had to keep it behind the bar unless I spent over £5. I pointed out my round was was over £5. He didn't even look embarressed.
No atmosphere, dirty despite being empty, souless, generally not worth a visit.
Jesper - 30 Mar 2006 17:35
I thought this pub was pretty good.

Cheap drinks, really cheap and good food (particularly the pizzas), they've got big screens, friendly staff and cool music.

Mind you, only really been on a Sunday afternoon.

Might've changed since the previous comments in October but have only been going recently.
lukemarson - 14 Feb 2006 14:24
The only purpose I can see this pub serving is to kill time if you've got some to spare before your train arrives. Not that there's anything incongruously evil about this place and the staff seem friendly enough. The decor's a bit tacky though and sport seems to feature rather too prominently for my liking.
Good for: Waiting for the train.
thenationofjames - 24 Oct 2005 14:10
Generally average pub. Don't really consider it that expensive, but its not the first place I would choose to go in Greenwich. Open late and right by the station so it ain't all bad.
Beermeup - 23 Sep 2005 13:40
This is one of the worst places in Greenwich. It is open late so occasionally needs must but it is awful. Firstly it is the only pub I know in Greenwich that charges to get in, but the police are there with resonable regularity due to the actions of certain members of the clientele.

Has a big screen TV which is better than the Auctioneer's.
the_sarah_day_fan_club - 19 Sep 2005 18:21
Beer is overpriced and general bar area and toilets are a little on the dirty side. Bar staff are generally oblivious to waiting punters. That said, it is a half decent alternative to the packed Auctioneer when the football is on.
Friday and Saturday nights are ok if you are desperate for a late drink and dont mind the abundance of 16-17 Year old locals!
DickieC - 14 Jun 2005 16:11
I hate this gaff! Theres a fella called Phil in there that thinks he is Tony Soprano. Loadsa muppets and bumboys
bigdavethedonofeltham - 26 Apr 2005 11:28
Easy now son..

Be wary of this pubs in case you get hit by a chavalanche of lads ahht on the tahhhn!
DJ.Alexander - 5 Apr 2005 23:52
It's alright in there, but too expensive and can feel a little claustrophobic! However, the staff are friendly as are the bouncers (specially Moses)
ST2004 - 27 Jan 2005 16:25
good atmosphere good music friendly bar staff and bouncers but drink prices far to expensive
maria - 22 Sep 2004 16:17
Very expensive pub with mediocre service, although staff friendly - if more time was spent bar watching instead of chatting, would improve significantly. Prices however need serious rethinking!
Jane Grant - 16 Jul 2004 11:44
it is great in there im there every sat or friday and it gets banged out i love it. but i spsoe we all have our own opnions
becky - 21 Jun 2004 13:48
Not a bad old pub, most of the staff are friendly. The only thing I'd say is to watch out for pickpockets who operate especially at weekends when it can get busy . Some guy tried to steal my purse out of my pocket yesterday but thankfully I managed to stop him!!!

Magenta - 21 Mar 2004 22:01
Oi Louisa leave Battenberg alone she is sooooo fit. Thats why this pub is good bare fit ladies trust.
Jack McCulloch - 23 Feb 2004 15:37
Only good on Monday nights when the stand-up Algerian dwarf comic (honest) Xrub does his set (he's also at the Rose Branch in New Cross)! He looks hilarious, he wears a massive fake plastic nose and has an awful looking assistant called Battenberg – really funny couple though. Alright pub, but not enough food on the menu and too many 18-19 fools!!
Louisa - - 17 Feb 2004 16:05
St Christophers is one of the best pubs around, it makes the greatest cocktails and the bar staff are wicked
Samantha - 28 Dec 2003 11:47
Too expensive and the bouncers can be too tight. it's best to get drunk before you enter and then have a dance, otherwise your very poor by the time you come out.
sophie - 23 Nov 2003 19:35
St Chrisses is good if u have friends who r up 4 a laugh. But if u jam on ur lonesum bye bye not the place for u. Its a good nite, nice bouncers etc. But if a girls gotta bf in there back away.
Crewsie - 28 Jun 2003 17:13
A bit of a dive during the week, but only decent place to go on Fri or Sat night after u been kicked out other pubs, as it stays open til 1pm. Cheesy DJ - Steps and Boyzone guaranteed. Full of local school kids, but a laugh if ur drunk enough! All staff seem to be foreign, which is quite frustrating to emphasise each word, esp when ur drunk!
rosie - 12 May 2003 01:21

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