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Tiger Inn, East Dean

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user reviews of the Tiger Inn, East Dean

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We had lunch there this week and I was impressed with the pub, the building, and the surroundings. It is an idyllic spot. The food was good and freshly prepared but in a reasonable time. My only gripe was that the Harvey's Best was cloudy. There were no 'off' flavours but it should be crystal clear. I shall be back however.
motco - 20 Aug 2015 09:56
Been in here twice recently during the warmer sunny days around lunchtime. Both times the place was not very full. Both times I left without being served. There was only one person serving behind the bar and it was taking sooooo long to deal with customers. I'll give it one more try before I decide whether to use my invisibility for good or for evil.
persist_artist - 18 Apr 2014 10:55
The staff are very friendly and the beer is excellent.

The food should be better than it was for the money. Having said that, I went with a friend on a rare sunny day in a very rainy winter and they had run out of lots of stuff. Maybe they had been taken by surprise.

baldfatandvugly - 1 Mar 2014 22:57
Dropped in on a quiet December night to find this welcoming pub ticking over nicely. It manages to combine a bar (complete with fire) with restaurant and keep its atmosphere. A special mention for excellent bar staff who went the extra mile.
mozzzzzz - 8 Dec 2013 19:24
We went here at Lunchtime today.Friendly bar staff.Wilmington Long Blonde Ale and Cider very good.Generous Stilton ploughmans and tasty Tiger Burger.Dog friendly.Toilets clean and tidy.Very pleasant we'll visit again.
Chirple - 24 Sep 2013 23:15
Back to the Tiger Inn this week. There were three draft beers on offer, which included the Harveys at 4.0% and the Legless at 5.2% strength; both worth drinking. The cider was very good too, which I sampled on a subsequent evening. The food menu is rather limited, but the Tiger Burger was good value, the quantity was impressive, and the generous portion of chips were hot and crisp.

On the delightful green we witnessed what we took to be a rehearsal of Morris dancing. I vividly recall what Sir Thomas Beecham said about this extraordinary activity, and wholeheartedly agree.

pubsampler - 29 Aug 2013 22:20
Popular village pub in a nice coastal area with plenty of walks and scenery nearby. I visited on a Sunday lunchtime to find some excellent 'Original' as well as 'Legless Rambler' on offer from the local Beachy Head Brewery. Harveys Ales are also on offer (I do like Harveys but stuck with the Beachy Head ale simply because Harveys is easier to find around Sussex).

Whilst I wasn't eating, the pub was packed and the menu certainly looked varied and I saw many a plate of tempting looking food being delivered to hungry diners. (I imagine if you want a weekend meal, you'll need to arrive early or book). Despite not partaking of the food, I was offered a warm welcome and a seat at the bar where I could watch the world (and food) go by.

Decor is pleasant and the place has a comfortable feel, and it's located next to a village green with a spacious car park about a minute's walk away. There's plenty to see in East Dean and the surrounding area, so if you're planning to explore this would be an ideal start/finish point.
fazerblue - 7 Jan 2012 14:21
Stopped here for lunch before walking the 7 Sisters & South Downs Way. Friendly helpful staff, good beer & good food - some things seemed a bit pretentious but there was "normal" food there as well & it was very good (I ordered a small portion - glad I didn't order the large!) Pretty busy - obviously very popular. We will no doubt return if we are in that neck of the woods again.
MagnustheMandrill - 9 Aug 2011 14:51
Very attactive pub in a more-or-less idyllic setting on the village green. Acts as the tap for the Beachy Head Brewery down the road so the beer is excellent especially the Legless Rambler if a little pricey at 3.30. Food is also very good. Highly recommended.
baxterfish - 8 Aug 2011 20:01
Very attactive pub in a more-or-less idyllic setting on the village green. Acts as the tap for the Beachy Head Brewery down the road so the beer is excellent especially the Legless Rambler if a little pricey at 3.30. Food is also very good. Highly recommended.
baxterfish - 8 Aug 2011 20:01
Very attactive pub in a more-or-less idyllic setting on the village green. Acts as the tap for the Beachy Head Brewery down the road so the beer is excellent especially the Legless Rambler if a little pricey at 3.30. Food is also very good. Highly recommended.
baxterfish - 8 Aug 2011 20:01

Four of us ranging in age from six to sixty-four went here for drinks and food the other evening. The location of the Tiger Inn is ideal, and nothing about it inside or out disappoints. There is plenty of bench seating outside, and certainly at 7.00pm there was room enough to eat inside.

Harveys beer- brewed in Lewes- was on the pumps, and two pints of that went down well with me. They also have Beechy Head Beer which I am told is quite good, although my experienced informant preferred the Harveys. As to food, I can recommend the hamburger, and also the home-made soup, with its reasonable basket of crispy bread.

The friendly and efficient young staff behind the bar and table serving made the whole evening an altogether pleasant experience. Recommended.

pubsampler - 27 Jul 2011 17:56
Currently offering Legless Rambler, Beach Head Original, Summer Lightning, Harvey's Best and Harvey's 'Hadlow' which you dont see often.
ParsonDarby - 3 Jul 2011 20:18
Excellent pub; good food reasonably priced and a good atmosphere winter and summer alike. Can get very busy at weekends, Friday lunchtimes and during the summer, but always worth a visit. Good range of Ales- especially their own Beach Head brews. Legless Rambler is outstanding: a real masterpiece of depth, flavour and complexity, Original very good as well. Sad that their offering from last year 'Southdown' has disappeard, but I beleive is still available in bottle. Parson Derby's Hole a rich stout is sometimes seen in the area, but not seen it at the Tiger. All round, an almost perfect pub with friendly, efficient staff.
ParsonDarby - 20 Jun 2011 20:31
Visted (twice) the week before Easter as the pub at Birling Gap was shut. Each time both Beachy Head beers were very good. Foody pub and a bit small inside but masses of diners on the benches outside, hardly an empty one in sight. Dog friendly pub too. Food looked good and lots of folks saying how good it was. The service looked pretty good too with 2 or 3 nice young ladies ferrying it back and forth. One even brought out a dish of water for the dogs. Just across the green a local shop sells bottled Beachy Head beer, in case you fancy a carry-out.
persist_artist - 29 Apr 2011 08:56
The bar was a bit faux 'old bar' with a few original beams about. Seems popular with wedding parties.The Beachy Head beers were excellent though... though one of my drinking companions didn't like their Original - no accounting for tastes I suppose. Also tried the Legless Rambler which was another excellent beer. A short stroll from the frequent no. 12 bus stop through the 'squeezegate' (does what it says especially if you are a lardarse).
anonymous - 17 Apr 2011 11:18
Had been to Eastbourne for a day trip with my wife and based on online reviews decided to stop at Tiger Inn for lunch. Have to tell you that we were very pleased with the experience. Loved the countryside pub ambiance. The staff was very helpful and the service prompt. The food was great (would definitely recommend the Tiger burger). Will surely go back the next time we are in East Sussex.
MNair79 - 2 Mar 2011 21:28
Stayed here for two nights recently. Nice accomodation with good view over the green. Food very good as was the service from the staff, especially Mark. I'm not normally a real ale drinker as my tipple is Guinness but I tried the local Beachy Head beer which was excellent, my favorite being the 'Legless Rambler'. The pub is close to the coast so Birling Gap, Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters are easy to reach on foot. Would recommend this pub.
vicdakin - 15 Feb 2011 18:42
The Tiger is the Brewery Tap for Beachy Head Ales which were in fine form. The pub is situated on a "chocolate box" village green,the nearby houses are flint knapped adding to the charm.Many local pubs have gone overboard towards food making ale drinkers feel squeezed out,admittedly it is difficult to strike the right balance but it is achieved here.The service was really good even though the pub was very busy.A nearby house had a blue plaque on the wall dedicated to Sherlock Holmes saying that the "consulting detective retired here to keep bees",as Holmes is obviously a fictional character I imagine that the address was used by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in one of the stories.Worth a clear ten without a doubt.
slerpy - 2 Sep 2010 20:36
Its the first time for years that wed returned to this area and this great pub.

The quintessential british pub set in one of the countrys prettiest areas. Lovely quiet green for my daughter to run around on leaving my wife and I time to enjoy each others company.

The food was great, homade burgers, ice creams and breads, local meat & fish. I like the fact that there was no childrens menu but they could adapt most dishes for her.

We stopped for lunch and ended up going back for dinner. With regards the beers, nice to see there own brews just thought it was a shame not too much other local ales just Harveys. A bloody good pint though, perfect head, perfect temperature, only problem was driving so only had a couple throughout the day! Fantastic service and atmosphere too!

Also found out they have beautifully decorated b&b rooms which the manager, the big guy with the colourful shirt very friendly & helpful, happily showed us around. Weve booked up for next year!

Good to see a pub taking pride and thriving in these current difficult times.
puppies - 24 Jul 2010 22:31
Brewery tap for Beachy Head, had been warned about the service in this place - and typically was ignored at the bar with the staff not noting who should be served next etc. Having said that, overall I was pleasantly surprised. They had obviously just finished major refurbishment with nice toilets (previous comments) and on a lovely sunny day was able to sit out on the village green opposite supping my very nice Legless Rambler (5%) which made me stop for another. The Original was also very pleasant from a small sample? Marks for service were upped when a very attentive barmaid assisted me to carry the bottles I'd purchased for later consumption - I seemed to pay an extortionate labour charge for this mind!
uriahheep - 24 May 2010 22:29
Offering Beachy Head Low Tide, Original and Legless Rambler, also Harveys Best. Low Tide was not popular with our group, the quality was fine but the beer has an unpleasant flavour. The staff dealt very efficiently with our group's food orders and served them fairly quickly considering how busy they were. The toilets are in a portacabin near the front door which does rather spoil the picturesque nature of having a pub on the green.
GazzaTheBeerMan - 18 May 2010 10:32
Visited this place a couple of weeks ago. Was surprised to see beer from Beachy Head Brewery. The two that I tried were very nice but then you would expect that, being less than a mile from the brewery.

However, the staff who served us (two different people) who were very polite drew the pint with the glass sitting on the pump stand and consequently there was a rather large head on our beers. I got a very surprised look when I politely asked for the pints to be topped up. They duly were but I think I detected a certain reluctant attitude BOTH times. I hate having to ask for my full measure, it should be automatic surely.

The food looked good and there were plenty of folks eating. Lunch finished at 3PM promptly.

The pub is dog friendly too.
persist_artist - 26 Aug 2009 13:46
Visited for lunch on a lovely sunny day when the pub was packed, but we only waited 25 minutes or so for the food to arrive. The burger was very good, homemade and served on a nice substantial bun with tasty chips. There was a terrific range of ploughman's on offer, cheddar, brie or stilton, ham, sausages, a pork pie or a scotch egg. But it was a shame you had to opt for one and couldn't mix and match: I'd gladly have paid more to have more than one. Beer fine (Beachyhead was well kept). Lovely setting on the village green.
bangdaifu - 9 Aug 2009 22:25
A typical village pub beside the village green and well positioned for visiting the local tourist attractions. Now acting as the brewery tap for Beachy Head Brewery. The Beachy Head beers were rather disappointing and I may have been safer to stick with Harveys. Did not try the food although it seemed to be well presented. Would be willing to try again if in the area.
foamy - 4 Aug 2009 18:22
The Tiger Inn has a charming ambience, with an olde world style, if that is your thing. The locals certainly liked it and made repeated attempts to ambush the table we occupied. No matter we thought, at least the food had good reviews and we sat it out...and boy, did we sit. A whole hour passed while we tried to ignore the pointed stares of the locals willing us to return to our alien land (a mere 6 miles down the road!). And when our food finally arrived, it did little to allay our increasing discomfort. It cannot be described as great, even 2 pints later. Its not even very good. My husband ordered a risotto with sundried tomatoes, or so he thought. What arrived was an unidentifiable gloop onto which a deli-pot of sundried tomatoes had been tipped. That was the extent of the presentation, which sadly mirrored the taste. The hour it took to make this strange, mushy dish meant that my steak was served stone-cold and cooked to within an inch of its poor last bit of meat. Perhaps, I thought, ever hopeful, the pepper sauce offered as an extra for a staggering two pounds, would soften the chewiness. Yes, you guessed right - the cheekiness of the chef to pass off the brown slime into which he'd ground some black pepper as a touch of haute cuisine is admirable. We beat a hasty retreat (all 6 miles), leaving the Tiger Inn to its loyal clientele.
nami - 28 Mar 2009 01:14
I've just got home after a full day at this fantastic pub.

We've been visiting the Tiger for several years now, yes I agree the last couple of years have been worthy of an episode of "Rogue Traders" or "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare's" but that's all changed!!!!!!!!!

The new landlady has it sussed. Good quality & fantastic value for money food, smiley, happy & welcoming staff, a small yet excellently selected choice of ales, a varied and great value wine list.

I mean really, what else is needed?

We stopped for a quick drink, not knowing it was under new management that was at 1pm, after a few ales, one or two more, then one for the road, we left at gone 10pm having made new friends, stumbling about on the green in the name of football and laughing more than we've done in years.

Without doubt the best day out we've had in ages, thanks Jo for your hospitality and all I can say to you Stuart is the food was excellent (and you're a bloody lucky man!!! )

Good luck, we'll see you soon.
maidmarrion - 19 Mar 2009 23:26
I have just visited the Tiger now that it has re-opened. All I can say is fantastic. This is what a pub should be. Looks great, very warm welcome from Jo and her lovely bar staff super food from Stuart and his team.

The greatest feeling is thart I am in a "proper" pub where you can talk to people with no interference from music or fruit machines.

By the way the beer is also fantastic being the Beachy Head tap you get an excellent pint of the locally brewed Legless Rambler and there is also Harveys on tap. Simple but well selected wine list, many available by the glass.

Go and see for yourself.
leonB - 13 Mar 2009 13:56
Enterprise Inns have gone!! The new tenants seems to have totally got to grips with what made this pub a great destination in the past, and have gone back to basics. So now you can be assured of a warm welcome, great food, great drinks, first class service and a place where you can relax and say 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh'. Well done all concerend for finally getting this fantastic pub back on track. although the pub isn't 'offically' open until the 11th MArch, shh- it's open now!
BeerGirl71 - 8 Mar 2009 13:43
The Tiger Inn is not lost to us and many will be delighted to know that the pub will be re-opening again under the direct control of the owners ass soon as a new management teamis in place. This could be as early as end of February.
leonB - 9 Jan 2009 02:41
Went to the Tiger for the first time in a while last weekend only to find the poor old pub closed and borded up with metel shutters. Another pub has died. I do not know why but there were planning application signs. Will the Tiger be converted into more rental cottages for the local estate ?
seafordsid - 19 Dec 2008 22:49
Tuesday lunchtime, end of September.

Cold wet day outside, similar inside. Could have done with some heating or a fire.

The young barman was uninterested and only just on the right side of being polite. The couple ahead of us enquired about the lunchtime menu (it was about 12.10 at this point) and were told that lunch starts at 12.30, the board was still being written up and he would bring it out when it was ready. They left unimpressed. The pub wasn't exactly busy - three people having a drink - so shouldn't the board have been completed long before opening time?

We decided to wait. 12.30 came and went, had to ask for the menu board. The three drinkers went leaving myself and wife. My wife ordered Hake & Chips (8.95), I ordered Burger & Chips (9.95). You might think I am mad ordering a 10.00 burger, but I do these things deliberately. It has to be a good chef in a good pub to make a burger & chips worth 10.00 - just a litte creativity required. Unfortunately, not in this case. Burger was dry and burnt on the outside (middle was OK) and just stuck inside a seasame seed bun. No salad, sauce or anything inside the bun. Had to ask for some Mayo to moisten it up.

Battered Hake was OK, bit bland and not seasoned. Chips fine and about half a pound of peas - too many really. Tartar sauce was not offered.

Chef (polite and cheery) brought both our meals out as barman was too busy on his mobile. No one else was in the place, we had sat by ourselves for half an hour and the barman couldn't even be bothered to lay the table prior to our food arriving. The barman had also asked us where we were sitting - we were the only people in the place and it isn't that big. He probably could have found us! He was probably just going through his usual routine and couldn't be bothered to think.

There was only Harveys on the pumps. This is an Enterprise Inns pub and they do have a range of beers to choose from including some fine local microbreweries. Just shows a lack of imagination all round. I am sure this is a fine drinking pub in the summer and attracts a lot of walkers. Nice location, lots of seating outside/village green scene and all that. Maybe the summer ploughmans is worth having and I can imagine it buzzing on a summers day.

Food was over-priced for its standard and the off-hand attitude from the barman didn't help. Very dissapointed as I had heard some good reports from friends about this place.

usually_disappointed - 10 Oct 2008 10:42
called in today for there fate on green great service and a warm welcome as you walked in the was good harveys was the as good as ever
anonymous - 19 Jul 2008 19:57
Over priced and over rated. Don't ever fancy anything on the menu and the beer is average at best. A pub for the kind of people who live in the harbour here in Eastbourne and think that this sort of place is "rural". Save your hard earned and go somewhere else.
wakmaggot - 10 May 2008 23:36
I was extremely disappointed and somewhat shocked in reading the reviews previous to my own. My experience of The Tiger Inn was extremely pleasant.

My husband and I visited the pub last Wednesday afternoon. After hearing mixed reviews about the place we were anxious to make our own decision.

At the bar we were greeted by a tall young man who served our drinks with great hospitality. My husband informs me that the Harveys was 1st Class; my wine wasn't too bad either!

We enjoyed sitting by the warm fire place and listening to the subtle music from behind the bar. It wasn't overly busy, but busy enough to create a lovely, friendly and warm atmosphere.

When it came to ordering my husband had the Cottage Pie and I tried the Beer Battered Hake and Chips. The meals arrived swiftly and were on hot plates. Both dishes were excellent and I have been recommending the food to my friends.

To conclude, visiting The Tiger Inn was an extremely enjoyable experience. Lovely food, excellent drinks, friendly staff and a very relaxing atmosphere. I will be visiting again very soon.
eastbourne_diner - 6 May 2008 23:17
been to the tiger many times and i can only say it gets better everytime, great food and very friendly staff and manager. will return as soon as possible.
anonymous - 15 Apr 2008 19:09
Made a return visit last Saturday and oh what a difference! The thick old walls which keep out the summer heat turn the place into a meat locker in November and the open fire in the bar area just isn't up to the job. Nice pint of Kings Horsham but the food was dissappointing - my meal was warm rather than hot and whilst my wife's was hot it was (in her words) only OK. I can remember rave reviews for this place once upon a time - what happened?
REVERENDBAZ - 19 Nov 2007 14:53
We visited on a Friday lunchtime and fairly quiet. Sat outside with great view over the village green. Couple of excellent pints of Harvey's. Imagine it could get a bit full of people eating especially at weekend evenings but great for our visit. We walked back to Eastbourne via Beachy Head (where there is another pub) - good hilly 5 miles with sea views.
Tigerdrinker - 22 Jul 2007 20:26
Really lovely pub in the summer time. Nice beer garden where you can sit and swig a nice cool beer in the sunshine. I have never tried the food.
anonymous - 12 Jul 2007 03:59

Lovely pub, with friendly atmosphere. Food, whilst not bad was slightly disappointing.

A great walker's stop off, though,
harbourdrinker - 11 Jul 2007 15:01
This pub is in a beautiful area. The ale was delicious I was however disapointed with the food. The ploughmans was just a huge pile of lettuce leaves bread and cheese, no pickle no pickled onion, what more can I say!
SimonofCheam - 6 Jul 2007 20:15
Lovely old English pub on a village green. Slabs on the floor means there's no problems marching in with muddy boots & dogs are welcome as well. Horsham & Haveys ales both well kept.
alan_From_SAWW - 1 Jul 2007 14:12
The Harveys is absolutely 1st rate
Jackaspandy - 5 Jun 2007 23:52
Have visited this place many times and sampled the excellent food and quaint querky atmosphere of this untouched village pub. However, on a damp a dreary winter evening all of this changed. I asked before ordering if they took a debit card, this was accepted and a tab set up. We had had a couple of drinks when I realised I was feeling unwell and we decided to go home. The barmaid was sympathetic but explined that our drinks did not amount to the 15 minimum required to pay with a debit card. This was not explained when the card was first accepted. I explained that we didn't have enough cash and hadn't banked on needing to leave early. The barmaid still refused to accept the card, forcing me, as the only cardholder to drive a 10 mile round trip to a cash machine (recommended by the barmaid), leaving my partner as 'security!' until the bill was paid. This, the barmaid explained, perhaps not in the way her boss had intended us to be told, was to discourage people who were just coming in for a drink, hmmmm another pub aspiring to be a restaurant we think. We haven't been back.
sussex - 25 Feb 2007 10:22
Taken our DOG many times in past two years ... lovely old world pub, good food and god help you if your mobile rings!! Highly recommended
christubbs - 15 Nov 2006 18:18
I had a rabbit stew with bacon here, it was one of the worst meals I have ever tried to digest, chewy and inedible, the refund was swift though no apology was offered for the cuisine.
anonymous - 30 Oct 2006 09:13
Striking pub in an equally striking location, off a sort of pedestrianised village green. Very picturesque and predictably popular with ramblers et al.
The Tiger offers a good ale range in tip-top condition, and from what I've seen the food looks to be very worthwhile too. Full of historical charm and character without being contrived, I think the taxidermy is a nice touch - hard to pull that sort of feature off without appearing tawdry!
Well worth a visit. I still can't work out why there is a picture of a tiger sitting in a branch of a tree outside though. Do tigers sleep in trees. Maybe only in Sussex.
TWG - 18 Oct 2006 17:30
Been meaning to try this one for some time and I wasn't dissappointed. Excellent food and ale coupled with friendly service. Mrs Revbaz not overstruck on the stuffed animals and even less on my joke about how fast the tiger was going when he hit the other side of the wall. On nice days get in early as this is a popular area for walkers.
REVERENDBAZ - 10 Oct 2006 16:40
its been a long time since i have come accross a pub that just simply hasnt changed for decades and still looks like a pub. first class presentation and beer. sould do with being a little brighter inside though.

ploppy - 3 Sep 2006 19:38
Try their Sunday Roast FAB. Good beers too.
ted_maul - 4 Aug 2006 23:16
i love this pub and in such a fantastic area to. Great or sunny adys and for a quick drink and lunch on a wednesday after the farmers market
racheldevil - 6 Jun 2006 17:09
Everything has been said already except that the Harveys Sussex is also 1st Class
douvres - 20 Feb 2006 21:26
What's not to love about this place? Jaw droppingly pretty, fantastic food and great beer.
If you're coming from Brighton take the 12 or 13 bus from Churchill Square to Exceat and walk over the Seven Sisters to Crowlink, then into East Dean. There is a bus stop on the main road at the back of the pub that will take you home to Brighton. The best pub walk on the South Downs by some margin.
Kinky_the_cat - 6 Feb 2006 20:05
My favourite pub, anywhere, ever. It just has everything. Stunning village green location in a beautiful part of this corner of the world. Individual, original decor - plenty of stuffed animals (including the eponymous tigers), old wine jeroboams, ceramics from the potter in the village, knock-your-brains-out low beams etc. Superb wine list (good by-the-glass too) with a few very good value picks if you can spot them (try the local Breaky Bottom 'Champagne'). Top quality Harveys. Menu is well priced, and ingredients locally sourced where possible - simply cooked to preserve the quality of the source material. Fish is especially good. Friendly landlord Nick, other bar staff friendly and helpful even when busy. And there's the only possible negative: all the qualities above are widely recognised - a sunny summer Sunday lunchtime can be unpleasantly crowded. At its best on a weekday evening, either outside in the late evening sun, or in the winter tucked up in the cosy interior.
Salty - 23 Sep 2005 13:31
Great pub, top beer, quality food, fantastic location. If you're in the area of Birling Gap or Beachy Head, or the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre (also worth a visit) definitely drop by this place.
Tweak_Head - 28 Aug 2005 22:28
Beautiful old pub with an idyllic setting on East Dean village green. Well-kept ales, good food and pleasant staff make this a perfect country pub. Sitting outside on the green supping a pint of Harvey's on a summer's day is absolute bliss.
ellie_v - 10 Aug 2005 14:20
In delightful setting on the Green at Est Dean near Becht Head. Very crowded on a Sunday lunch time but choice of real beer including Harveys and Adnams. Big choice of wines. Good looking food with home made fish soup and other specials reasonably priced. Seating outside. Parking tricky, so a good pub to walk too. Recommended
D.Bookless - 22 Apr 2005 13:54

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