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Liquorish, East Dulwich

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user reviews of Liquorish, East Dulwich

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Just thought I'd like to respond to Liquorish response by saying that I was here with a friend a few weeks ago and it was great - we sat in the back - very relaxed and great drinks as per usual.

And no annoying people!

There was one couple (foreign) whom I think they thought it was waiter/barman service at your seats because they left after they weren't served but we had a good time.

Well done. :-)
MissD - 14 Sep 2010 13:46
Just saw Miss D's post. Thank you for your positive feedback. As to this guy please rest assured that whilst we aim to give good friendly customer service to all our customers , they will be refused service and asked to leave if they upset anyone.
liquorish - 17 Feb 2010 15:41
I've been here twice so far. Once on a date when it was very nice. The second time with a girlfriend and we got accosted on the outside seats by a Regular (East Dulwich) who wouldn't go away and leave us alone and was quite annoying. You could tell he was a regular because himself and his friend were *well in* with the bar staff, DJ etc, I think he even knew the owner. Not sure if he was a bouncer or not.

Anyway it was a fine evening apart from these overbearing men. Yes, we could have told them to go away, but they were like pit bull dogs, just wouldn't let go and go away. If this is the sort of clientele you get who corner you in the small tables/seats outside then I'd avoid this venue in future.

Cocktails on the whole have been great, I like their sambuca mojitos.
MissD - 17 Oct 2009 12:42
Liquorish Bar is a great little bar and one of my favourites in London (only because I live in East Dulwich and I know quite a few regulars there). Kevin the doorman is a great guy and very friendly to all as well is Andre (his cousin) and the other doorperson (I forget her name). The DJs are really good (if you like old school). For me, it fits the bill and everyone is always friendly. The cocktails are very good but it can take a while to get served (one of my only bad points). Highly recommended.
seannapier - 3 Apr 2009 23:34
we comb her otfen and are hallways maid to phill very whelcomb, the , starff are rarely police and and fiendly . we hallways look fullwords to combing her
bertrand - 4 Sep 2008 18:18
Small boozer with olde worlde feel and great pub nosh including scampi burgers and crabstick sarnies
BillCake - 13 Aug 2008 14:14
My girlfriend and I love this place. One of the few bars which have DJs without the attitude.

Was expecting it to do just bar food so was pleasantly surprised with the duck main and chocolate pudding.

Good to see that they did draught lager and had a choice of bottled ales as I don't drink cocktails which seems to be their main thing.
hairymonkey - 26 Feb 2008 14:30
if you like poncey over priced "pubs" with poncey drinks and poncey people, then this place is for you. Okay yar snort snort
hardboiledegg - 11 Dec 2007 16:53
liquorish is a fun night out. I cannot understand the comment about the snarly bouncer, as Kevin has always been so welcoming to us: he is like a teddy bear.
lucyawad - 4 Dec 2007 17:39
They serve beer here. Japanese stuff apparently.

It was hard to tell what I was drinking, as it was standing room only and I seem to have found myself lodged next to DJ equipment, where a scraggily bearded bloke in a wool beanie tried to lay down some "fat choons" and ironically mixing the grange hill theme between trax. Bad move DJ. You may also want to turn the volume down a bit, as it does make civilised chat awfully difficult, theres a good chap.

Nice little patio bit out the back, awash with heinous smokers , chugging expensive, but colourful cocktails and the ubiquitous " son of 1990's alchopop" Magniers and Ice combination that sets your teeth on edge.

Long n thin, there isnt much room to move on a weekend, but I hear the food is Ok if you can get a table - the little poufees & knee combination makes for a disaster scenario, especially if your meal contains peas.

The old skool lumpy doormen give a reasurring scowl when you leavem, rather tha than a cheery good night. It hardly makes me long to return in the near future.
snorky - 2 Oct 2007 11:23
Strange place. Quite quiet and not really comfortable, bit pretentious. Bar staff are friendly though, good stop off place if you are heading out somewhere else.

They should rethink the seating plan, could be more comfortable and sociable.
Annabanks - 3 Sep 2007 10:20
this is a small bart that looks onto the road, we came he're in the sumner but how dogs were not alloyed in here so we sat how tside and smoked, it was quiet nice her and naut the busses so it.s easey to go home
bertrand - 15 Aug 2007 18:20
Not strictly a pub so I can see why some reviewers are so frosty. The cocktails are well above average though, and there isn't a better cockail bar in the area. Seats aren't too comfy which is only a problem if you arrive early enough to find somewhere sit. The DJ is ok and it's fun to watch merry folk dancing/lurching happily on the tiny dance floor. I've always found the staff to be friendly and when I once complained that a cocktail I'd been served was too sweet the barman reworked it until I was satisfied. Who could ask for more?
swifthalf - 9 Jun 2007 16:10
Went back to Liquorish last night for the first time in quite a while. Was used to getting a decent meal at a decent price. I had the burger and chips and my wife had the fillet of bream with "crostini" and olive tapenade. My burger bun must have been days old! It was soooooo chewy that you could not bite through it or cut through it with a knife! The burger was pretty ropey as well. The "crostini" was none other then a piece of ordinary white toast. If Liquorish think thios is good enough with the competition in Lordship Lane they are fooling themselves as sooner or late people begin to walk with their feet. Come on Liquorish pull your socks up.
brittste - 1 Dec 2006 12:49
I have seen some mixed review for Liqourish and not sure why...

I HAVE seen some days where staff were overwhelmed by sheer numbers only to load the bar with increased staff in anticipation the next wee and have... a smaller crowd

Other than that point - come on people - this is one of the nicest bars I've been to anywhere. Period. In the world.

No it's not a "pub". No it's not a "west-end" bar despite some comments but the food, cocktails and staff are all great. If you have a problem with them then I suspect it's more down to your attitude towards "the staff"
Brunceling - 5 Aug 2006 18:08
Better suited to Canary Wharf. Destined to be shut in a year or two. Maybe too pretentious even for East Dulwich. And expensive.
krsone - 19 Jun 2006 14:08
Not my usual sort of was pleasantly surprised when I found myself enjoying a Kirin here a couple of weeks ago. A tad on the expensive side, and the music is (a) loud and (b) shit, but the some of the female clientele are very easy on the eye.
burnsy - 24 Mar 2006 14:56
the many times i have been there i have been made to feel always welcome and at home. However lads, every1 that i have spoken to says the same thing..... Turn down the bloody music so we can hear each other speaking! i asked for the music to be turned down a little on friday night last. The DJ duely obliged for 1 song and then threw it back up for the next song. gutted. I know i would drink there more if i could hear myself think.... i wonder how many others think the same!
carteraa - 16 Jan 2006 22:01
Amazing cocktails, although a little bit pretentious.
MerchantDriver - 26 Aug 2005 17:20
Pretentious! No atmosphere. And totally up its own a**e!
charlottekm - 12 Aug 2005 12:39
Only discovered this website today and feel I've been left seems everyone who drinks where I do already knows about it...why did no-one tell me? But I digress - this is a great newish (I think) bar... and has some things which make it great...It's open late and makes you want to stay. Despite being a bit artsy from the outside - which probably puts the pub loving crowd off - if you dare enter it's a really, really friendly atmosphere created by loads of diverse people - more like that of a pub. The food it's delicious but the menu could vary more often if you want to eat there more than once a week. I agree the music can be a bit loud it's true - but when I asked them to turn it down a smidge they did straight away ... and the thing that made me fall in love was when I left an envelope with over 100 quid in cash in there (I was very drunk what can I say) it was handed in and I got it back - now I don't know anywhere else that would happen.

Could do with a bit more seating and a garden would make it perfect, it's rammed at the weekends but very intimate during the week - an ideal bar to meet or indeed to fall in love - and I did - with the bar.

Try the champagne, vodka, orange and rasberry cocktail - or two...and the apple crumble was just heavenly.
stellabarbie - 4 May 2005 17:17
I was told about this bar by a friend, who had nothing but good things to say. I visited for the first time over the bank holiday weekend and I can see why.
It is modern, airy, spacious and crisp. A great variety of drinks (like the Japanese beer on tap), and a really exciting menu that is as good in the mouth as it is to the eye.
The service is friendly and prompt.

Check it out

ATW - 4 May 2005 11:30
I am surprised by the rocky reviews on the site. My view (shared by many friends) is that Liquorish is an excellent and much needed addition to the area. The food is fabulous (highly recommend the sunday roast), the staff friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The decor is minimalist but fresh blooms break up the straight lines for a funky feel. If you want thin salty chips then get to McDonalds!! This place is great.

Lucy_A - 4 May 2005 10:01
Food isnt the greatest. Its not particularly bad or expensive but then its not great either. I hate the "chips" - just because you cant be bothered peeling them doesnt make them "hand made". I'd rather have machine made, nice, proper chips. Think the service is nice and friendly if a little slow. On the whole though, its not a bad addition to the area.
brittste - 26 Apr 2005 16:24
Poor food, slow to arrive and pretty expensive compared to other good restaurants on Lordship Lane. Music too loud to allow good conversation. Gone overboard on the minamilist look, there's no character, plain walls like an underground car park.
ultimo - 25 Apr 2005 14:50
The cocktails here are absolutely shocking. The ingredients poor and over powering - lowest common denominator. Whoever makes ANY cocktail with cheap Jose Cuervo tequila (NOT the proper "tradicional") and charges these prices should be strung up.

Best cocktails in this area

1) NUMBER 22 - Herne Hill
3) PLAN B - Brixton

Any other reason to bother with this place...? erm... Nope. Not one.

christopher - 1 Apr 2005 11:14
This is a new and pretty unique bar on Lordship Lane. It is not one for the real ale drinkers amongst us but it does have spectacularly comfy seating and 'interesting' lighting (no two bulbs are the same). The beers include Kirin and Fruli and there is a good list of proper cocktails that, unusually for bars in the UK, you can taste the alcohol in.

Highly recommended.
Jambell 22-02-05
Jambell - 22 Feb 2005 00:01

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