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Liquorish, East Dulwich

Just thought I'd like to respond to Liquorish response by saying that I was here with a friend a few weeks ago and it was great - we sat in the back - very relaxed and great drinks as per usual.

And no annoying people!

There was one couple (foreign) whom I think they thought it was waiter/barman service at your seats because they left after they weren't served but we had a good time.

Well done. :-)

14 Sep 2010 13:46

Liquorish, East Dulwich

I've been here twice so far. Once on a date when it was very nice. The second time with a girlfriend and we got accosted on the outside seats by a Regular (East Dulwich) who wouldn't go away and leave us alone and was quite annoying. You could tell he was a regular because himself and his friend were *well in* with the bar staff, DJ etc, I think he even knew the owner. Not sure if he was a bouncer or not.

Anyway it was a fine evening apart from these overbearing men. Yes, we could have told them to go away, but they were like pit bull dogs, just wouldn't let go and go away. If this is the sort of clientele you get who corner you in the small tables/seats outside then I'd avoid this venue in future.

Cocktails on the whole have been great, I like their sambuca mojitos.

17 Oct 2009 12:42

Inc Bar, Greenwich

I went here last night with a friend and her boyfriend's mates, we're all approx 30's. I was put off by the door Nazis (if you're gonna hide illegal substances you're not dumb enough to put them in your bag now are you?!) and so were some other friends. The 5 after 10pm entrance fee I found a bit much, we're in Greenwich not West End. Once inside I found a mix of posh types, WAG types and older men. I had no idea the drinks were doubles and not singles (that explains the hefty bar bill then). I did have a good Bellini. I was not impressed by no cloakroom, does Laurence (owner) want me to have my expensive jacket nicked?! Also the music was dire, MC Hammer's You Can't Touch This and other housey tunes which were too loud. The decor for those who know nothing about interior design was ok, the photos of the man by the puddle on the way out impress those who know nada about interior design, but I feel Lol (owner) is speaking down to Greenwich and SE London plebs. It has potential but I wouldn't come here again if I were in Greenwich. Would schlep to West End instead.

10 Aug 2008 15:26

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