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Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

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user reviews of the Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

please note - reviews on this site are purely the opinion of site visitors, so don't take them too seriously.

Reopened after refurb. Lovely paint job on the wall outside. Welcoming, friendly, spacious. Despite new clientele of the unread in convertible Bentleys and withered tan, TOWIE women in face-sized sunglasses and rehearsed bleached-teeth-smile, and waddling tattoo-ees 'drinking what looks expensive rather than tasty', the 'Spivs' is 10 times better than under OLD management, who. are. reading. this. very. sentence. Congratulations to new owners. 10 out of 10.
DarlesChickens - 29 Jun 2017 19:21
The improvements are coming through....they have just been awarded CAMRA Pub of the Year 2015 for South West Essex (London) Region. Well deserved in my book.
beergoggles69 - 3 Jun 2015 10:50
It's Chloe here, I am the Daughter Of Michael and Lucie who used to run the Travellers, I am not bothered about being anonymous and just wanted to have my say.

I think some of the comments on here are absolutely disgraceful, My mother and sister left the pub over a year ago now and you are still all sitting there sniping still. Do none of you seriously have anything better to do? seems some people have short memories of when my father passed away 6 years ago, He was well loved and respected in the area, I'm sorry some of you feel such hatred towards the pub still,but it's nothing to do with us anymore after being there for 25 years, and I would apprciate it if you could all refrain from slating my family any further on this website, I am frankly surprised it's been allowed to go on for so long by "Admin" not everything about the pub was bad, and I considered a lot of the regulars to be my friends too when I loved and worked there, but it's time to leave it and move on yeah? Talk about Scott and Andrew as much as you want, Leave the Morris' out of it now.

Kind Regards.
Rah_24 - 19 May 2015 14:14
Thank you cask ales I think you broke the tension with that post, did make me smile. It's not an argument just a healthy disagreement between two complete opposites of each other. I support this pub, and enjoy my visits. I just don't like comments which focus on personal attacks on people.
pubworker2007 - 1 Mar 2015 12:31
I think the only way to solve this argument is to let arsenal fan 36 visit this pub and give his unique views on it.
Caskales - 28 Feb 2015 20:42
Thank you morrisey again for your rather long winded response. I will keep this simple, and I am not so easily rattled as some it seems. I am impressed you seem able to have access to police records for reasons behind the cautions.

There are in fact nothing to do with general negative comments regarding the pub, staff or produce. They were in fact to do with the outrageous and poisonous personal attacks on staff and customers past and present. I welcome people to use this site for constructive feedback, but not personal and vindictive attacks. That is the reason why the police have gotten involved. But if you think you are qualified I invite you to wonder down to the police station and pass on your thought. However I would suggest they may not be quite so interested in speculating the identity of users on this site, by others whom seem to have a point to prove.

This site is anonymous, so I'll leave you to keep guessing. I am like I said before a regulate customer here, and agree it is ever evolving and improving. I just disagreed with the gossiping on this site. I will pass your comments on to the management of this site, and as I'm sure you will agree they will see all this with a smile on there face, all with a pinch of salt!
pubworker2007 - 28 Feb 2015 18:20
P.S: Was in TF before Christmas - improving further. 9/10.
morrissey - 28 Feb 2015 14:50
...No problem pubworker2007, here's something else for you to get your laughing gear around,

Firstly, let's be honest; noone's been cautioned, and noone's going to be cautioned. You can't be cautioned for reporting truthful events. And you cannot scold critics of the pub for their anonymity, whilst maintaining it yourself. If the police have cautioned BITE users for lying about the TF's outgoing management, why are their negative posts STILL here? I mean, let's take a look at some of them:

1) Sir Drinkalot says: 'frosty bard staff' (October 2004)
2) graley says: 'frosty staff' (December 2004)
3) sam2703 says: 'I got the impression that if you wern't [sic] a regular you were lucky to be... served!' (Sep 2005)
4) anonymous - 'found the outdoor seating preferable to the 'icy reception' at the bar' (2006)
5)LabMonkey - 'asked for ID with a cold sneer... cold reception...' (2007)
6) DavidWaspnest says: 'there's a definite 'local pub for local people' ambience, too' (2007)
7) rogerthedodger said: 'you never will you see more of a smacked backside. It is on the face of the Landlady.' (2007)
8) offthewagon07 says: 'have to agree the comments about the Landlady' and 'atmosphere which is akin to a masonic lodge' (2007)
9) greening says: 'well what can I say about the staff. They are rude, arrogant... and totally blank you.' (2008)
10)smirney78 says: 'I was appalled...Customer service was appaling' (2008)
11) durracellrabbit says.... 'I do wish that the mother and daughter combination would take some lessons in politeness and tolerance. They are both extremely rude... and they do treat outsiders badly. Many times I have witnessed this and have been extremely embarrassed by it. A small amount of courtesy and the occasional smile would be welcomed by many, Including the regulars...' (2009)
12) Bobbatok says: 'served by the most surly, arrogant, rude, insulting welsh sounding girl...'
13) hotdog says: ' you get is a contemptible look' (2012)
14) harveryhangover says: '[the staff] have got more sour...' (2013)

There are so many bad reviews, and consensus about the old management is so overwhelmingly consistent, that I am forced to believe that these posts must contain some truth. And you know what? None really mention the beer, food or building... only the staff and regulars - Ha ha! If its 'mild entertainment' you're looking for, look no further.

Now, here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is.

You say that you regulate this site, and pass on slanderous comments to the BITE management and police... so I am laying down a challenge, report this comment to the police:


... Report that to the police. Tell them that myself and the 11 other previous posters are telling 'lies'. When they knock on our door, we'll send the police round to collect you too for wasting their time, the BITE staff's time, and all of our employers' time. I'll give you 3 months. I'll be back here in 90+ days, make sure you are. ;-)
morrissey - 28 Feb 2015 13:51
Thank you morrisey for your comment. I'm glad that the opinionated reviewers on this site, have some awareness of the laws regarding internet reviewing and personal posts. I am sorry to disappoint you but I am unaware of how mentioning the former landlady is relevant to my post?!?. I do know the lady herself, and am aware if she wanted to defend herself she would do so in person. Not through an anonymous site, what would be the point.

I am a regular customer of this fine establishment experiencing both past and present management. I would like to inform you I am in fact a member of the team that regulate the usage of this site, hence my last post. And also there has been three cautions issued by police to reviewers who have posted on here. Although I doubt they are unlikely to sing it from the roof tops. I do welcome and enjoy your interesting views and theories! Mildly entertaining!
pubworker2007 - 27 Feb 2015 20:13
Dear Reader,
If you'd like to have a better idea of how the former landlady may have spoken to patrons - see the posting below by 'pubworker2007' who 100% ISN'T her using a BITE account to defend herself(!)

'pubworker2007' - let me know how all the arrests go of those 'salacious' (slanderous?) posts.

morrissey - 26 Feb 2015 21:50
Oh dear. Here we have another cowardly twat that thinks it's jolly good japes to slag of both customers and bar staff alike behind the anonymity of this site. Does it not occur to him/them that the site is meant to report on the pub, the beer, the service and the general ambience without reverting to wild accusations and hate filled rhetoric based on nothing other than misguided perceptions and snap judgements. Keith: may you disappear up your own orifice in the most hideous manner and reflect on your inept unprovoked attacks and disgraceful behaviour. I truly hope you have abandoned all desire to revisit The Cricketers and The Travellers Friend ever again given their inconsistent ales, poor and wanton service and staff and the appalling appearance and debate of the customers they entertain.
gimmebeer - 20 Feb 2015 20:01
I would just like to state I have no interest in getting involved in debates regarding horrific personal attacks on staff or customers, past or present. This site is designed to express opinions on the drinking establishment and the produce available nothing more. I am one of many who have become ashamed of how low the tone of discussion has sunk

I would suggest that any opinions are welcomed, but maybe the truth should be sought before people theorise and speculate offensive and unfounded theories. Indeed most of which have no basis of truth what so ever. I am here to inform you it is no longer possible to hide behind your own usernames to hide your identity and the act as a vicious troll, to spread horrible personal attacks. The past is over and what ever has happened has happened for a reason which none of you have seemed to have considered, or politely enquired about.

All personal and false attacks on certain people have been reported to the site managers and the police. It is considered a crime to spread salacious and offensive material. Please do expect a phone call from the police or even a knock at the door. And possibly a ban from this website! Otherwise please do enjoy the website!
pubworker2007 - 6 Feb 2015 23:34
Beer is quite good at times in here although I have had a few rough ones so consistency not their best angle. Been taken over since I last come here and the horrible welsh woman retired. Quite busy when I went in with youngsters one end and old boys the other end of the bar. The let in dogs still which is handy but can be a problem if too crowded. Big fat bloke who thinks he is the guru of Woodford balancing on a stool at end of bar, maybe two stools with his rear, going on and on and boring everyone in earshot, talking about food and restaurants which given the size of him he must spend an awful lot of time in. Two nice bar maids very friendly but a miserable bloke behind the bar who looked ill at ease. They do a few rolls which was good. Still a traditional old pub, not many about like this these days. Worth a try.
Keith1959 - 19 Jan 2015 15:57
Morrisey; to quote you, or should I say to copy and paste, "Yes, er, something a BIT suspicious about the sudden wave of angrily defensive posts that have appeared post-24th November 2013.

You know, it does seem a bit fishy that ‘Linney’, ‘wanderingstar’, ‘Troye72’, ‘The_Real_Customer’ (anything but ‘real’!), and -- perhaps most suspiciously of all ‘Beergoggles69’ and ‘gimmebeer’ -- all suddenly appear out of nowhere unanimously in support of the new management.

Even if these six accounts belong to different people, they certainly read like they’ve been written by the same individual, and I hope the author/s and new management are not one and the same. If ever there was a case for deleting a pub’s B.I.T.E reviews to date, the Travellers Friend is a candidate. The posts and history of ‘Beergoggles69’ et al, give the impression that the current owners are directly, or indirectly, attempting to correct the imbalance here, rather than letting customers do it".

My comments are that of my own and I can confirm that I have only one user name as more than would appear to be trite. I suspect I know who wrote some of the posts, but it is only a suspicion so I will say no more. I have not been on this site since my last post, but was advised yesterday to look at it again due, I presume due to your post. Furthermore, please be advised that my posts have been written long before Andrew and Scott took over. Yes, I am very firmly behind the new management but can assure you I have no connection to them or the pub other than being a regular.

Glad to see that you are enjoying the new look TF as you call it. 100% upgrade of everything about the place and still the big push is yet to come. Nice to see a younger set of customers of both sexes and a family friendly beer garden. Scott is better than he was but is still crap behind the bar, (his passion is to manage and look after a great and varied beer selection which he does very well), but the rest of the staff are terrific. As a team, Scott and Andrew are great foils to each other and appear to work well together in all things. Long may it continue and I wish them both well for a long and prosperous future.
gimmebeer - 2 Aug 2014 09:29
Great pub, great barmaid (Kelly) 2 good very good reasons to visit
Regularattender - 31 Jul 2014 21:16
_____________________________________ PAUSE ______________________________________

Yes, er, something a BIT suspicious about the sudden wave of angrily defensive posts that have appeared post-24th November 2013.

You know, it does seem a bit fishy that ‘Linney’, ‘wanderingstar’, ‘Troye72’, ‘The_Real_Customer’ (anything but ‘real’!), and -- perhaps most suspiciously of all ‘Beergoggles69’ and ‘gimmebeer’ -- all suddenly appear out of nowhere unanimously in support of the new management.

Even if these six accounts belong to different people, they certainly read like they’ve been written by the same individual, and I hope the author/s and new management are not one and the same. If ever there was a case for deleting a pub’s B.I.T.E reviews to date, the Travellers Friend is a candidate. The posts and history of ‘Beergoggles69’ et al, give the impression that the current owners are directly, or indirectly, attempting to correct the imbalance here, rather than letting customers do it.

HAVING SAID THIS, whilst I doubt the separate existence of these reviewers, I do actually agree with their sentiments: the Travellers Friend (TF) is a good pub that is getting even better under its new ownership. Scott and Andrew really do not deserve to inherit the TF’s previously bad scores, which appear to be largely due to the outgoing landlady and her daughters.

The bottom line is: this is a decent pub.

The ale is very good, but it always was; the parochial clientele is 90% male, retired, and a frequent user, but it always was; there is a nice beer garden at the front, but then there was a nice beer garden at the back. Some may feel the new wine is an improvement, but I don’t drink wine in a pub. So why do I say the TF is noticeably better?

Drinkers now feel wanted. That’s it.

The new owners appear to be trying much harder with their punters than the outgoing ones did. In fairness to the old landlady and daughters, it sounded as though they’d had a tough time with their husband’s/father’s passing, and I never found them to be once aggressive or unreasonable; they kept great beer, won awards, and many regulars really liked them.

But I DO think posts by ‘DavesWaspnest’ and ‘Buster1955’ (see below) do -- truthfully -- convey a large consensus of dissatisfaction amongst non-regulars, whom used the TF on a monthly basis, rather than a daily one. The old landlady’s relentless coldness, which I would imagine was fairly unhelpful to her own emotional well-being, did make the newcomer feel unwelcome. I personally disliked the old landlady’s policy of ‘no kids’, but I was happy to admit that allowing kids into pubs can ruin, as well as improve them.

Under the old regime, the uninitiated could expect to:

1) have their deferential manners met with indifference,
2) have their orders taken without eye-contact, smiles or polite conversation;
3) have their quiet conversations listened into by the arms-folded, frowning men on bar stools;

Scott, Andrew and their employees have corrected 1) & 2) and perhaps the new regime will eventually do away with 3).

Visiting the TF a handful of times in 2014, I have noticed a much warmer atmosphere, for which all staff should be congratulated. They have obviously read many of the previous reviews on here, and sought to rectify the TF’s reputation of being an inhospitable pub; caring only for the needs of regulars, whom appeared to find the acquaintance of, and coexistence with, strangers an inconvenience. There are now more women, more families and more varied patrons using the pub than I noticed in the years before. And the atmosphere is a little happier.

The new owners came from behind the bar to chat, and they made me feel that our custom was appreciated in a way that the previous owners failed to do once in 10 years. Perhaps even more credit should go to the new staff when one imagines that they themselves COULD have faced hostility from regulars, whom were disappointed to see the old landlady go.

In my opinion, it is the best pub in Woodford Green. It does not appeal to me in the way many Walthamstow pubs like The Chequers, The Bell, The Nags Head or The Rose and Crown do, but then again, that probably says more about my tastes, and age, than it does about the pubs.

The TF’s current score of ‘5.9’ is undeserved. I’d give the pub 8/10; ‘8’ is a numerical equivalent to ‘very good’. But because of the beating it has taken on here over the years, I am clicking on ‘10’ to help raise its aggregate closer to a fairer overall score of 8+.

morrissey - 29 Jul 2014 21:35
just like to say fantastic selection of beer and a very warm welcome will come and see gary "b" on saturday 5/7/14
transport - 1 Jul 2014 10:44
At 16.30, it was announced the new beer garden was open. At 17.30 there must of been fifty people in it. At 18.30, a large gathering of well over a hundred were enjoying not only the late evening sun shine but the well thought out and creative design of the marvellous to behold lawns, planters and furniture. Yet again Andrew & Scott, hearty congratulations on a great effort.
gimmebeer - 7 Jun 2014 08:05
St. George's celebrations........ Another great night I believe had by all..... The staff and owners are more than welcoming... Have just started visiting the Travellers Friend with my very nervous dog during the day, and always a bit of banter, fun and a laugh......
Have been to a few great nights with good company, food and wine and more wine.. The beer garden is coming along a treat ready for our balmy sunny nights haha.. and looking forward to more great days and nights... Keep up the good work, owners and staff... See you soon. Linney
Linney - 24 Apr 2014 15:20
Fantastic St Georges at the Spivs tonight. Well done to all involved. Great Jazz band, value for money fish & chips, great effort from all the staff and well done to Jo and Natalie for getting stuck in when needed. A truly proper pub. Andrew and Scott; you should feel rightfully proud. Anyone that slags the place or the staff and punters off from now on can EFF OFF; you and your supposed custom are not wanted or desired. Take your diseased utterings elsewhere.
gimmebeer - 23 Apr 2014 23:45
Oh dear, how sad. What a pair of moaning minnies Roger and Danny are. The irony is that they are the ones doing all the moaning. They are happy to hurl personal insults about regarding staff and customers, all of whom I find quite easy and pleasant to get on with regardless of appearance. Their facts are quite some way off the mark too, and appear to be more assumptive based; presumably, on ignorance and lack of intelligence/understanding/knowledge. I suggest they crawl back under whatever miserable rock they crawled out of and stay there. Certainly not ‘Spivs’ people. Hurrah for the fatties, the unwashed, the incessant moaning, the swarms of nippers running around the place and not forgetting the Avon lady.

Kudos to Andrew & Scott for the extent of the works to the beer garden, I’m sure it will look great when finished. Well done to everyone behind the bar for their good service and welcoming stance. (except for Scott who’s bloody useless behind it).

Now onto what this site is meant to be about, Great beers, wines, ciders and larger's. Great atmosphere. Nice to see two owners who care about the place, and are investing heavily and wisely to slowly transform it from it's current tatty persona to fully renovated traditional pub.

gimmebeer - 18 Apr 2014 12:49
Not been here for ages and pleased to see the terrible women now gone off and apparently opened a pub in High Beach Essex. Bombardier which was ok and Best which was better. They sell food and had a roll which they for some reason call puffers which may be some in joke as it was just a roll as you would get from a bakery but nice and fresh. They also sold hot dogs . Very attractive heavily made up young lady behind the bar with Barbara Windsor of old mannerisms and a chest to match, always smiling and friendly and a greasy looking barman who was not so happy and who looked like he needed a wash. Don't know if they are the new landlords. The inside is still a bit drab and noticed quite a few bar flies which was annoying.think I say the bloke referred to on the stool mentioned in other entry. He did not look very friendly with hang dog look. Apart from him everyone was quite friendly which was nice. Easy to get to by bus with a stop either side road nearby 179 and 20.

rogerthedodger - 15 Apr 2014 02:20
Popped in there on a Friday, like a madhouse now. The two misery guts have gone and under new management. Quite lively and varied selection of ales to choose from. Only thing is they let children in now and young ones at that which is a shame as the pub is a bit too small to have them running around especially when the place is packed. Lots of banter, shouting and fun. Big fat bloke perched on a tiny stool still there. His cheeks hanging over the sides like saddle bags. He looks like a miserable guts. Moaning because I took a stool that belonged to someone else. Don't know why people like him go to pubs to depress everyone else, sitting there moaning about everything in life. Maybe he should go work out at the gym and lift some weights. Good fun pub now apart from few negatives like porky.
Danny1955 - 4 Apr 2014 06:28
Popped in on sunday, the Doom Bar and Tribute was excellent. Lovely, welcoming young lady behind the ramp, good atmosphere and plenty of chatter. I mention this because whenever myself and my wife visited this pub previously we always spoke in a loud whisper! Not so now - a very pleasant evening out...
natalinbrazil - 26 Mar 2014 13:09
Well, everyone seems in general accordance with regard to the new look Spivs. Well everyone but the deranged Clare and her husband and his apparent inability to deal with skid marks on the toilet bowl.

Setting aside her misguided and wholly inaccurate remarks that not one person has agreed with, (in fact I chide myself in even bothering to mention such innate ramblings); I think everyone is enjoying the new healthy atmosphere, the pleasant and friendly bar staff, the new regime of cleanliness and the diminishing fly count.

The quality of the beers are without doubt, second to none, certainly within an extremely wide radius, the variety of real ales, ciders and lagers has been greatly increased. The wines are really good indeed and come from the same estates that service high end restaurants all over central London but at very competitive local rates.

Even the bar snacks are top end, with superb crisps and peanuts that are far removed from the usual chemical infused retail offerings, and dare I say it, even the dreaded pork scratching are to be held in high esteem: these actually taste like pork crackling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the till is ringing, the pub is full of laughter and good will and even Andrew’s sausages get sold on the few occasions that they don’t get nicked. Self banners from eight to ten years ago are reappearing with a few more grey hairs and larger bellies than they would prefer, but all are pleased to be reacquainted with their favoured old watering hole.

Moving onto the very delicate next stage: massive investment. Clearly the old girl needs more than a lick of paint, but how to do this without killing the golden goose, creating the much needed space, but keeping the character of the place, the unique Spivs bohemia and to finish up with what 90-95% of the customers are looking forward to will be a great trick to master. I for one will be very pleased to book a table on the opening night and look forward greatly to it, and realise; we are to go through a trying period of refurbishment that will be an absolute pain, but I’m sure, will be approached with the same Spivs conviviality, gusto and ribald remarks, complaint and criticism as is the norm.

For the few self exiles who haven’t yet ventured back, don’t be shy, bring along a couple of crisp twenty’s and an open mind, you might just find you’ll enjoy yourselves; and yes: I have got far too much time on my hands. Keep up the good work Scott & Andrew and their team and keep plagiarizing my business plan; it seems to be working well. To quote, “The pub is clearly past its prime and needs positive and assertive management, new toilets, new cellar, new kitchen, new glasses and a thorough going over both inside and out will be a much needed start. With a bit of capital injection and fore thought, the gold mine that once was, will resurrect itself from the ashes it now finds itself in and past regulars will flock to its call”.

gimmebeer - 14 Mar 2014 12:41
I quite agree about the change, but a small note of caution. We want the Travellers to be busy because that means it will survive, but we also want it to remain a classy place, where people go who can hold their drink, and not become an embarrassment. No doubt the new owners will be aware of that!
wanderingstar - 27 Jan 2014 13:20
Well what a surprise! I visited on Friday as I had heard the previous management had left. I could barely get through the door with the amount of people clambering to the bar. I was greeted with a smile and extremely friendly welcome and it was a pleasure to meet a barmaid that not only looked great but had personality to go with it, something that has never happened here in the past. I usually only stay for an hour but the atmosphere was fantastic and couldn't bring myself to leave. The bell wasn't rung until just before midnight and we were allowed to drink up till 12:30. Again, this is something that never happened in the past. I have to say well done to the new owners. It seems in such a short time they have made the necessary changes that people were crying out for. There is a long way to go but if this is going to continue (and I sincerely hope it does) the pub will be back to its best days. I look forward to next Friday and will probably visit again before!
Troye72 - 26 Jan 2014 08:37
I meant when the beer is undrinkable, they drink cider or bottled brands, of course! Sorry!
Clare1970 - 24 Jan 2014 10:18
Are you the official Pub Spokesperson Beergoogle?
Had you read what I have mentioned, I said that my husband and his friends for that matter have found the beer to be average most days and the odd day very good. When it is drinkable they have bottled beer or cider. You seem to know where the wine originates from, I do not. Frankly speaking, I have aired my thoughts and those of my friends and my husband at their request and of course in response to the owner's own invitation to do so last November. If this is the kind of response you receive when one does bring concerns to their attention then I will not bother in the future. We all like the pub and wish it every success, we would like to spend our money there but would like quality and consistency.
Clare1970 - 24 Jan 2014 09:10
Oh dear some very bitter words from Clare1970, if you are indeed a lady you are clearly one acting on behalf of the previous management.

Some of your comments are straight out of Laurel and Hardy. When and why exactly would a wife complain on behalf of her husband on a pubs review site?

If the beer was that bad then it was down to the previous management whose job it was to keep it right……and still your husband continues to “constantly” drink this “rubbish” there!!! Hilarious.

I was intrigued by the information you have gathered on the wine costs from the “staff” so I thought I would phone the guy personally whom you disrespect, and whom I have known personally for many many years. Funnily enough he has not had a single bad word with a soul in there and receives nothing but praise from the efforts him and his partner have put in. Oh, and I now KNOW what they pay for the wine.

Quite simply Clare1970 you are a liar on both points and your toxic motives have to be questioned.


The new wine is vastly better quality than that of which you have consistently, as a ‘regular’ drunk before (and stayed) plus they can’t buy in the good stuff yet as quite simply it won’t sell. The higher end (16 quid I’m told) isn’t selling, so you clearly aren’t buying it.

These new lads have turned the mess it was upside down in 2 short months. Guess they had to be ‘something of the night’ to extract the deep imbedded poison that took 25 years to plant its roots. Good luck to them. We are all enjoying a cleaner, friendlier pub that now actually has women in it that have been ostracised in the past.

If you don’t like this pub…Don’t drink there, stop moaning and cut out your poisonous propaganda. It’s not rocket science. Go to a poncy wine bar instead.

Leave it for us regulars who actually enjoy it.

beergoggles69 - 23 Jan 2014 17:14
Troyes, on the 24th November last year the new owners used this forum to invite suggestions and this is what I any my friends are doing at their invitation. I go out with my husband and friends for a drink not as a 'Troubleshooter' to use my night out to tell them how to run their business. All I want is a decent glass of wine, not paint stripper, I am prepared to pay for the same as are my friends who are all professionals and value their leisure time. My husband likes his real ale and is not the only one to complain about the inconsistency of it. We are not asking for much more than this. We will drink elsewhere if things do not improve but by judging by the emptiness in the place at times, I would have though the owners would want to keep the customers they have and attract new ones.
Clare1970 - 23 Jan 2014 14:51
Clare 1970. Have you spoken to the new owners and aired your views? This may be a good starting point as most loyal customers would do this rather than posting cowardly on a website. If you look at the reviews over the last several years you will see a theme that suggests the only problem with the pub was the miserable hags running it. The new owners have been given abuse for not getting rid of them as per the previous posts and yet when they do get rid of them they have the likes of you to deal with. You are not giving these guys a fair crack of the whip and are being wholly unfair and cowardly. I don't know the new owners personally and haven't been in since the hags left (although I will now I know) but I am sure they would appreciate you speaking with them. Either speak with them, give them a chance or drink elsewhere.
Troye72 - 23 Jan 2014 14:30
So you are 'The real customer?' Eh? The amount of money we spend in there weekly warrants us as real customers also, spending a little fortune when we visit. We have been told what the wine costs by the staff. It is cheap old plonk marked up at an extortionate sum. We would rather pay more money for quality, something that you obviously do not understand. You can buy a bottle in at £10 and still make money by selling it for double not a £3 or £4 bottle and selling it for over £10. We do not care what we pay for drink as long as it is good quality and presented well. As for insulting my husband, I doubt if you would to his face as if you saw him he would probably make you quiver in your boots. He suspects that you are one of the big slugs that hogs one end of the bar,, talking rubbish. The beer has been of an inconsistent standard for years, average being the normal quality except on the odd occasion when he says it is super, normally in the past when they have had cover when on holidays. As for my husbands toilet habits, bad beer is like having a bad meal. We are loyal customers who want to spend money in the pub but our loyalty as is that of our friends is being tested to the limit.
Clare1970 - 23 Jan 2014 10:10
Clair 1970 should cleary first of all potty train her husband if he doesnt know how to use the lavatory properly. Secondly vist the Pub and try the new wines which are great and fairly priced, and the beer which is first class, new ones for us all to try. Thirdly stop posting her husbands whinges which he obviously doesnt have the balls to air to the management but has to rely on his wife to post here.
The_Real_Customer - 23 Jan 2014 09:17
So we have been told that that Lucy and her daughter are going now but it seems to me that what people want namely good wine and beer are still not in sigh or forthcoming. My husband is constantly complaining that the beer is rubbish and as for the wine, it is still cheap old plonk being served at top prices. Will the new owners please listen? Will they just get a stock of wine at say cost to them £ 8 to £ 12 a bottle and double up on it rather than the £ 2 bottles they sell at over £10.? People are willing to pay for quality. As for the real ale if you do not know what you are doing, which is obvious, get someone who does, as I am sick of my husband complaining about it as are my girlfriends with their husbands! He says that the beer is that bad on occasion that it affects I his guts and I can vouch for this by the state of our loo the next day. As for the new owners the little one is sweet as they come but his mate has something of the night about him and we have witnessed a nasty side to him a few times now and it may only be a matter of time before he completely goes over the edge. I hope he does not turn out to be worse than what we had. Just saying.
Clare1970 - 22 Jan 2014 10:18
Far too much talk of free bar snacks and the like. The roast potato's are on the bar to show a commitment to customer service, loyalty to their customers and as a thank you to the regulars for their continued support. They are not there to try to gain entry into an Egon Ronay good pub grub guide.

In just three short weeks, we have a far cleaner pub, a far better atmosphere, far better service, some decent wines (the greater half loved the new sauvignon) and excellent beers and a greater range of bar snacks, a non stinking gents, and now, loads of Christmas decorations both inside and out and talk of bigger and better things to come.

Personally, I have great faith in Andrew & Scotts stewardship and wish them well in their future endeavours. They have sensibly not taken the bull by the horns and turned the place upside down over night, but are learning as they go, and identifying ways of bettering the place in all areas steadily and surely. They seem to be injecting every penny they are making back into the pub and have, I am sure, a commitment to reinvest again in time and put the pub back where it once was and should be.

This will be a long, hard and expensive road to travel, so give them a bit of support and encouragement rather than sitting around criticising and complaining.
gimmebeer - 8 Dec 2013 13:39
Its a beautiful little pub - but the beer has been mediocre/poor at best. Its the main reason I stayed away - the 'poor' service was irrelevant, I'd have put up with that if the beer was good. Can the new owners do a deal with Fullers and get Pride on tap? Or any other well kept ale? The only other pub is the Cricks which pours a decent pint but you quickly get bored with Country.
Will be in soon shortly to check it out, not bothered about décor or bar snacks THE BEER MUST BE GOOD.
All that being said - good luck with it...
natalinbrazil - 7 Dec 2013 19:26
My mate told me today he was in last week, poor bloke is only little, got to the bar and reached up for a Marie Piper and saw Jabba the Hutt still there glaring from the other side.
Danny1955 - 1 Dec 2013 11:43
I was told this had turned into a blog. Nice to see my previous comment being taken as the business platform under giimebeer. I'm buggered if I can remember my old password or indeed what e mail address I used so hence the new tag. It was probably a typo as was my past tag. Gimmebeer was intended.

I'm sure things will resolve themselves under the new ownership, (especially as they have taken my business strategy the benchmark) but one things for sure, it won't happen over night. So to the moaners that have crept on here, TUPE off and give them a chance.

Gaybarhogger, why don't you give them an offer to bugger off if it concerns you so. The investment thus far has been immense and the further expenditure will also be immense. The pot ain't limitless. Fair call, keep Regan out of the place though.

Like the Cumberland. Like the new atmosphere/expectation. Like the bar grub. AND. There's even a new curb!!!!!
gimmebeer - 28 Nov 2013 21:49
Come on guys - give them a chance !
They've only been in charge a week !!
trev_e11 - 28 Nov 2013 13:31
I think people are missing the point here,people don't want free food just nice drinks and service and a clean pub? No flies in your eyes just a basic acceptable standard, bog roll and soap? No rude manners by the staff, not to much interfering and most community pubs run themselves as the customers run the show within reason with event nights and trips out maybe? It doesnt matter a hoot if the new owners are millionaires so what? If the are millionaires get the cleaning company in and scrub up the place and show you mean business before serving up any food? Do you think people who live round here have got no money? some may be more rich than you but dont have to give it large and flash it about and insulting punter is not the way to impress as it only winds them up by thinking they are paying hard earned dosh for crap service and a dodgy pint?. People around here are quite happy to pay a 4 or 5 quid a pint or a fiver for a clean decent sandwich but dont want to eat or drink in a filthy hole and be spoken to disrespectful or given dirty looks like my misses was once when we came in with friends as it was really out of order.Offer nice beer and wine products and bit food and people will pay dont worry as most are not in there after cheap.
Danny1955 - 28 Nov 2013 11:02
Gaybarhogger agree with a lot of what you say. I am sure they are more aware than anyone of the issues. Let them do their stuff and see how the pub is in time. A touch more positivity may help though. Guessing you weren’t there on Sunday, very good atmosphere, beer was good and the roasties were certainly not from Iceland. Seems these guys can afford more than that !!!
beergoggles69 - 26 Nov 2013 09:29
So Beergoggles you think that a 'City background' is a recognised CAMRA qualification to run a pub? I do not understand TUPE employment law either but they should make them a financial offer to clear off or put them out to grass on gardening leave as the only loyalty they have is to themselves and nobody else. You may be easily bribed, impressed and fooled by a few bits out of a party pack Iceland special (buy 1 get 3 free) for a quid but a pub needs much more than that to succeed. I personally go to a pub for a nice pint of real ale, not to eat free and well fingered offerings. I would rather go in there and see a new face behind the counter. New broom sweeps clean.
Gaybarhogger - 25 Nov 2013 23:35
Unfortunately Danny1955 & Pipes clearly don’t understand TUPE Employment laws. New proprietors cannot simply oust all staff just like that, it’s illegal.

Let’s give these boys a chance, I was in there on Sunday and you can already sense the change in atmosphere in a positive way. Roasties, Cheese n biscuits and sausages on the bar already. Pubs just won an award for its Guinness apparently.

I personally know these guys, they are no mugs and have City backgrounds, they understand service and I’m sure will do everything to make it work. Good luck to them, without them the windows could well have been boarded up by now.
beergoggles69 - 25 Nov 2013 18:45
Hear Hear - well said Danny1955, just a minor detail left off from the earlier post !!!!
Pipes - 25 Nov 2013 17:47
So excited when I heard that the pub had been taken over but could not believe my eyes and ears seeing that the new proprietors have kept the same old dragons in there continuing to ruin the place! Are the new owners unaware that these two have systematically destroyed the pub over the years? Can't they not find some publican with a bit of 'people skills' who will treat the customers as they should be and who know the words 'welcome', 'thank you' 'hello' for example? The are a spent force and it is so sad that the opportunity has been missed to bring new energy and vibrancy into this tired old place. My Dad told me that you cannot polish a turd to make it shine and I think that is what the staff in there are, two turds. They have had their chance and blown it in my honest opinion.Let them go and ruin somewhere else.This should just be a good old local but they are just so off putting I am not alome in saying that I am put off in going in there. Many of my neighbours go in the Horse and wells or the Rose and Crown which although not brilliant have staff who actually appreciate you going in.
Danny1955 - 25 Nov 2013 15:57

Hello to all on this board, all customers past and present of The Travellers Friend pub.
We would like to introduce ourselves as the new owners of the building and as of Friday 22nd November 2013 the leaseholders. The freehold and lease have been purchased by ourselves. We note recent press speculation concerning the premises and wish to put the record straight.
We have always maintained that so long as the building is under our control (and we have no intention of ever selling) then it shall always remain a Public House and nothing has changed. This building will NOT be a block of flats in a year’s time. We also note a lot of the comments on this board, some with amusement, however many of the points made will be taken seriously. I quote from one thread "The pub is clearly past its prime and needs positive and assertive management. New toilets, new cellar, new kitchen, new glasses and a thorough going over inside and outside will be a much and obvious start. With a bit of capital injection and fore thought , the gold mine that once was, will resurrect itself from the ashes it now finds itself in and past regulars will flock to its call"
We couldn't agree more and will slowly start work on a lot of these issues. They will take time so please bear with us but rest assured they will be addressed.
The idea of buying this property was conceived over 10 years ago. Now we have it, it won't take us 10 years to get right. There will be subtle changes but we shall endeavour to maintain it's wonderful character.
Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed. Please come and see us, we want to hear from the locals.
You know where we are.
Thank you for your custom.

Scott & Andrew

Randall_Zacharia_Ltd - 24 Nov 2013 12:46
What is happening with this place? Hardly any beer in there this week,had not visited for about a year and had heard its days were numbered as they had gone into liquidation. Should say that I am not at all surprised with the current Staff running the pub. Regulars say that the daughter is leaving to become head of Midwifery in the NHS which was a bit of a shock as she does not seem to be the type of person you could trust to handle a goldfish and I thought that she had only attained a basic degree at some obscure subject at the Welsh University for Desperado's . The licensee mother is apparently waiting for the men in suits holding clip-boards to arrive at anytime to evict her from the premises and shut up shop.

All very sad, but is to be expected when they have systematically run the place into the ground over the last few years. I must say that there was quite an atmosphere in there when I called in. The same old faces propped up at the bar, drowning their sorrows, with an East and West divide in the premises. Blue collar workers one end and the white collar high flyers at the other. So it is probably the last time I will see these two behind the bar and when I come back from my holiday, I expect to see some nice East European lovelies with broad enticing smiles, shapely rears and Barmaid bosoms, enthusiastically serving the hard pressed long suffering punters with tempting pints of real ales, instead of the dopey daughter with her fixed vacant and haunting glare and moronic personality or the abrupt and unwelcoming mother, both seemingly desiring that they would rather be upstairs smoking, eating pizza and watching X Factor or anywhere else for that matter.

Looks like their wishes may soon come to fruition.

Ho! Ho! Ho! I just imagined the daughter riding around dressed as a Midwife on a bicycle pretending she is one and the mother pushing the trolleys around the car park at Woodford Tesco, puffing a fag out the corner of her mouth. Happy days.
sostravfiend - 16 Nov 2013 10:27
Gave up with this place a long while back now as it began to go down hill years ago and there are a lot more better places around. The same old faces were there including the Landlady and her lovely daughter who was as surly as she was last time I came in. The Guinness was not in great condition. But the good news coming is that it is being taken over by some locals who have bought the company out and are going to spend a million pounds on the place. Apparently it is in a right old need of refurbishment, especially upstairs which is not surprising considering the circumstances. They still do not offer any catering which I feel is stupid as the nearest eating house is a considerable distance. The regulars seem to slag off the staff at any opportunity and I can see why having been on the receiving end of the daughters tongue so to speak. Mum is not that much better but at least she gets involved with a bit of conversation with the punters between fags. A grim sight now really, the former traditional look making for a tired, old, worn, run down wretched sight in need of some work. The pub could really do with some serious refurbishment also. I hope the new firm does spend some money on the place as it is still possible to raise this place up from the gutter from where it has sunk.
HughBefortiesCumming - 10 Sep 2013 21:49
Could not believe that the woman and her awful daughter still running this place. Came in on a Monday and the place was literally empty! Eventually a couple came in who are regulars and told me that hardly anyone uses the place when the daughter is working as she drives people insane which having tried to hold a conversation with her have found it impossible. By all accounts the place has been bought and they are soon getting the boot as it is going to be a Turkish restaurant and will have a bar downstairs like the one in chigwell which is full of Essex chavs and powders. The mother has fallen out with many of the regulars in here as the even beer is not up to much which I can vouch for as my Best was frankly awful.
rogerthedodger - 14 Aug 2013 07:31
I was appalled by the majority of the reviews posted here. My visits have, admittedly, been few and far between - it's not on my doorstep. But I came here today with my son and we departed with not the slightest negative feeling. There is a splendid beer garden behind the building, and the traffic does not at all impinge, unless one is particularly sensitive; if which case, one can sit in the wonderful interior. And the lavatories are exemplary. The outside of the building itself is due for a revamp, but that's pretty normal, everything needs a revamp now and then. And the service and welcome was more than acceptable. There was a difference between our first pint of Broadside and our second; perhaps the first, excellent but not as good as expected, was the end of the previous day's barrel and the second, far superior, was the first of a new one. But we just go by taste! It is a traditional pub, and long may it prosper! I am inclined to make a regular bus journey to it.
jip - 12 May 2013 19:09
I have only been using the pub for about a year and must say that both of the staff seem to have got more sour every time I have used the place. The Mum seems to model herself on an infamous German dictator and has even had her hair done like him now flicking it all over the place, whilst the daughter resembles an older version of Wednesday Addams with an equally worrying stare that could melt a deep frozen horse burger in seconds. It does not matter how hard you try to be friendly with them, they just do not want to know and are so rude that you sometimes feel like giving them a piece of your mind properly so that they do not forget. I went in one day before Christmas and was told that I had to go by 10pm (it was 9.30pm on a Saturday night!) as she had ordered a takeaway and was closing early as it wasn't busy enough to justify keeping the heating on. I left as soon as an Asian kid turned up on a motorbike and went down the Rose Pub. I was puzzled as the heating was on in the summer! People only want a decent pint and I should say the lager aint the best i've had locally.
If you get in there with Ragen and the pub is empty she bores you to tears with all kinds of rubbish usually about herself, seems anti English as she says she is welsh but has a weird whining tongue more cockney/essex than from Wales. people are pleased to see others come in to escape so if I get in there and see her first i turn around and run somewhere else. This is a shame as it could be a nice pub. There are others nearby where they are far more glad to receive your money and custom.
Harveyhangover - 28 Feb 2013 14:40
Camus once wrote “ Tyrants conduct monologues above a million solitudes”. Powerful stuff. But then; he’d never met Regan. Had he of done so he might of mused “Regan conducts social gaffs upon each and every occasion”, such is her diatribe and rapport with the falling customer count.

Of recent, she has got worse: as has the beer. Lucy is very good at keeping the ‘arsehole’ fraternity out, but Regan excels at keeping everyone out. She’s clearly only employed here as she cannot be employed elsewhere. What a waste of space.

The flies have wintered well no doubt, but will soon return to delight in the rank state of the washing up facilities, cellar and toilets.

The pub is clearly past its prime and needs positive and assertive management. New staff, new toilets, new cellar, new kitchen, new glasses and a thorough going over inside and outside will be a much and obvious start. With a bit of capital injection and fore thought , the gold mine that once was, will resurrect itself from the ashes it now finds itself in and past regulars will flock to its call, of that, not only have I have no doubt, but definite comment.

Previous comments here have been made in sincerity, not just glib banter or spite. Can we have a return to the Spivs of old please.

We live in hope.

giimebeer - 27 Feb 2013 09:56
You could not ever imagine that these two excuses for 'Managers of a Public House' could get any worse but they have! They must stew and roast, daily, upstairs in their own misery, conspiring between them, how to further alienate people, namely the long suffering Customers, whose Loyalty has been tried and tested daily whilst these two hags ruin this long established Premises. They are personae non gratae in this building, they should not be let loose near any type of business that requires a management to be, hospitable and welcoming, friendly and amiable, accommodating and flexible.

They continue in a downward spiral towards achieving the unenviable accolade of probably being the worse Pub Managers in Southern England, having become the Local Champions years ago.

They do not want to be there, it is obvious, they openly slate the premises, their Employers and the Customers, yet they would be unemployable anywhere else and would go bankrupt if they were reliant on their personality and demeanour to generate revenue, had the business actually been theirs to run and that profits were more important.

It is beyond belief that the succession of Companies that have Employed them, have not disciplined them for being hopelessly incompetent or bringing their name into disrepute. Whilst it can be easy to ignore them, one cannot now ignore the decline in the quality of the Beers and deterioration in cleanliness of the premises that could have adverse effects on users health, the mysterious topping up of pints from a slop bucket. The toilets are a disgrace, bar flies are and indication that all is not clean, the bar area appears filthy, glasses both beer and wine dirty with a rancid smell throughout the bar. Their smoking habits and failure to clean their hands after such activity highlights their disregard for others.

The daughter is the most surly, rude, arrogant, obnoxious, argumentative, interfering, naturally unpleasant woman of her age that has ever been entrusted to run a Pub I have known. She does not create the right impression as a front of premises host. Both mother and daughter are rarely welcoming to new or old users, stare vacantly at you, tutting and huffing and puffing, take your hard earned money without a hint of a 'thank you'. They are devoid of any social graces, and have dirty habits such as teeth picking, mouth wiping, and ear cleaning without any apparent shame as female, let alone as staff serving customers consumable products. The daughter constantly stands there texting with a moronic grin across her face, annoyed if she is interrupted by a customer who has the audacity to ask for service.

People have been less inclined to use this pub and appear to be leaving in droves. Due to my lack of mobility, I have got no other real options to go elsewhere but have been more inclined to stay indoors than to suffer unpleasantness at their hands.

It is a breath of fresh air when they go on one of their many holidays, old faces return like lost souls, the atmosphere changes and everyone is happy.

It is common knowledge that punters avoid the place like the plague when the daughter works alone on Mondays and Tuesdays or early evenings.

Please please, please, please, Bramwell! Get someone else in, move them somewhere else, we have been punished enough!!!
Buster1955 - 25 Feb 2013 15:05
Before leaving a comment regarding what could be an excellent old time pub, I thought I'd read the previous revues. What is the management doing keeping this rude, surly and ill mannered large female behind the bar. Now days, beer costs a lot, but a smile costs nothing. The locals seem a great bunch, the beer was excellent, the mens was pitiful, but a course on customer care wouldn't go a miss.
giimebeer - 16 Feb 2013 15:59
A man goes into a pub and the landlady says.... well absolutely nothing actually. To be more accurate its the landlady's daughter. I always thought that the first law of customer service is to say a. 'hello' or 'good afternoon/evening' b. smile c. ask 'what can I get you sir'. All three are absent with this member of staff. All you get is a contemptible look and perhaps a slight incline of the head. Beer is now very samey, presumably being limited to brews favored by owners who know very little about beer. God how I miss Ridley's! Would benefit from a. staff going on a training course to learn some common courtesy b. some 'real' real ales and not mass produced stuff c. re-do the disgusting loos. Pluses are NO TV and reasonably unspoilt interior. Beer kept in good condition even if not well chosen.
hot_dog - 28 Oct 2012 19:10
The Staff are doing their utmost to destroy this pub, people seem to be leaving in droves. Not as busy as it use to be. It is such a shame as it was a local treasure but it is now a pub where even the quality of the beer has fallen into the average zone or sometimes it is just horrid which is a result of it being less busy? I see a lot of their customers in other locals nearby quite often.

The place is dirty and shabby and could do with a Spring clean now. Bar flies everywhere, like a tropical garden which says it all. Shame it has deteriorated like this.
Buster1955 - 13 Sep 2012 16:51
Broadside kept very well...nice cosy pub.
natalinbrazil - 29 Sep 2011 21:38
Pop In to spivs occasionally and the noise of so many locals chatting is fantastic, no football screens no fruit machines and no entertainment apart from the bar staff. Grumpy landlords quite often go with great pubs, the Coach & Horses in Soho a fine example.
theoracle - 8 Sep 2011 09:40
Having moved away from the area and just moved back gave this a go again last week. The place is as exactly how I remembered it. still quite unfriendly and hard to get to the bar and once I got there I was met by an awful girl who said nothing just raised her eyes and had a face like thunder slammed my change down and I did not even dare ask for a top up in case she went mad. Why they employed her is a mystery as she obviously does not want to be there. Beer was quite nice, Adnams Broadside at west end prices though. probably the best pub around the area despite the service.

Danny1955 - 6 Sep 2011 13:48
The pub that time forgot!

Has so much potential yet suffers so much from the surly attitude of Lucy the Landlady and her stroppy daughter Regan.
I know blokes who have drunk there for 30+ years who steer clear now due to the attitude of staff.

Such a shame
statto74 - 2 Sep 2011 15:47
Had not been in for a long while and gave it a try last week. Have to agree with some of the comments. A girl with a devilish haunting stare served me. She was either after my body or thought I was bring bad news or something. I thought the latter and I tried to reassure her that I was just a customer and wanted a drink. Beer was very warm and when i commented, she gave the most ridiculous reasoning, akin to a Barrack Room Chemist. I drank my pint gingerly whilst she stood texting furiously non stop, her face almost comical with a dim wit look, occasionally breaking into a idiotic smile. I could not face another warm pint so I went up the Rose and Crown nearby.
MikeSpy - 3 Jul 2011 12:02
Nothing changes then. Still new customers come and go and make the same comments regarding the rude and ignorant bar staff.
What a great pub this could be,
as soon as Lucy and Regan leave.
And good riddance to the sour pussed wenches I say.
duracellrabbit - 23 Jun 2011 16:51
Much has been said of the strumpets of yore
Of wenches and bawdy house queens by the score
But I sing of the baggage that we all do not adore,
The Landlady's Daughter

You'll never dislike another
And she's certainly not the kind of girl
To take home to your mother
The Landlady's Daughter

Her ale it is lively and strong to the taste
It is brewed with discretion and never with haste
You can have all you like If you swear not to waste
The Landlady's's Daughter

And, when her name is mentioned
The parts of every gentleman
Never stand up at attention!
The Landlady's Daughter

Oh, nothing can give such a fright so
As does the part that lies between
Her left toe
And her right toe
The Landlady's Daughter
pestcontrolpete - 17 May 2011 19:04
Apparently run by a pair of miserable people who I am told are women and mother and daughter. Came in to try it out as got fed up with the Warren up the Road and the Cricketers. Was served by the most surly, arrogant, rude, insulting welsh sounding girl of about 35 who I have ever met behind a pub bar. She had a fixed mad glare on her face and I had to keep my eye on her as I felt threatened. I received no welcome as I entered and no farewell as I left despite me doing so on entering and leaving. I asked her to fill my pint up as it had an inch head on it and I thought she was going to throw it at me.

There were 3 people and a dog in there and she had no conversation except with the dog. the only time her face lit up was when a take away meal arrived. She looked like she often had these type of meals as she was probably 5 stone overweight, texting and standing with a moronic expression whilst I had a pint of beer which was not fantastic. She even had the cheek to ask a man to collect glasses whilst she sat her large rear on a seat. Pubs shutting all over the country but is anyone surprised with idiots like her at the helm?
Bobbatok - 16 May 2011 18:04
Priceless. A gem. This is where I had my last pint of Ridley's but they can't be blamed for that. Always three or four well kept ones on. Don't know what the detractors are talking about, sounds like somewhere else, or maybe they were wearing their grumpy hats that day.
markrhdunn - 29 Mar 2011 17:46
I'm confused. Is this pub a spoof? Was in there last week (for the last time) and the large girl (Regan I believe) has to be the most ignorant, rude and mentally challenged creature to have served behind a bar. The attitude is it's her right to a living and to behave as she wishes it's quite incomprehendible.
Baraccuda clearly dont give a hoot about this pub letting people like this remain unless they are waiting for them to leave naturally. Shame as it could be quite nice.
Until these dated landlords leave avoid at all costs.
nevereveragain - 17 Mar 2011 15:37
Nice beer but have to agree with the previous comments about the miserable unfriendly staff. You are made to feel that they are doing you a favor by serving you. Odd lot of regulars and especially obese ones who obstruct the bar with large backsides perched on tiny stools, talking utter cods wallop in a pathetic attempt at saving the world.
Gaybarhogger - 7 Mar 2011 10:18
A run down establishment managed by two of the most miserable women I have ever encountered, why the hardy band of obvious regulars put up with them I will never fathom out. This was a classic British pub serving great beer and conversation, that unless the current ownership wakes up to the blatant poor levels of customer service and basic good manners, will soon like many others become a casualty of the times.
gimmelarge - 20 Dec 2010 07:21
Beer still good. Staff are still as poor as ever. About time for a change.
duracellrabbit - 15 Dec 2010 22:07
I rated this as my pub of the day. Despite being on a busy London A Road, the atmosphere is similar to a village local. A group of locals were busy passing the time of day when I walked in, and were still doing the same when Ieft. Service was fine. Beers available were Hydes Cutty Shark, Wells Bombardier, Fullers London Pride, Adnams Broadside and Courage Best. 2 further handpumps were unoccupied. The snob screens at the end of the bar are a nice feature. The walls are wood-panelled and feature old mirrors and shelves with an ashtray collection and tankards hanging from them. There was no music or TV. Posters on the wall were inviting people to the award presentation for the West Essex and London CAMRA pub of the year 2010. Certainly one I would be happy to visit again. But unfortunately, it's a bit out of the way for me.
blue_scrumpy - 28 May 2010 23:11
One right Filthy Den, needs a total refurbishmend including NEW STAFF!!!, get those two sour face women out, run a pub...they haven't a clue, the most miserable pair of women I have clapped eyes on, how they run a pub is behond me and apparantly you dare not complain about anything, because they will tell you to leave.
Alelou - 9 Jan 2010 22:25
Last time I visited The Travellers it was run by a distinguished and highly respected lady named Noseworthy. I had a pint of mild which cost I believe two old pennies! No breathalizers in those days! From the Rose and Crown to the Travellers was no great distance anyway! A good quiet neighbourhood pub.
Investigations - 5 Sep 2009 05:52
Great pub,
BTW I miss the lunch time menu :-(
Weretooyoungtodie - 30 Jun 2009 23:23
Superb, traditional old-fashioned small single bar pub, situated jist off the busy High Road in Woodford Green.

It's main claim to fame lies in being one of the last remaining pubs in London with original snob screens still in situ - these are on the left hand side of the bar. The existence of these screens, plus the fact that there are 2 doors, one at either side, clearly indicate that this would have originally been a two bar pub, with the saloon / lounge bar being the one on the left.

The pub retains etched windows at the front with wood pannelling throughout. There's a splendid collection of brewery jugs and ash trays - some from breweries long gone. There's a Charringtons Brewery mirror, reflecting former ownership. A very small unobtrusive plasma TV is the only concession to modern pub traits.

On my lunctime visit yesterday, the pub was quite busy by about 2pm. There's no food - beer and conversation represent the staple diet here.

There's several seats outside at the front for catching the sun's rays, but unfortunately the sound of the passing traffic thundering past is all too present.

Beers on were Bombardier, Broadside and Courage Best together with Fullers Summer Ale and Youngs Dallaglios Heroes (?). There was no pump clip for the latter, but I imagine it's just the Youngs Ordinary or Special "re-badged". Both the Broadside and the Fullers Summer Ale were on good form, as befits a pub in the Camra GBG, and relatively cheap at only 2.85p and 2.80 p respectively.

I was surprised to note that the pub closes between 4 -7 pm on Sunday, but is open throughout the afternoon on the other 6 days of the week. I would have expected Sunday afternoon to be one of its busiest times.

Also surprisingly, a well-hidden price list revealed that this pub is in the Barracuda pub chain - a chain recently described to me as a "sort of down-market Wetherspoons". The Barracude website tells us that the Travellers Friend is in the Juniper brand - "a comfortable, but smart high quality finish that reflects the unique and special atmosphere that an outstanding local pub must have to accommodate the needs of today's consumer".

Finally, given the plethora of unfavourable comments about the staff, I ought to add that I had no issues during my visit. I didn't detect any feeling of being unwelcome or frostiness at all. The Welsh landlady was chatting animatedly to customers throughout, often popping outside to join those sitting at the outside tables when time permitted.

Based on yesterday's visit, I would be happy to have this pub as my local. Shame I don't live nearer. I shall return definitely.
JohnBonser - 22 Jun 2009 13:30
This is a very good pub, but that is not to say it is a nice pub. Beer very good and the locals as good as anywhere, no loud music or loud people. Not very friendly bar staff - any of them - must be trained to be miserable - but so what you can't have everything. I choose to drink there by choice because overall it is a cracking pub, just don't expect the red carpet to be put out, or a smile from behind the bar, that's just the way it is. Take it or leave it, I vote with my feet and go through the door, this pub would be nearer a perfect score if the staff were better. The landlord who has just died was a top bloke, he would offer a welcome and a cheerio, he is sadly missed in my opinion.
barbarellarina - 19 Jun 2009 16:40
I have been coming to the spivs for many years now and i fully recognize many of the traits described within these comments.
Whilst it is terribly sad that the landlord has passed, I don't believe that this can be used as an excuse for poor service and bad behaviour, as suggested by theploughinn.
The fact remains, the travellers is known for its great beer and rugged surroundings. It is an old world pub, of the type that is fast disappearing, and I for one will continue to drink there. But I do wish that the mother and daughter combination would take some lessons in politeness and tolerance. They are both extremely rude, they do have their favourites, and they do treat outsiders badly. Many times I have witnessed this and have been extremely embarrassed by it. A small amount of courtesy and the occasional smile would be welcomed by many, Including the regulars, who, by and large are pleasant folk. Maybe now is the time to bring in fresh new staff, and change the perception of my local, from grumpy insular and unfriendly, to warm, inviting, and a friend to travellers.
duracellrabbit - 20 May 2009 13:47
Darles Chickens, your sudden appearance and negative comments about all the pubs in this area, even the good ones, indicates that you would not know a good pub if such a pub ever had the misfortune of you turning up and making no contribtion whatsoever to the atmosphere.

I am not the barmaid described incidently but just an appreciative customer. You should be informed that the girl referred to is probably the daughter of the Landlord who passed away last week, after a long battle with cancer. He was a really nice bloke and would have given you a run for your money. The poor girl family and friends do not need to hear your snide comments at this tragic time as the funeral has not even been held yet. Maybe this is why she was 'joyless' as she has just lost her father.

I should say further your dreadful attempt at humour around this site, certainly does not work for me and you really should watch what you say in the vicinity, as one of the young muscular lads, you described in the Horse and Wells, may be provoked in giving you a taste of the menu in the form of a knuckle sandwich.

Then again, we all know, that people like you just slide in and out of pubs around here and then scuttle off and write stupid remarks instead of making your complaints and observations or suggestions through the proper channels.
theploughinn - 5 May 2009 16:35
The beer is good but the frowns worn by the locals, whose gender is oft indistinguishable from their partners, is not that welcoming. Having said that if you wisely select the time of day, you may be lucky enough to be greeted by those same regulars, who in a state of drunkeness will warmly encourage you to play dice games with them.

I target this specifically at the suspiciously defensive 'theploughinn', who one may assume was the joyless wench serving the flat lemonade.
DarlesChickens - 29 Apr 2009 12:44
A friendly welcome at 6.20 this evening, from a busy but not crowded pub, with some seats to spare. An excellent pint of Bombardier (Courage Best was off) for 2 of us, and a glass of fizz for the local (but longstanding resident of Manhattan).
zorrodp - 20 Dec 2008 00:40
Re the comments about the friendliness/unfriendliness of this place: admittedly I've only been there once (Tuesday this week) but the young chap who served me was welcoming and friendly, as were the regulars perched around the bar. Beer was fine (Broadside, 2.80/pint).
Kake - 6 Sep 2008 13:12
I do not know what the last comment was about by Smirny. If you want to make friends and get chatted up by people, why do you not join a lonely hearts club?

The beer (real ale) here is always superb, they always have a great selection and this pub is the best traditional pub for miles. The staff work hard to keep all the lemonade drinkers and idiots out I would imagine. They sell lemonade down the sweet shop and it may be fizzier there but they do not sell quality beer!

The New Beer Garden is the best kept secret until now!
theploughinn - 12 Aug 2008 14:37
I visited this pub for the first time and I think it's only fair to say I was appaled. When walking in I understood the regulars staring but the bar staff looked straight through you, with just a glare and a stroppy face. Not only was the land lady the most miserable I have ever come accross in my life. Waiting almost ten minutes to get her attention, I asked if she would mind changing a drink as the lemonade was flat, she began moaning about how the drink is fine and if i didn't like it then to leave it. In which I did. Customer service was appaling, drink was awful. I wouldn't advise anybody to go there.
smirny78 - 15 May 2008 15:27
well what can I say about the staff. They are rude, arrogant, will serve their favorites first and totally blank you. The beer is great but the staff should be sacked especially the stroppy landlady and her bully of a daughter
greening - 15 May 2008 14:55
I use 'The Travellers Friend' on a fairly regular basis and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the reviews and the subsequent banter.
The fact that the beer is kept very well and is the best in the area,I think, is beyond doubt.
As far as the comparisons with The Slaughtered Lamb('He made me miss'-Brian Glover-American Werewolf in London)I feel the Locals are being unfairly represented. The fact that they turn towards the door when it opens is purely to see if the new entrant is also a regular whom will almost certainly be in need of a speedy libation. If you found it difficult to open the latch door the stare could be somewhat prolonged but whose problem is that? In all the Locals are a fairly good representation of the area with Tradesman,Bankers and even the odd classical pianist extricating themselves from lifes mortal coil.
And now the prickly subject of the staff, I can offer no defence. On a good day they're rude is the best I can muster. You will find many an ex regular begrudgingly in the Rose and Crown no longer able to endure the Landlady's incivility and no cab journey is complete without the driver waxing lyrical about the Welsh Dragon.
Iluvmybeer - 28 Apr 2008 14:40
Have not visited this pub since before Christmas I think. Popped in the other day and it was full of the regular crowd of people who seem to have their head up their own backsides and will not let you near the bar to get a drink. Was not greeted yet again by any of the staff who did their usual blank stare as you enter. Beer was in great condition though which made up for having to share the bar area with a bunch of red faced misfits alot of who were worse for wear.
rogerthedodger - 20 Apr 2008 15:32
xenopohobic? a dislike of foreigners? you're getting your big words mixed up. where have I or anyone else been guilty of that? if you re-read my reviews I'm not totally dismissive of the travellers, it IS a nice pub, it DOES serve a good range of beers, but as already stated, it DOES have its share of middle class twits. I don't have to like these any more than I do a pub full of chavs. I do expect a certain level of service though, and yes, I can vote with my feet which I quite often do.

I am entitled to my opinion and this is a place for me to air it. not that damning really, is it? more annoying is the blinkered waffle coming from the regulars/bar staff.

finally, may I quote from the very first comment for this pub back in 2004:

'small but friendly punters, frosty bar staff'.

Just about sums it up.
DavidWaspnest - 25 Mar 2008 12:14
I think all the comments by snidey people on here are disgusting, davidwaspnest, you certainly wouldn't know friendliness if it slapped you in the face. and i think its completely out of order from those people who have commented on the size and looks of the staff, it's sizest and xenophobic. the pub has a beautiful new outdoor heated smoking area, beer is stil consistantly good and if you are looking for a pub that doesn't have 'plump' staff with faces like smacked arses and are looking for model types, go somewhere else like faces/cuckfield/etc etc and see how friendly THEY are.

Love from the other daughter.
Rah_24 - 19 Mar 2008 12:43
The Travellers Friend has won the title of London Area Pub Of the Year 2008,judged by CAMRA.Well done the Spivs,we regulars always said its the best pub around.
teatotaler - 2 Mar 2008 00:43
Went to this pub for the first time, and was surprised by the friendliness of the place. Not what I was expecting after some of the reviews. The place didn't go silent, I was served with a smile by the landlady, and was free to enjoy a quiet drink with my girlfriend. The ale is excellent, probably the best of any pub in the area. Servers 4 bitters plus a guest ale.
drbee - 28 Feb 2008 11:58
I have to agree with Mr Waspnest, this is a Forum for views and comments of Consumers. What is the point if all the observations are favourable? I use the place a couple of times a week and the Landlady is still has a grim look on her face every time I enter. Like a Bulldog trying to swallow a Waspnest. The rest of the staff are generally fine and the Landlord is an absolute gentleman. The plump daughter takes after her mum though and is too sarcastic and seems to hate being there. I complained about ice once and she bit my head off. The beer is still far superior to any pub in the area and is the reason that I still visit. The locals are very unfriendly and act like poor relations of the Cheyne Walk crew. They hog the bar area and won't let strangers through until you tread on their toes or gently shove the relevent idiot out of the way which normall has the desired effect.

That big dopey looking 'Adams Family' lookalike bloke still haunts the place smoking cigars outside with his red wine, scaring kids. She can't be that bad the old Landlady doing her bit caring for the community.
offthewagon07 - 22 Feb 2008 15:13
get over yourself teatotaler, this is a legitimate forum for people's views. the pub's pretty good, that's undeniable, but as for (some) of the locals and the odd member of staff...

still, you can't have everything, right?
DavidWaspnest - 19 Feb 2008 17:24
Message to certain people who continue to post negative reviews on this site.New years eve had a 10.00 charge to cover a fantastic buffet ,a disco,and party items,which i think was very cheap compared to most pubs in the area ,which charged and you got nothing in return.Also the party was arranged by the locals and not by the so called miserable landlady with a mop hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!IF the people who keep returning to the pub and listing negative reviews would like to make themselves known to the landlady and express their views face to face ,im sure things would be resolved .If you dont want to air your feelings to herand still think the pub has all these bad points ,why keep returning, to have a miserable time ,We locals would love to meet you.
teatotaler - 15 Jan 2008 13:59
Did not go in over Christmas after all as had the flu. Went in last week and was told you had to pay to come in New Year Eve!!! Glad I did not manage it. I was told by a friend that the Landlady was as miserable as ever over Christmas and things got worse when a couple of drunks commented on her mop hair cut and said it was unfinished etc and she might have overheard it. Went in last week. Beer was well kept which makes visiting this odd place a pleasure. Just grin and bear the staff!!
offthewagon07 - 14 Jan 2008 16:05
Having just found this site, I could not wait to comment on this place. Must be the most unfriendly pub around. I only come in to meet friends who work in the Bancroft School over the road. The staff are always miserable and the one who I think is the Landlords wife is the worse of them. I agree with Davidwaspnest's comments and most of the others about the staff. Trouble with pubs like this these days is that they take their customers for granted. They have their favourite customers and thats it. I was told you even had to pay to get in here over the holidays!
johnmorgan - 9 Jan 2008 17:33
Im going to pop in Christmas Day if open and/or Boxing Day. I am going to be really friendly as I got two weeks off work now...yippeeeeeee!!!! Please try and be happy dear is Christmas!
offthewagon07 - 20 Dec 2007 13:33
listen pubworker2007, I don't pretend to be a detective, the reason I thought it could be the landlord's daughter, was a) the time it was posted, b) the writer is evidently drunk and c) the spelling/grammar is atrocious.

finally, I don't believe you're a bloke for one minute, a man just wouldn't write like that. I'll be in on boxing day, wake up a few of the coffin dodgers at the bar!

happy xmas!
DavidWaspnest - 19 Dec 2007 17:38
I went in again the other day and once again had a frosty reception. If there was a piano playing in there I reckon it would have stopped. 'Pubworker' must be one of the snivelling teachers pets who suck up to the Landlady and Daughter oozing complements all night. I like my own company but a 'hello, how are you' would be nice. Instead you get a moronic glare from them when you walk in. I always smile and am polite. A mate sent a beer back once and what a scene the Landlady caused! I can just imagine old 'Pubworker' rushing home after a few beers saying to the owners that he will write something nice for them. Multi-task my backside! Get some sleep you fool if you have a baby, instead of writing tosh and currying favour. The pub is lovely! The staff are generally not!
offthewagon07 - 14 Dec 2007 13:03
may i just say, the reason i leave reviews so late at night, is becos i have a 6mnth old baby girl, and this is the only time i have on my own to go on to the computer without having to multi task. You david wasp nest are very naive or silly to think that the landlords daughter would be so obvious and leave a review on here, defending she is much to young! But i know her and she will have a laugh knowing u think thats what she is like, or has time for! i am a mid 30s male, who came up witht the name pubworker as its easy and all i could think of at the time.
So maybe leave the investigation work to the professionals, as your not very good at it!!! I say this again, this is a wonderful pub, and there are many under 50s who go in here!! As im one of them!! and my mates are certainly not middle aged! And they have a very good time, maybe you are just for your youth! you wasted it being negative! If you are so critical of this pub STAY AWAY!!!! save us all from your missery!!!! AS my friday nights would be better off without you, interupting my drink!
pubworker2007 - 14 Dec 2007 01:45
I wouldn't have a bad word said about this pub. I am not a regular, but would like to be. On a recent visit (my first in a few months) I was made to feel welcome by the landlord who did engage in conversation. When visiting a pub, it is also the responsibility of the visitor to engage other people in conversation if that's what they want, and not sit back and wait for the busy bar staff to talk to them.

To be honest not many pubs do make a newcomer feel welcome. You can't tell me that managed chains like Wetherspoons make people feel welcome, yet I have yet to see comments such as these appear against any of their pubs.

The warm welcome and the excellent selection of cask beers made me stop for a few more than the one I intended.
graley - 12 Dec 2007 08:14
pubworker2007 and anonymous both leave entries in the early hours of the morning, a sign of working late shifts, perhaps in a pub? perhaps in the pub in question?

some facts: it's a nice looking pub (both inside and out) and they do have a good range of beers, no question, but read between the lines on a lot of these reviews and there's something up. my earlier comments about being made to feel unwelcome by the boorish locals still stands, if you're not a regular (and happen to be under the age of 50) you'll be looked at with distrust. so in conclusion, a nice pub, shame about the regulars.

do as 'pubworker2007 ' (the landlady's daughter?) and bugger off down the rose and crown instead and talk about the 'boring issues of your life' to the landlord there, he'll take you hard-earned.

nice to be friendly, isn't it?
DavidWaspnest - 11 Dec 2007 13:05
maybe the landlady talks to her favourites as they are interesting and have the intelligece to engage a decent conversation. In addition some of the customers of this pub prefer to have a quiet drink to themselves, get away from the nagging wives/girlfriends and the demands of family life. I have seen the land lady try many times to chat to new customers most seem too witless to even reply with a decent response, or are just rude with short answers, as they dont want to chat. The lady lady in my opinon is a wonderful woman, who always listens to those who have something relevant to say, not mind numbing chit chat. like the minority of customers who are sad men anyway who only want to chat while drinking for attenstion the main topics being women, sex or how much of a bigger man they are compared to everyone else or other boring issuses from their life. (Note for these men please go down the road to the rose and crown). The previous comments description of than man to avoid is spot on! 95% of customers would never consider having the land lady change anything about her fabulous self!!!!! The Travellers friend is about having the right atmosphere with friends to the pub and landlords, those regulars are commited people who have earnt their right to be there after years of loyalty. New customers are welcome as long as they arrive with a good attitude. Just come in on xmas day and see whos complaing then!!! the boring old farts who want to rain on everyones day because of their sad little lifes!!!! So please get an attitude change or move on! This pub is always highly recommemed and a really joy!!
pubworker2007 - 10 Dec 2007 03:01
I have been using this pub over the past few months and have to agree the comments about the Landlady. She seems to talk to her favourites only. She has an expressionless look about her. Vacant stares. The beer is fine always which is what I am concerned about. Beware, if a tall, large bloke with a broken nose and idiotic look, bit like Tommy Cooper, aged about 60 engages you in conversation. He drinks red wine and smokes cigars. This bloke is an absolute fruit cake and can drive you round the bend. Do not get involved in a conversation with him. He is a nuisance.
offthewagon07 - 8 Dec 2007 11:24
It is indeed the case that those who use the pub like I do (not every evening), are not greeted with a smile or words of kindness or welcome. This is a minor point. If those concerned practiced smiling in front of a mirror and just saying 'Hello, how are you', things would be much better. I have not been turned down by any member of staff and it has suprised me that you would even make such a suggestion and I really do not know what you are implying. I must admit that the larger of the two seems more appealing after a few pints of your fine ale. I want to enjoy your establishment and these little deatails would vastly improve things. Merry christmas to you all and let us please see an improvement.
rogerthedodger - 30 Nov 2007 17:16
may i just say to rodger the daughter, you speak for the minority!!! the landlady and her 'larger daughter' (cheeky sod) are as much as an asset to the pub as the good beer! maybe you speak about them so vuglarly as you were proberly turned down by the larger daughter!!!!maybe in regard to your obvious liking of spanking! maybe you got a cold reception as you has a face of a smacked arse!! if you are who i think you are, maybe you should look at your own life before you criticse others. Maybe its time you moved on to another pub that welcomes miserable people like you, suggestion the rose and crown! the right place for a sad person like you!!!!!!
anonymous - 30 Nov 2007 02:28
If you are into spanking come here, because never will you see more of a smacked backside. It is on the face of the Landlady. Been drinking in here on and off for years. Only here for the beer which is great. Her husband is lovely chap but the words 'hello, how are you, can I help you' are unknown to her. the larger daughter takes after her mum.
rogerthedodger - 27 Nov 2007 15:45
May i just say, this pub is one of the best i have ever been too! wasp nest or whatever your name is, you dont know what your talking about! I have been going to this pub for many years! Am a faithful returning customer, know the family very well! Am glad to call them my friends, the landlady is a fabulous woman! who has had a tough time lately, and i think she is a real trooper, and someone to be admired! The landlord, you could not wish to know someone more respectful, worldly and a really nice guy! The daughters may i just say wow, really light up the place when they are home!! The customers help make the pub what it is, a great place to be, they are loyal and not afraid to give someone a hand. I will be in aound xmas and really look forward to it!!! If anyone has any negative comments, instead of hiding behind a user name, go into the pub and enlighten everyone with your views face to face, maybe you didnt enjoy the pub as you turned up with a neagtive attitude!!!
pubworker2007 - 25 Nov 2007 01:31
Take a look at camra good beer guide 2008.Has been in the last 20 years editions.
anonymous - 3 Nov 2007 13:12
referring to the 'anonymous' entry on the 29th @ 13.44, the reason I don't have a good word to say about the pubs I've visited, is that the majority of them are just as I've described; awful. some get good reviews, but these days a good pub is the exception rather than the rule.

ok, some of my comments about your pub were a bit glib, but when I visited, there were boorish, ruddy faced locals at the bar who wouldn't budge to let anyone get a drink. tossers. there's a definite 'local pub for local people' ambience, too.

finally, if you doubt the veracity of my reviews, spend an evening in zulus/the cuckfield/shannon centre, and tell me I'm making my comments up.

sometimes the truth hurts.
DavidWaspnest - 3 Oct 2007 14:22
Located on high road,found it in camra real ale guide,as quoted in guide ,friendly,clean,serving 5 real ales.Must say after visiting other pubs in area ,its the best.Good,well kept ale,friendly service,could do with a better smoking area,found it to be very cold standing outside with my friends who are smokers.Also has a very good review from the camra
south east branch that visited the pub in august.Will be back for a another visit.
anonymous - 29 Sep 2007 13:52
Traditionial locals pub,serving a good range of real ales,showing rugby world cup on tv, 3 beers at 1.50 a pint,brains sa,wells bombardier,deuchers ipa,quiet in afternoons,expect for a regulars that come in every day,hardly call them inbreds as quoted by David Waspnest,who does not seem to have a good word about any pub he visits.We found the customers friendly and the staff good.Shame no food served,but am told service will resume after xmas.Will return for another visit had no problems with this pub.Nice to find a good old traditional pub .
anonymous - 29 Sep 2007 13:44
kind of place where the piano stops playing as you walk in.

most of these reviews seem fair, you'll get the odd glare from some real ale drinking coffin dodger, but nothing to worry about. you should be more concerned with why you chose to come to this pub in the first place, it ain't for the women; the only girls in here are those serving the drinks, and it ain't for the atmosphere which is akin to a masonic lodge.

leave the inbred locals to themselves, walk 3 minutes down the road to the horse and well, much friendlier.

if the landlady/landlord should happen to read this, your bar smells of wee and your missus has a face like a rat-catcher's glove!
DavidWaspnest - 5 Jul 2007 13:59
Really thought it was going to be a nice place to have a pint, looked nice from the outside, but get looked up and down by the ever present regulars who obviously dont like outsiders and the bar lady had a face like Red Rum just because someone who was new came in, I tried twice and it was the same but wont go back there now.
nicey74 - 22 Jun 2007 16:02
Been using it on and off for nearly 25 years, as have many people I have known over that time. All agree this is one of the best PUBS around;no noisy records, bandits, just a real pub. Good for those who like to talk.
VeryBigBeerBelly - 26 Apr 2007 19:57
Don't even think about going here if you are under 50. If so, you will immediately be asked for ID with a cold sneer, and even then, when my friend and I went there in the summer, they had no clue what a provisional driving license looked like. It's like they intend to keep people out - not good.

If you want real ale and look young in any way, take your custom elsewhere - the beer may be fine, but the cold reception you get off the bar staff will put you right off it.
LabMonkey - 20 Feb 2007 23:37
girls, blacks and irish are allowed but chances of you seeing any here are slim. sort of place where alcoholism amongst locals is actively encouraged. been here 3 times with the intention of sitting inside out of the cold but found the outdoor seating preferable to the 'icy reception' at the bar. still, at least theres no kids or wideboys (avec porsche) waiting to steal your girlfriend of 5 years.
anonymous - 27 Mar 2006 19:23
Too cliquey and up it's own proverbial, avoid
raybentos - 16 Jan 2006 16:52
Lovely little pub with many of it's original features still intact, friendly regular crowd and the staff and landlord were very pleasant indeed, beer is kept very well with a choice of 3 lagers and usually 5 real ales.

Good write up in the good beer guide too. will definately visit more often.
Rah_24 - 23 Nov 2005 15:01
I really must say that the last post sounds suspiciously typical of many, often found on this site, where the Landlords or their staff have suddenly woken up and realised, too late, that the horrible truth is now out.

I sincerely hope that this is not the case however, and that the earlier concerns about the unpleasant attitudes of the staff are now things of the past. This is an excellent pub which deserves not to be let down by moody, rude and sullen publicans!

anonymous - 27 Oct 2005 10:16
Visited here last week ,great little local,we found it from the write up in the 2006 good beer guide.No fruit machines ,or tvs.great range of beers ,Abbot Ale2.45-Broadside2.45.-Guest beer 2.45,Courage Best 2.15.Archers Village 2.15. Has not been spoilt by large brewers.Seems to have a good regular local trade. A dice game called perudo was being played,seemed to be very popular,nice to see dogs were allowed in the pub.Service was very good.staff were very busy ,but found time to tell us a little history of the pub,and even fetched a sausage for our dog.Will be returning again for sure when in the area.
anonymous - 15 Oct 2005 19:50
Yes to the pub- no to the staff. I got the impression that if you wern't a regualr you were lucky to be let in, let alone served!
sam2703 - 19 Sep 2005 08:37
Very traditional, unspoilt by Plc. A good range of real ales, 5 when I visited. Roaring fire and friendly locals. Mostly frosty staff, but one stood out as friendly.
graley - 29 Dec 2004 13:38
I apologise, what I meant to say was the the pub itself is small, the punters are friendly, and the bar staff are frosty. NOT that the punters are small and friendly, my error.
Sir - 15 Oct 2004 14:29
Small but Friendly punters, frosty bar staff.
Sir Drinkalot - 14 Oct 2004 11:37

got anything to say about this pub?

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