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The Crown Hotel, Littlehampton

Went back to the Crown & its still has a great homely feeling the staff are friendly and the punters are friendly to. Most were drinkers from the Dolphin but she barred them because they went to the crown when it reopened. Oh dont take notice of the review from Lildolly she is a friend of the landlady from the Dolphin she made up a false review about the Dolphin sying she had only visited it a few times strange that she is a member of the Dolphin ghost team.

14 Nov 2010 09:37

The Crown Hotel, Littlehampton

I totaly agree with minotaur Kevin & the staff at the crown have done a great job. Its a nice friendly pub the reason why alot of Dolphin punters drink there is because the landlady has barred them from the Dolphin for drinking in other pubs.
I will be in the crown again soon having a great time & making new friends well done Kevin

5 Feb 2010 13:14

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