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Username: walkaboutisshit

Age: 31

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The Walkabout, Embankment

I just got back from Walkabout just now, and my only thought is "fucking hell"! I am around for the worst bar ever. In all of this vast world, of all the bars there have ever been, and all the bars there ever will be, I can safely say that I was around for the worst of all time. What a time to be alive!

You lot must be the only bar to ever be too scared to back up your own prizes in a pub quiz. Every other pub I've been too will let you spend the fucking bar tab you've won on the night. Not walkabout though, they're happy to let you book a few weeks in advance for a few hours slot in which you can spend it. Scumbags.

As soon as you use such phrases as "Terms and Conditions" and "Small Print" to debate a fucking pub quiz prize you know you've gone too far. Not only that, but it said fuck all about not spending the bar tab on the night on the small print, so you're not only scumbags but also lying scumbags.

Also, the terms your bumfluff manager used to convince us of your strategy were absolutely appalling. "If we make you come back another day to spend your bar tab, your more likely to spend some extra money on top of that, so we'll make more".

Oh brilliant, I was worried that your bullshit policy was completely nonsensical, but now I see that it was so you could squeeze even more money out of your customer, I guess it's fair enough. You're customer relations are superb.

You can forget me or any of my friends ever spending a penny in your shit establishments ever again.

Also, fair enough your deep fat fryers being down; these things happen. But not telling your customers when they order a burger meal that they can't get any chips, instead giving them a tiny dish of lettuce for no discount is yet another scummy thing to do. Sums up this shit hole. Profit first, customer a distant last.

20 Jun 2015 00:12

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