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Username: trickydisco

Age: 45

Sex: male

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The Anchor, Southwark

I went here a bit ago, and to be honest I had sort of forgotten about BITE, so Im just catching up.

There is a nice outside bit to this pub but regrettably a some point during the evening a surly chap came out and made us get off them so he could lock the chairs up, I thought this was a little mean because the chairs hadn't hurt anyone and were having fun in their own little chair way.
We went inside and I was pleased to notice that although the place was a bit of a warren I could easily work out where the gents were from the tangy smell of urine which most places try to get rid of.
I cant fault the staff, English wasn't their first language and they could get by providing there was lots of pointing and gesticulating, so under the circumstances they were doing pretty well, probably better than if I went to work in a bar in Eastern Europe anyway.
More interestingly though was that whilst in here I saw the tallest woman I have ever seen and also a very tall gentleman, I thought it a bit of a shame that they weren't together, but the tall chap seemed intent on tying to gain the affection of his date who had clearly had so much of the fun juice to know which was was up, let alone that the BFG was trying to seduce her. I suspect though that the two tall people are a regular fixture of the pub so I would suggest a trip to another of Londons riverside boozers.

23 Jul 2009 23:54

Studio 6, South Bank

I'm glad I hadn't read the reviews on here before I went to Studio 6 the other night because I may well have not gone, and to be honest, I had a good night there, in spite of the fact that my wife got a bit too drunk and a bit too loud. The place has been decorated since the photo above was taken, so it now has a nice feel to the place, but sitting outside in the sunshine and the river just yards away was really pleasant. You could have almost forgotten you were still in London. The beer was good if not a little on the pricey side and yes the staff dont speak English as a first Language but there are lots of pubs in London like this, the service could be more slick. I didnt eat there, but the food did look very good and just across the way is a fantastic looking creperie, which is well worth a visit as you stagger home.

26 May 2009 11:18

The Princess Louise, Holborn

I have walked passed this pub for ages and always meant to go in, finally I did so last Thursday, I hadn't realised that it was a Sam Smiths, but that was possibly my own fault for not being observant. Anyway, typical of SS pubs this one is a gem, well worth the visit to step back in time to what pubs used to be like, with a central bar and numerous partitions to create small intimate spaces, these at one time would have been there to devide the classes from one another but these days affords a nice snug intimate environment.
Generally Sam Smiths beers aren't my favorite but I couldn't fault any of theirs because they had been kept well, and the staff were friendly and offered a quick service.
Its well worth a visit for a couple although it does get busy, I will be going back.

14 Apr 2009 14:36

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