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Particular about real beers. Dislikes fizz and lagers

Username: topsailjon

Age: 71

Sex: male

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The Bold Forester, Soberton

Seems that my predictions of a couple of years was a bit optimistic. I understand that it's not open in the evenings after 6pm at the moment. This is only hearsay, so I'd better check it out next time i'm passing. Hope it's not true as we need all the free houses that we can get.

11 Sep 2018 11:26

The Bold Forester, Soberton

Having visited today, after it having been turned into a "gastro pub", I quite agree with oddball's comments from Jan 2010. "I visited on Boxing Day at 8pm and we 3 were the only people in. The barmaid was waiting to shut the place as she was bored out of her skull. More importantly though the beer was very good and all drinks were keenly priced. Dunno about food, but they do have a seperate small lounge. Big pool room which is probably why the locals don't use the pub (waiting for it to become a gastro pub I think). Plenty of character and still relies on drinkers to stay afloat. Give it a try or it may be the next casualty!"

9 Mar 2018 00:21

The Bold Forester, Soberton

Well it's been closed for about six months for a 'refurb'. First impressions:- The old door from the car park has been blocked off but a recently unused door has been reinstated. A few people drinking in there on a Thursday night ( they only re-opened on Monday). I wander up to the bar, greet a mate and ask the lad behind the bar "what bitter have you got on?". He points to a font and says "John Smiths". I say "I wouldn't wash my car with the rubbish". Barman says "Oh, we've got some 'local real Ale on" and points through to two firkins sitting on top of the bar in the other room. I can see that one has not been tapped. "Great" I say, "What is it?" "Local ale" the lad replies. My mate says "it's quite dark". I say "got anything lighter?" barman says "No". I say "How much is it?" He says "£3.80 a pint". I say "You can keep it" and walk out.
As predicted, I think it's going to be an expensive "cafe" and I give it no more that 2 years before it's on the market again. Shame as it's a Free House and could make someone a fortune, but when the staff can't even tell you whose beer they are selling, what hope is there?

9 Mar 2018 00:18

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