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The Bridge Bar, Beckenham

waste of money, bad bouncers,

17 Dec 2011 03:08

The Bridge Bar, Beckenham

An establishment which displays potential, but sadly presents its self as a real ostentatious hollow soulless venue. A first hand experiences would be the presentation of the bouncers on the door, unfortunately an unsatisfactory effort on their part. a real feeling is personified towards amateur etiquette regarding intelligence of their cliental, its a real shame for the owner of the establishment, i hope he's aware of the face of his product as its unattractive and seen as a pivotal outline of his business acumen. a franchise is what comes to mind maybe with the mentality of a dive like weather spoons, but the prices don't justify the venture. Honestly i wouldn't recommend a night out here. They have many faults one being a tendency to let too many people in resulting in a cueing system to go down stairs. sound confusing, yes i know, but if you venture down to the dance floor it may get busy. then if you were to take a stroll upstairs you may be made to queue to get back to where you were? not a well managed place, amateur in my opinion, this is the only venue where this has ever been orchestrated in my presence. in the end i waited half an hour to get back to my friends because i needed to use the lavatory. very poor show on the bridge bars attitude towards its customers. its a small venue, dwarfed by many others that don't suffer the same issues, really no excuse, just sloppiness.

Beckenham is a great night out, the beauty of the area is its simple and accessible, however Bridge Bar believes itself to be on a pedestal compared to the other venues, its really not. its just a medico club that thinks it has the assertiveness to dictate its fickle social status.

17 Dec 2011 03:07

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