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Originally from Liverpool, have lived in Brighton since Sep 2000. Love the place, and a lot of its pubs. Bit of a mare at weekends, tho (which start on Thursdays) when the city centre turns into Chav Central.

Username: toffee_exile

Age: 66

Sex: male

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Fountainhead, Brighton

For "diaappointing" read "disappointing", btw - typo

16 Jun 2009 20:31

Fountainhead, Brighton

Sorry you feel like that, moonmonk

Why not try a Sunday night when I run the Quiz?

You could also avail yourself of one of the FH's Sunday Roasts beforehand which, believe me, are far from diaappointing

I could never be described as seeming to thin (sic) that I am cooler than ice and you might even win money, wine or chocolate to ease your serotonin levels

Also, what is wrong with going to a pub "for drinks and atmosphere only"?

I've often found that drinks and atmosphere are two of the main things that attract a lot of people to licensed hostelries - then again, what would I know? I'm only 52


16 Jun 2009 20:30

The Providence, Hove

Please do not call your burgers "gourmet" when an average patty is accompanied by 3 day old lettuce and a sliver of tired tomato, both of which looked as if they had been left outside the below-average fruit and veg stall across the road.

dwayne696969 and brightondrinker just about sum this place up.

And, before anybody starts back at me : they use the word gourmet on the menu and make a mockery of it - misrepresentation of the word gourmet, I'm afraid

16 Jun 2009 20:19

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