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The Mother Red Cap, Archway

I'm not sure why some of the other reviews have written obvious racist remarks about the Irish, I have never had a problem as a very proud Englishman in this pub.
However, I want to leave a comment on how this pub has changed over the last couple of years for the worse. The family who run this pub have done so for the whole time that I have been drinking there for the past 6 years. They are really nice people all off them and they have always run a really tight ship so to speak but over the last few years the pub has gone down hill rapidly and none of the family seem to care.
The mens toilets are a disgrace and I'm not really sure how Health and Safety have not closed the pub down because of the state of them; the cistern looks like it is alive and in the summer time there are hundreds of flies to be found in there. The windows in the toilets look like they have never been washed in years, I don't know who does there cleaning but I would sack them instantly if it was my pub and scrub the place from top to toe before it is closed down for real.
More importantly, the beer used to be the best in the area bar none but in the past number of years this has also suffered to such an extent that I now only drink bottled beer when I go in.
Recently, people seem to bring their own alcohol into the pub as I have seen empty vodka bottles in the toilets but again there never seems to be any of the family around to deal with the problem and the staff probably just turn a blind eye for a quiet life.
I wish that this family would sort this pub out as it really was one of the best in the area. There is nothing that I would like more than to be able to go in and have a pint of Guinness that resembles a pint that you would get in Dublin. Having said all of that I still enjoy going in for the atmosphere but it has been noticable how many of the old Irish men no longer drink there and they are the best judge of beer than anyone I know.

11 May 2011 13:37

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