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The Gloucester, Knightsbridge

Hey adda

What did you expect the staff to do? They apologised but short of getting a sniffer dog what exactly could they have done. Its your bag, look after it!
A conspiracy? Be very careful what you alledge and if you didn't see the thief take your bag from your table how do you know no one passed you to get out the back door?

Im sure every pub in London has this problem, not so much the thieves themselves but customers who leave their stuff lying around unattended and shout blue murder at bar staff when it gets nicked. And dont tell me you were watching it or it was under your table cause someone managed to get it with out being seen. Was it on the back of your chair perhaps?

A city of 8 million people will contain a few bad guys, that's why its your responsibility to look after your stuff. You wouldnt leave your bag lying on the street while you went to buy something or go to the toilet and expect it to still be there when you come back, why act differently in a pub?

12 Dec 2011 18:21

The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

Beerscout, if the pub is "very well kept" and "the beer was in very good condition" then I would say the management are very much up to the job. No manager can work on their bar every hour they are open and so can't watch every single drink served but I'm sure if Chris has read this he will seek to retrain his staff as he is definately one of the better publicans out there.

15 Aug 2011 23:39

The Tattersalls Tavern, Knightsbridge

To Murgatroyd I set a challenge - in this shopping Mecca called Knightsbridge can he tell me a pub not geared up to feed the shoppers? As Harrods is the number 1 free destination in London for visitors it would be strange if a few of them didn't want fed and a soon to close pub that didn't take their money. I live near the Tatts and know they open at 9am for their regular currency traders who work nights, the ad agency next door use it as their second office, the staff help a local elderly couple home with their shopping every day and the Harrods staff are mostly known by name and certainly by what we drink. I was even invited on their staff away day to Thorpe Park and while I couldn't go other customers did. So yes there are hundreds of tourists at lunch but this is not all the Tatts is geared up for. Is it perfect? No. Is it worth getting to know the staff and having a "local" in town. Definitely. Especially as the Paxtons is so poorly run, the TeaClipper is up it's own arse and the Bunch of Grapes only sells God awful Greene King ales.

3 Jan 2011 03:27

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