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The Waterside Inn, Shoreham by Sea

I have previously posted negative comments about this pub. Recently I have questioned myself with regard to the fact that my opinions may have been reactionary. My previous comments followed an incident which left me feeling as if I had been completely mis-interpreted by the pubs staff. I have since attempted to remove these comments from this site.

However, I now must insist that not only do my previous comments reflect exactly how I felt then, but that I now have an overwhelming desire to do whatever it takes to get the waterside inn's horrific landlady removed from her post. She has no interpersonal skills. She judges her clients based on her own warped and booze soaked outlook on life. She is convinced that her opinion is the benchmark for all that is important in life, and she is very quick to treat you like s**t if you don't conform.

I can remember the days when a pub's landlord and landlady were pillars of society. I am a public servant and have worked for this community for most of my professional life. I have a sense of humour and enjoy a bit of banter with bar staff. If the landlady of the waterside inn feels you are getting the better of her in any way, even in light hearted joking, she behaves like a cornered wild animal. She is venomous and spiteful and will not think twice about letting her evil side take over. I once heard her speak of my previous comments on this site. Her exact response was her intention to 'knock on his door and set her staffordshire bull terrier on him to rip his balls off'. I rest my case. How would my 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son respond to gangland style violence on their doorstep? Is this woman fit for purpose? Is this woman fit for anything? The knackers yard?

Greene King I implore you to see sense.

My regular attendance of this pub ended tonight.

22 Mar 2011 00:27

The Waterside Inn, Shoreham by Sea

The new lanlady of the Waterside is severely lacking in self awareness. She is inappropriately over tactile with her male customers and doesn't understand when her over familiarity is met with indifference. I have been a waterside regular for 15 years. Tonight I found myself spending time negotiating with dimwitted employees and their managers when I would usually have been enjoying a pint with my friends. Our juke box entries were rejected with a switch behind the bar. The landlady then put on her own taste in music and sang along loudly right behind us. Does this sound like a welcoming attitude? Any attempt to enjoy our night was made impossible by intrusive judgements and finger pointing. I'd rather spend my hard earned cash elsewhere.

27 Apr 2010 00:08

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