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Username: tapis

Age: 59

Sex: ?

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The Hare and Hounds, Claygate

Stopped by for a quick drink at lunchtime today. Very pleasant welcome from the French lady at the bar. All I had was a small glass of wine but I was looked after very well and professionally. The dinner menu looks good; I will definitely return to try it!

26 May 2010 16:42

The Royal Oak, Holmbury St Mary

Attractive pub in a beautiful location. I'm sorry to say that I did not enjoy my visit at lunchtime on Saturday 22 May 2010 very much. When I entered the pub, one of the staff looked up at me from the bar where she was pouring a pint; I smiled at her and said hello; she did not smile and did not say anything; she just looked rather miserable and continued pouring the pint. Maybe she was having a bad day but I had been having a good one up until then and her attitude put a bit of a dent in it. Oh well, never mind. I waited my turn to be served; after a couple of minutes, the same staff asked her colleague to serve me. I asked for some lager (Carlsberg Export); it foamed a lot while it was being poured and I was afraid that it was going to be flat but it turned out ok, if not particularly fresh-tasting. Then I asked for a Ploughman's Lunch. The miserable-looking staff brought it to me and put it on the table; I thanked her but again no response. Starting to feel a bit blue by this time, I ate my lunch: good bread, cheese, pickle and side salad, only spoiled by the half-apple - tired-looking and floury when I tried it, with what were probably brown bits cut out of it. (I left it for the birds in a hedge when I resumed my walk after lunch.) Wondering whether I had inadvertently done something to offend, I glanced at the same staff while she was attending other customers; despite their thank-yous and pleasant comments about the food, she looked just as miserable and was just as taciturn with them. What a shame but I hope that mine was an isolated incident and maybe there was something seriously wrong that I couldn't know about so I will give the benefit of doubt.

23 May 2010 13:27

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