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Username: t_ryan

Age: 34

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The Columbia Press, Watford

Mate, This bar is THE BEST in Watford!
Let me give you a description of this bar.
The queues are never too long when you know the bouncer - also never get ID'd anymore - it has it perks.
First you enter and walk past many people that you can say hello to! Everyone is your friend in Lloyds - I mean, at least I know everyone in there!
After spending a few hours saying hello to eveyone I know, I then go to the bar. I don�t even have to ask anymore! 2 Strongbow�s and Blackcurrant�s, 1 orange and vodka, and 1 double vodka lemonade and lime. This comes to �9.80 and I always have the correct change! After getting my drinks � which only takes about 2 hours � I often talk to more people, and then hit the dancefloor. Let me tell you, this place is the only place to be for music. If you like funky house, then you have to go here. There are so many big tunes. I love waiting for the drop, making sure I move everyone out the way, move my sweaty hair to the side in one big sweep, move my arms out wide and then skank away to some dutty baseline riddims. The DJ is amazing, personal friend of mine! Anyway, after I repeat all the steps a few times, I decide to leave and generally go onto Oceana � but that�s a different strory!

I feel the best way to prepare for this night out is to get a cab to Oxhey, use �Julies� straightners, then get into town approximatley 1 hour after saying I will be there in 10 minutes. I have ofcourse previously sprinted across the dome roundabout in crocs and shorts in the pouring rain thinking to myself �OH MYY ITS FRIDAY *scratching head*�

Also, I love just going into Lloyds to have a few cheeky ones with my friends and talk over the music that they play � its never a strain to hear people talking whilst theyre pumping out some great music!

24 Feb 2009 14:52

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