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The Bedroom Bar, Swindon

is under new management, the renovation is still happening, miracles dont happen overnight. the bed is now gone. about time. althought cause there is no bed, there is no reason for it to be called bedroom anymore.

20 Jun 2006 03:25

The Lava Lounge, Swindon

SW6. i do go out in swindon, obviously it is a good place to go. as i am now ust turned 18 ive been giving places a try again. i do in fact like going to Revolution, Walkabout, Reflex is ok and so is edwards.
revolution is not on here so i cannot comment. you are old so of corse u will like the shit places.
if you dont like my comments dont read them, alot of places are shit. im not going to say they are good just because they are there.
the staff are not friendly, and believe it or not but your drink was probibly someone elses mistake and has been sat there all night gathering discusting substances. how do i know? that doesnt matter but i know.
if your old and like that kind of thing, fair enough. personally i preffer reflex.

20 Jun 2006 03:20

The Spot, Swindon

this place is shit. i didnt even know it existed till a week ago. its too small and full of ugly student pricks that were too pissed to get into studio.

1 Jun 2006 10:12

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