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Username: surreypubgoer

Age: 48

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The Fighting Cocks, Bagshot

This pub is a classic, tiny little ouitside bit thats quite nice if not smoked out by the 20 or so iron lungs. Wasn't half as nasty as i was hoping with a name like the fighting cocks. Probably wouldn't survive without the added cash flow from regulars government incapacity and job seekers benefit. Worth a look just so you can say you went to a pub called the fighting cocks and came out in one piece.

7 Apr 2009 15:37

The Red Lion, Lightwater

Not a bad little watering hole. Good size garden and covered smoking area. The bar area is sadly a little small but well proportioned and decked out nicely with leather sofas. You may annoy the odd sportsfan when getting drinks as wherever you stand at the bar you'll be in the way of one of the TV's (I like to do this just to annoy the odd square eyed regular). Have now started doing cider on tap instead of the sweet bottles which is nice. Also the food is actually very good. Honest pub that ticks a few boxes.

7 Apr 2009 15:33

The Inn At West End, West End

OK, where to start. Since winning the gastro pub award it has lost any sense of realism. The food, whilst ok for a pub is not great and extremely over priced simply to feed the pubs vanity. In my opinion the staff are unfriendly and seem to think they are working for Gordon Ramsay. Unless you adorn a cravatte, ball gown or bow tie then you may as well forget any friendly service...They really have forgotten who made the pub it's success in the first place. Oh a last word, you're only chance of getting a drink without an issue within 10 mins of closing is if you are one of the handful of likeminded regulars who you'll see draped over bar stools sneering at the mere mortals who simply want a drink and are willing to pay the extortionate prices this poncy gaff charges.

7 Apr 2009 15:20

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