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The Sussex Barn, Horsham

I urge anyone reading this to avoid the Sussex Barn like the plague. The food is cheap and nasty and there's only ever one beer on tap at any one time, unless you drink lager. I've lived locally for 6 years and watched the pub decline dramatically in that time (and it was pretty awful in the first place).

Examples of bad food / service:

2 friends of mine ate there over the summer and didn't touch the chicken wings they were served as they were stone cold. When they pointed this out, their plates were just cleared away without explanation or apology.

Last weekend I went in there for a beer with a couple of friends, one of whom ordered a chicken sandwich. When he asked the girl behind the bar why it was taking 30 mins for the sandwich to arrive, she blamed the busy Sunday lunch period (there were probably a dozen people eating in there at the time). It eventually arrived with an accompaniment of cold chips. In the meantime during the same afternoon another couple complained that they had been waiting 45 mins for their lunch. The proprietor (who was obviously on microwaving / reheating duty in the kitchen) came over to the table and instead of offering an explanation, told them that if they didn't like it, they could get out. Which, sensibly, they did. After they left, the proprietor then had a good laugh about it with his local mates.

If you are ever in the area, try the Rising Sun on Pontail Road, the Black Jug in town, or one of the many proper pubs in the surrounding villages. This is possibly the worst pub in Horsham (that hasn't already been shut down).

9 Nov 2009 16:11

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