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Username: steviegw

Age: 52

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Imbibe, Southwark

Go for the quiz on a Tuesday. Quiz is good with the Chris Moyles sound alike. However that's where it ends. The food is diabolically below standard. For such a nice looking pub it is ruined by attrocious offerings. The burgers have no thought put into them , are usual on the cold side and taste has been sucked out , not bad for 8 a pop. Ok , now onto the staff, just very lifeless and miserable. They are not a very warm. I am dreading the barbecue starting again soon cos they are letigously bad. Opaque buns with burnt offering. Come on pull your finger out. Yes there are a lot of people attend for the quiz , just don't fall apart. Eat beforehand

13 May 2010 02:24

The Tap and Spile, Guisborough

Nice little boozer , recommend it as a starting point for a pub crawl if coming to Guisborough. Mind the chavs in the other pubs though , they do get somewhat awash with 17 and 18 year olds fluffing their peacock feathers. So stick to the tap and spile , and also the Anchor and the Three fiddles.

Apart from all that , I love Guisborough , it just needs a few tweeks here and there

25 Mar 2007 19:26

Spice Island, Rotherhithe

I kind of avoided this pub for some time but have gone back a few times recently. I would say it has improved , it appears to be "better presented"

The food is more than adequate although the underlying problem with this pub was always the waiting time in the Summer months. I hope that this is something that has been dealt with. The staff when I went there recently were extremely helpful and it seemed to me that they really wanted to turn this pub into something the area could be proud of. Dont relax on this.

25 Mar 2007 13:22

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