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The Hope, Carshalton

You did mention Hophead you dickhead, on January 7th, just five days before denying it!! Re-read your post and see if you can find it!
But as you contradict yourself in writing within hours, it's hardly any wonder that you make a fool of yourself each time you come on.
Anyway another thing you promised on January 7th was "I'll only respond to reviewers who have written twenty reviews or more In future", something else you forgot about two days later! I've not got 20 posts either so see if you can manage not to bother replying to me!

18 Jan 2013 20:45

The Hope, Carshalton

A couple of decent pints of stout on the way back from the West Country yesterday, bit on the pricey side (keeping up with the Sun?) but quality excellent as usual.
I see that nutter Slerpy has been at it again, one of the hard men of the Internet who throws abuse at everyone from the safety of his front room. I did laugh though to see that between the morning and the evening of Jan 7th the customers had gone from "extremely friendly and very welcoming, certainly not clique" to "a place where people tend to stare at non -regulars". Our Troll also seems to think the pub still serves Hophead which I havent seen in here since about 2010! Maybe he'll announce himself next time he calls by and repeat his abuse face to face, perhaps he'll get a bit more than a stare from the 'certain types', bouncers/thugs and the 'Roly bloke' behind the bar(!)

11 Jan 2013 20:27

The Star Inn, Bath

Fulhampete has it spot on. Always the place I head for when in the town-sorry, city. A real gem.

11 Jan 2013 20:08

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