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Username: steeveeweevee

Age: 44

Sex: ?

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Nexus, York

The cesspit where chavs breed and fight over Burberry trackpants; don't ever enter the doors of this place for fear of being called 'a gay' for saying 'please' to the barmaid after ordering your drink, or being 'come on to' by an overweight 16 year old called Stacey who has learned all about life through the Jeremy Kyle show...

8 Feb 2007 23:59

Yates's, York

Massive spacious bar filled to the roof with guys still halfway down the evolutionary scale and gals who make Fizz from Coronation Street look like a Diva.
It's clean and hygienic, but the floors sticky with spilled WKD's and shooters, probably smeared in deeper by all those dragging knuckles and Ugg boots. Don't do it, just don't. Ever.

29 Oct 2006 15:14

Orgasmic Café, York

Great bar for a drink before hitting the clubs. Clientele are mainly the fashionistas of York, it's quite a clique and if you don't fit in, they'll let you know faster than you can say' feather my hair and call me Jean-Paul'.
Drinks are expensive but the atmosphere makes it worthwhile. There's a huge DJ booth upstairs playing funky house, and if you're lucky, the Saxophone Guy will be there playing over the music (it's strangely amazing).
Only downside is that the Chavs have started to bring their Burberry-clad asses into the bar. Get back to Yates's's not meant to be...

29 Oct 2006 15:08

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