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Username: son.of.a.gun

Age: 72

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Furlongs Ale House, Faversham

This was my second visit to this pub. I first came 18 months ago and the place had an "unfinished" look about it. Understandable as it had only been open a short while but It's still the same. Come on guys paint isn't that expensive. Not to detract from what is a very good pub. Knowledgeable and polite staff. They offer you a taster, you don't have to beg for it as in some pubs (and in many cases you are turned down). What I found strange was the bizarre "art" hanging on one wall. It looked like a car sprayer had had a very bad day indeed. There were little price tags ostentatiously hanging down (were they put there using a plumb line). I had a look and saw one was £1.50 so not too bad but no it was £150. Who are you kidding or is that what they pay you to take it away. In conclusion a very good pub and well worth a visit.

8 Oct 2016 14:32

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