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Username: skyyfyre

Age: 69

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The Plough and Harrow, Hucknall

Not a bad pub in my estimation, beer is good, looked after, no real ales though. People are friendly mostly, I don't think I have ever seen an argument in there above footy scores. The two Guinness drinkers are friends of my partner (it just takes time to work out their level of chat).

Friendly bar staff, and considering the toilets (for men anyway) are out the back, looked after, at least the smell is not urine.

On the disco, OK. sometimes a bit loud for me, but then I am a quiet, shy, retiring bloke. The Kara=oke seems to go well though.

20 Apr 2009 14:13

The Pilgrim Oak, Hucknall

Well, again, after going there for 8 or 9 years (usually after a shopping trip, and needing a pint.. note: singular: pint). I have to agree with others. Service is excecrable. During the day it's almost deserted, but let darkness fall! Soon after that it's shoulder to shoulder standing only, everyone is shouting to be heard over the top of others! Concur on the toilet condition: I have had words about that, so much for the chart: 'these toilets inspected hourly'.. I witnessed no change while 3 people had signed as inspecting... toilet paper strewn across the floor.
Service: *WHAT* service? One can wait for up to 30 mins before getting served, and then find the pint you wanted has 'just gone off, sorry!'
Tables are rarely cleared, indeed I and my partner have ended up clearing plates and glasses and taking them to the bar, just so there's room on the table! We were, at one point (laugh) told that 'we were taking away the jobs their staff were paid to do!'

One good point: the 'Family and food area', non-smoking, and respected. the kids stay out from underfoot in the main area. So they got that right at least. Pity the food is mostly generic crap.

20 Apr 2009 14:06

The Green Dragon, Hucknall

One of the best pubs I know in the area. it's quiet during the day, good food evenings and week-ends, the real ale is superb (credits to the CellarMan).

The pool table is looked after, and is not dominated totally by punters who expect to play for cash. 2 Dart boards, nice staff and licensee. Large and usually un-crowded (by that I mean one doesn't have to stand shoulder to shoulder clutching a pint).

I don't think I have ever heard a bad word in there over some 9 years, apart from the odd word during someone telling another they messed up on pool/darts/trivia machine.

It's kept clean in all ways, toilets included.

19 Apr 2009 16:44

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