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Favorite Ales: Bass, Pride's Best, Tetleys, Some IPA I forget the name of.

Username: skorch

Age: 43

Sex: male

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The Mitre, Holland Park

This place rubs me the wrong way. I have no idea what it's trying to be - is it a gastro, or an all-bar-one clone? Either way, I've only been two or three times in the last four years that I've lived in the neighborhood. I wouldn't want to sit here drinking a pint, and I wouldn't want to sit here eating a meal. So that's lose-lose on the atmosphere.

Holland Park has a serious lack of decent pubs, and this one is right at the bottom. Holland Park is screaming for a nice pub with a good atmosphere and great, but simple food. There's a HUGE gap in the market. POW/Castle has the worst kitchens known to man. Academy and the new Clarendon are far too formal for a quick bite.

Marylebone has some excellent locals with great pub food. Why can't Holland Park? Grrr!

12 Aug 2009 12:18

The Prince Regent, Marylebone

Incompetent, useless bar staff. With a horde of thirsty drinkers at all times looking to get their beer, the staff couldn't give two tosses about picking up the pace a bit. It used to be a great pub - not I can't stand thinking about ordering a drink there. I've taken my business elsewhere.

12 Jun 2008 12:08

Inn 1888, Marylebone

As a place to get drinks after work, 1888 is head and shoulders above the nearby pubs on the High Street - though, that's not a difficult accomplishment. None the less, the bar staff are excellent. No matter how busy the pub gets, you can get your order in a timely manner. The bitters are over priced and The Abbot and IPA are shockingly cold. It would be nice to see a new pint from time to time. None the less, it's still my preferred watering hole east of Marylebone High Street.

12 Jun 2008 12:05

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