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Username: sir_adam_of_downham

Age: 36

Sex: male

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The Dolphin, Sydenham

Beer here is exceptional. Its more expensive than most pubs but relatively speaking youre getting a decent bang for your buck. Always a good selection of premium lagers, ales, bitters and stout.

This 5/10 average is way out of line. I gave this place an average review some years back but it really has come on leaps and bounds

15 Apr 2015 20:59

The Coborn Arms, Bow

Well I havent left a review in 5 years. But going to the Coburn today compelled me to resurrect my account. Its the first time ive been since the refurb. Im by no means a regular; I work nearby but usually visit once a month with colleagues for a good booze up. We Always loved the genuine honest feel to the place and its why we always went here rather than the Morgan.
But that character and charm have been gutted along with the old furniture. I couldnt put it better than the reviewer below - it looks like a bloody tea rooms where old women eat cake. I dont know if the place was struggling but it always seemed pretty busy to me. If it where my regular local i'd feel quite betrayed that the pub had comletely changed identity in order to find a better class of customer. Only had the one, it wasnt particularly nice. I think I'll be using The Little Driver or BowBells in future.

15 Apr 2015 20:38

The Oxford Arms, Camden

toto51, yeah thats a real shame- I hope you get the police involved so they can investigate it. Because thats just unnacceptable. I hate it when I try and sneak spirits into pubs and they get confiscated, but when they refuse to give it back... well that just takes the piss. By the way the next time you post something, anything for that matter, on a website, it might be worth reading over what you read and making sure it MAKES SENCE. Or were you pissed when you signed up and wrote this one comment?
anyway about the pub - nothing special, has a wetherspoons air about it. when you go its not advisable to sneak spirits in.

17 Jun 2010 23:49

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