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Username: shelly_baa

Age: 37

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The Baa Bar, Deansgate Locks

hi, i actually work for baa bar on deansgate locks and want to comment on the 'rohypnol country' dig. In ever bar and club you have to watch drinks nowadays. In three years of working there i have never seen anyone spiked, there are too many cameras everywhere in a small space for anyone to get away with it.which then makes me wonder if this person taht commented thinks it is indeed 'rohypnol country' how they came to that conclusion and if they saw anything why nothing was said to the doormen or the staff.
I would then like to say to adrienne, yes lloyd was great, hes left now, but he was the coolest ever and he always had a lil smile on his face.
To sandy, our dj's are ace, theyre dead friendly and they teak requests yeah.
And finally i would like to say, we're cheap, we're cheerful and all the staff love working there and believe it or not, like looking after our customers. i would also like to add, i only work there, im not a manager or anything. just so everyone knows. ok!!!! love u all ,shelly xxxxx

3 Apr 2006 03:16

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