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Running Horses, Erith

Water - if you know people who work there you surely can't be talking about the management so you're talking about the bar staff - the bar staff that people have been complaining about on here!! So no wonder you're defending them!

Ignore any future postings from this person. He/she is also very immature. Retired at 32? And you're coming on here to post reviews about a scummy little pub? Doesn't add up matey. Get a life and get out there and enjoy your 'retirement'. Hope it rains.

24 May 2012 11:52

Running Horses, Erith

Furthermore, if you look at one of the original postings on the smoking, the barmaid was actually informed and just ignored it. So staff WERE informed!!! If they chose to ignore it then they along with the people who run this pub are breaking the law. Enough said.

23 May 2012 11:27

Running Horses, Erith

I get the distinct impression 'water' that you may indeed work in The Running Horses as you're very quick to defend them a day or several days after a bad review has been posted. If so, your comment on the place being shut down after being reported to the authorities and the immature 'lol' that follows shows how totally incompetent you are at your job. You obviously don't take it seriously. GROW UP!!!!!

23 May 2012 11:25

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