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The Red Lion, Westminster

Tourist trap. Suckers only

9 Aug 2014 01:40

The Castle, Walthamstow

absdabs - I think you miss the point. Whatever your views on children in pubs, the landlord's language was completely unprovoked and unwarranted.

I witnessed the incident and at no time were the parents rude, nor did they raise their voices. The landlord's abusive language was horribly aggressive and totally unprofessional; embarrassing for 'Mrs Warbouys' and for the handful of customers who had to witness it.

The child walked to the bookshelf in an almost empty pub (6 customers including the family in question). Whatever prompted to landlord to lose it, it wasn't because the child was causing chaos or because it was a hazard to itself or anyone else.

Either a pub is family friendly, as the Castle purports to be, and accepts the consequences of that, or it bans children. The truth is without the trade that families bring the Castle would probably go under.

9 Jun 2012 11:07

The Castle, Walthamstow

Had a family lunch today and the real grip was the size of the portions and value for money. The Spanish Omlette (just shy of 10) was tiny - a wedge that was 2.5-3 inches at its widest point and accompanied by small green leaf salad with four cherry tomatoes. I though nouvelle cuisine died in the 80s.

We remarked to one of the staff how small and poor value it was and that it was probably more appropriate as a 4-5 starter. She agreed and mentioned that we weren't the only ones to point this out. Question is if others have pointed this out then why no change to portion size or an apology. We had to go home and have lunch.

Even though we're local and there are limited choices in the village we've decided we're not going to go back to the Castle for food.

4 Jun 2012 22:41

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