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The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

Singularly one of the worst pubs for attitude. I've been about 4 or 5 times, mainly through meeting friends to go to concerts at the Empire. They have thick meathead 'doormen' who seem to challenge almost everyone. On one occasion they refused entry to a friend joining us at 7.30 saying, they 'didn't like the look of him'. We're all middle-aged fairly well off so I don't know what his problem was. Even our barrister mate couldn't persuade the lunkhead on the door.

It's a very loud, very busy gastro pub, expensive too. Seems to be populated by Hoorays and wanker media types - and I used to work in the music business, that's how bad it is!

We've all agreed not to go here ever again. There's a fairly reasonable pub on the opposite corner, The Green, nothing fancy but much cheaper and attitude free. Ot the Bush Theatre bar just down Uxbridge Road if you fancy something quiet and a bit arty.

23 Jan 2014 11:04

The Red Lion, Gravesend

The review by EllieC08 is more indicative of the nature of the Red Lion. The other two are clearly by, with all due respect, 'outsiders'. The location is certainly not the most salubrious, being in the middle of a mostly now derelict industrial estate. But then again you don't go to the Lion for the view...
It's a live music venue, with anything up to 3 or 4 acts appearing at once, it even has a 'festival' stage in the garden. Terry, the landlord, has run this place for at least 25 years with a very sympathetic attitude to local musicians. Without the Lion the whole of North Kent would be the worse off for the lack of a decent venue.
What it lacks in niceties it makes up with friendly people, good music and a relaxed view of opening hours. It has the usual suspects for drinking, exotic ales are not something there's a huge demand for in these parts. Some people even like the curious post-apocalyptic setting...
In case you're wondering, I'm an ex-resident of Gravesend (ex for nearly 40 years) but I return here on the (very) odd occasion to meet up with old friends and listen to good local musicians. I've never seen any trouble here, anyone too drunk to behave is usually gently led away and given a good talking too (when sober).
It's most definitely not everyone's pint of real ale, but then again, it doesn't pretend to be.

4 Apr 2011 15:33

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

Have been there a couple of times, it's noisy but an interesting mix of people get there. However. Last Friday I arranged to meet 5 friends there at 7pm for a drink before going to see a band at the Empire. I was there first with my g/f and managed (!) to find a table and seats. Our friends got held up, the next two to arrive at about 7.20 were told by the doorman that they couldn't come in as 'the place was full'. It wasn't anywhere near full.
I asked the very supercilious doorman what was the problem and he said they had a big booking to fit in. There were no signs anywhere to say there was a private party and even as I watched for a while he seemed to think girls were ok to come in.
When the rest of my friends turned up I again remonstrated with the doorman (no swearing, no threats) pointing out that we were only there for about 20 minutes before going to the Empire. He eventually relented and said OK.
We're never going there again, the beers available are uninspiring and it's very noisy with crap music. Bar service was good though on this night, in particular the nice blonde barmaid with the lovely smile.
By the way, we were all well dressed, 40 to 50 year olds, of which there were many there.

22 Nov 2009 18:16

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