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Oasis Bar, Castlemilk

in having just read the review and the lame unfortunate opinion of andrew c (sorry)andy the pub cultured critict,i couldnot leave this site without registering on with my own opinion.(please bare with my spelling). i must start and i quote "set in this truly god forsaken town of high unemployment crime and what ever else is bad in society is not only the opening line to this ignorant critique,but actually exsposes exactlly who you are and whats ahead.being born in the "foresaken town" my response is not bias by any means,and as you must find as a shock ,i to also have a p.c and have heard of this internet thing.
i now live in the city of toronto "you wont like it"
trust me,i dont know what movie i can compare it to
so you can get the picture but by now im sure you do.
so be, its not exactly measured up to a pub
cultured untrained eye like yourself with the two thumbs down,but for one moment in your life you were
actually in the joint and got nothing out of the things you only write about,and are still alive to tell the tale ,andy the pub guy.i give the joint "5 stars" for keeping people like yourself out the place, and after all you can leed a horse to water but a pencil has to be led,and now finally we all have learned and came across the p.c thing andrew my shallow english visitor that god forsake has to end up going to this joint for a pint will be welcomed with open arms or die of thirst.its a win win for a man of wealth and taste,enough to base a movie on dude. ants

31 Mar 2006 06:37

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