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The Coach and Horses, Stevenage

Every now and then i get lumbered by friends on a pub crawl to pop into this sorry excuse for a public house.It literally has nothing going for it,no real ale,too expensive,grotty and an almost tumbleweed like atmosphere. The last time i was roped into going in for a drink a while back there was a band on and i suspect there is more atmosphere to be found on the moon than created by the tiny audience of people who look like they were there because they had nothing else to do that night. i probably get press ganged into going in this "pub" about twice a year and that is far too much.The only highlight that makes me and my friends giggle and shiver in equal measure on several occasions we have passed through this tip a very disturbed football fan has been sitting at the bar wearing his colours on a evening out(i won't mention the team as i'm into rugby) coming out with deeply worrying comments about other teams fans and the rest of humanity in general whilst almost frothing at the mouth, in between telling the worlds biggest lies that are literally beyond laughable(this is a psychologists dream before the straight jacket is inevitably applied for good) .it disappoints me that pubs in stevenage are closing down but this dive is an exception,the sooner it becomes a mexican or thai restaurant etc the better as i don't want to ever be dragged into this hole ever again.My advice isjust walk on by!

18 Mar 2011 18:59

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